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Julie Christie

About Julie Christie

Julie Christie is a popular film actress.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Duncan Campbell

In February 08, secretly married British journalist Duncan Campbell.


Christie is secretly fighting a battle to retain her memories after being struck by a rare and irreversible condition.


Julie uses accessories designed by Lana J. Marks of Lana Marks brand.

Professional Biography

Movies / Filmography

  • Away From Her

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Julie Christie in News

'Don't Look Now' sex scene was not real, says Donald Sutherland
Veteran actor Donald Sutherland has emphatically denied a claim of a new book that he and actress Julie Christie actually had sex during a graphic love scene in the 1973 film 'Don't Look Now'.

New book says sex scene in movie 'Don't Look Now' was real
A new book has claimed that the sex scene in 1973 occult thriller 'Don't Look Now' starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, really took place.

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