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One in three US women would trade high IQ for bigger boobs

April 10, 2012 - Washington

A third of women would happily lower their IQ if it meant that the size of their br**ts would increase, a new survey has revealed.

Forty-one percent of the more than two thousand women who answered an unscientific, online survey said that they would like to have bigger br**ts.

While more than a quarter of women said that they would trade IQ points for a more generous chest because it would make them "feel happier."

Psychologist Ruth Lippin said that the survey and its answers are a sad step back in time.

"I have to say I was a little surprised that the question regarding the br**ts is still that important...I thought we had gotten a little past that," CBS News quoted Lippin as saying.

However, the results of the survey are far from conclusive as a CBS 2 survey found that women who say that they value breast size over intelligence are lying.


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