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Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

Heath Andrew Ledger (born: April 4, 1979; Death: January 22, 2008) is an Oscar-winning Australian television and film actor.

Personal Biography

Kim is Ledger's father.

Heath has a daughter Matilda Rose.

Ledger is habitual to heroin, cocaine and pills.

Relationship with Heather Graham

A book by Janet Fife-Yeomans, Heath, a Family's Tale has revealed that Ledger had a number of relationships, notably with Heather Graham, whom he started dating after he split broke-up with Christina (Cauchi). Ledger met Graham in a club in Prague, although it took a few months before their affair found its way into the gossip magazines, and the fact that she was nine years older than him. Graham called him the love of her life and stated that she was lucky to know him.

Relationship with Naomi Watts

Ledger met co-star Naomi Watts in 2002 while shooting the Australian film Ned Kelly, and the pair started seeing each other. After two years of being together the two split up.

Relationship with Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is Ledger's former lover. Ledger met her on the sets of Brokeback Mountain in the final week of December 2004 and asked her to join him for Christmas in Australia. There was a romantic dinner and a ballet performance at the Opera House before they flew to Perth to spend Christmas with his family, and they even went off to the hippie haven of Byron Bay. The two are in relationship for three years. Michelle tried to get him to check into rehab for drug abuse but the actor refused to do so and vowed to kick the habit on his own. She even drove him to the Promises Treatment Centre in Malibu, California, in March 2007 but Ledger refused to come out of the car and promised to kick the habit himself. In February 09, Michelle said she is still unable to return to work after Ledgers death.


Ledger died on January 22, 2008 after an accidental prescription drug overdose. His friend and costar Jake Gyllenhaal immediately has learnt about Ledger's death but flew on a commercial flight to shoot an additional scene two days later Gyllenhaal took the responsibility of being the Godfather to Matilda. In a November 08 interview, she said that her grief at Ledgers death gets worse.

In July 09, Ledger's father Kim blamed his son for his death saying Ledger is 'not being responsible'.

Property & Wealth

Ledger had signed the will at the Supreme Court in Perth, on April 12, 2003, before Matilda was born. The will had stated that the estate would half be awarded to his sisters Kate and Olivia Ledger and Ashleigh Bell, and the remainder would go to his parents, Kim Ledger and Sally Bell, after debts had been paid. However, now Ledger's father, Kim, has revealed that the whole family has agreed on giving the entire fortune to Matilda as a gift.

Professional Biography

Heath began his career as by performing few roles in the Australian television during the 1990s. He moved to the US in 1998 where he developed his film acting skills.

Movies / Filmography

Ranking / Recognition / Awards / Nominations / Postive comments

Five Leaves

Five Leaves is the Brooklyn borough of New York City bar that Ledger owned. The bar is opened on September 17, almost 8 months after the untimely death of the actor.

Heath Ledger Scholarship

Los Angeles-based entertainment organisation, Australians in Film (AIF), and Ledger's family have announced a Acting scholarship named in Heath Ledgers honour.

Another scholarship was established on his name. Michelle Williams and friends had established the scholarship, which amounted to 7,000 pounds. The first Heath Ledger scholarship was awarded to Australian performer Oliver Ackland.

Books on Heath Ledger

Other Professional Information

Other information

  • A special four-line tribute is paid to Heath Ledger and technician Conway Wickliffe after the credits of the movie The Dark Knight
  • Modest Mouse announced it is planning to release the animated video for King Rat and a bonus track from the band's 2007 We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. King Rat is Ledger's fourth direction as a part of his creative collection The Masses. The music video is released in August 09.
  • The role of Ken Kesey in the film The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test was actually alloted for Ledger. It was later considered to Jack Black.
  • Christian Bale said that he never saw any coverage of Ledger's death as he believed that he knew him better than what was being shown in media.

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