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Josh Hartnett

About Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett is a Hollywood actor.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Helena Christensen

Hartnett is reported to be dating model Helena Christensen but rumours surfaced that the two are headed towards break up in March 08.

Relationship with Kirsten Dunst

Hartnett is reported dating Kirsten Dunst. Their relationships are reported on and off in 2008 and once again now.

Relationship with Rihanna

Rumours ware abuzz that Hartnett and singer Rihanna are dating after they were seen kissing and cuddling at NYC club Pink Elephant in October 2007. She confirmed about romance but denied being romantically involved.

Relationship with Abbie Cornish

In April 2010, Hatnett and actress Abbie Cornish are spotted spending time together. This fuel speculations that the two might be dating, after the two attended a birthday party together.

Relationship with Sienna Miller

In November 08, he is spotted with actress Sienna Miller getting into a taxi. In May 09, the actress has reportedly set her sights on Hartnett. Later in September 09, Miller apparently made it clear that she has the hots for Hartnett, for she showered the actor with a public display of affection at a party in New York the week before.


In March 09, Hartnett is hospitalized due to abdominal pain. In April 09, speaking about his hospitalization, Hartnett said it was result of ignoring an advice against drinking unpurified water during several trips to underdeveloped countries.

Other Personal Information

Professional Biography

As an actor

Hartnett might have realised the drawbacks of being an actor after he was forced to don a repulsive yak hair beard in new vampire movie 30 Days of Night.

Movies / Filmography

  • 30 Days of Night
  • Resurrecting The Champ
  • Pearl Harbor

Josh Hartnett in News

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