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Whitney Houston came 'face to face with devil' during drug binges

February 26, 2012 - London

Whitney Houston's sister-in-law has revealed that when the singer was high, she regularly thought that the devil was after her.

Tina Brown, whose brother Bobby was married to the star for almost 15 years, also said Houston was convinced that Satan used to beat her black and blue.

But the bruises on her legs and body were self-inflicted while she was high on crack cocaine for days and even weeks.

"She was always convinced that demons were out to get her when she was high," the Daily Star quoted Tina as saying.

"On one occasion she told me she was staring at the face of the devil himself...but it was her reflection.

"She stared at cracks in cups, saucers, mugs and plates and said she saw demonic lips.

"She saw demons everywhere," she added.

Houston and Tina started taking drugs together in 2004.

She told how a drug dealer once called the house after Houston had been missing for days.

The star had been living in his squalid drug den - and even he had had enough of her.

"This dealer called Bobby and said, 'Come get your wife. I'm sick of this bitch. She's in here peeping out the windows and doing all kinds of sh*t in the house'," said Tina, who has been in jail for drug possession.

Eventually the sisters-in-law fell out after Tina decided to get clean and then sold photos of the squalor and drugs paraphernalia inside Whitney's home.

Now, after her death, Tina is touting her memoirs around New York book publishers looking for a buyer.


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