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Scores website sues Danielle Staub for 'not promoting nude flick'

April 4, 2012 - New York

Chelsea jiggle joint's website has sued Danielle Staub for a second time, claiming that she accepted a 25,000-dollar payment to be filmed nude but then refused to promote the sexy video with live online chat sessions.

Swan Media Group - the company that runs the Scores website - lost in 2011 when they tried to sue the former exotic dancer and 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star for 375,000 dollars in Manhattan federal court.

"The judge already threw most of this out," the New York Post quoted attorney Howard Myerowitz, who represented Stauber last year as saying.

"The fact that they're redoing it is sort of strange to me," Myerowitz said.

The agreement - according to Swan - was for the busty brunette to promote her 2010 performance by filming live chat sessions on the Scores website and for her to receive half the cash produced by her video and chats.

When she flaked out, Swan was out her fee as well as the cost of filming, a PR retainer, and the cost of building the technology to stream the video, the suit claims.

In the 2011 federal trial, Staub claimed she could not recall stripping down for the video shoot - and even claimed Swan got her clothes off by drugging her wine.

Swan said the contract clearly stated the reality star was required to get n*ked and even "touch herself suggestively from time to time." Myerowitz disagreed and said his client thought "this was going to be done tastefully, with no nudity."

Staub - notable both for her explosive arguments on "Housewives" as well as a Hustler-released sex tape - celebrated her 48th birthday at Scores and danced onstage, the suit said.


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