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Woman with two vaginas rejects $1m offer to star in adult film

January 21, 2012 - London

The woman, who revealed last week that she has two vaginas, is said to have been approached to travel to LA to make an adult film, but she says that any such offer would be turned down.

Hazel Jones appeared on TV, where she said that she was diagnosed with 'uterus didelphys' - a condition which means she has two wombs and two cervixes.

"I have never received any offers of this kind of work nor would I never consider doing it in a million years... I just want to be left alone," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying on the show 'This Morning'.

According to, Vivid Entertainment's founder Steven Hirsch has written a letter to Jones offering her 1 million dollars to star in one of his films.

"You are obviously an extraordinary woman and I would like to make you an offer to star in an upcoming Vivid production," he was quoted as saying in his letter.

"We would pay you up to 1 million dollars for your services," he said.

Vivid Entertainment was the first studio to introduce celebrity sex tapes, showing footage of Pamela Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee and Kim Kardashian.

"We would fly you out to LA as soon as you are available and provide you with first class accommodations," the letter said.

Although Jones is yet to respond to the reported offer, Vivid Entertainment confirmed its veracity.

"It's true... Steven made an offer to Hazel Jones," a spokesperson for the production company said.


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