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Mickey Rourke

About Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is an Oscar nominated American film actor.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Carre Otis

Model Carre Otis is his second wife. His relationship with her ended in December 1998. In February 09, Rourke revealed that he has finally moved on from his failed marriage to Otis. Mickey, at one time, considered suicide and murder thinking about killing the man who raped his ex-wife Carre Otis before ending his own life. He even wrote a suicide note but dropped plans at the last minute after he visited New York priest Father Pete Colapietro.

Other Relationships

Rourke loves London so much that he began to look for an English wife.


Rourke loves his pet dogs. His pet dog Beau Jack died in 2002. Chihuahua Loki, 18, died in February 09. Delivering his acceptance speech after winning the Best Actor Golden Globe award, he thanked his dogs as they were there for him even in his darkest hour.

Support to Mel Gibson

Micky Rourke came to the support of Mel Gibson in the feud between Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas and Mel Gibson. Eszterhas made several allegations saying that Gibson told him that he is glad about the death of Beatles member John Lennon and that he wanted to kill her former partner Oksana Grigorieva. Mickey Rourke said that the screenwriter was upset that the actor had rejected his script. He said that allegations were made as the Eszterhas has a personal beef with Gibson. "I know my agent is going to yell at me tomorrow for sticking up for Mel, but ... somebody has to," Rourke said.

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