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Will Smith's daughter sparks outrage with 'pierced tongue' pic

June 26, 2012 - Melbourne

Will Smith's daughter Willow Smith caused a storm on Twitter after she tweeted a photograph in which she appeared to have her tongue pierced.

Willow was fooling around with a pal when the picture was shot, and it looked like she had had her tongue pierced.

"Willow Smith going through that awkward phase right now... The one where you shave your head, get a tongue ring and look just like your dad @LeftoverCake," quoted one fan as tweeting.

Another said: "I don't understand how Willow Smith - an 11 year old - has a tongue ring. Like no!"

Another chimed in: "Willow Smith is 11 and has a tongue ring. WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?"

Willow later admitted the stud wasn't real: "It's fake... Sorry."

Though Willow is not one who is shy of experimenting. At the premiere of 'Madagascar 3', which stars her mum, Jada, she stomped the red carpet in a pair of scary Frankenstein boots and in January she was spotted wearing a pink and white wig.


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