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Mum of Robin Gibb's love child skips singer's funeral

June 9, 2012 - London

The mother of Robin Gibb's love child, Claire Yang did not attend the singer's funeral, as Gibb's wife Dwina was adamant that she did not.

The former housekeeper of the late Bee Gee, with whom he fathered Snow Robin three years ago, instead spent the day with the tot and a close friend.

While Gibb's casket was being brought through the streets of his hometown of Thame, Oxfordshire, the trio were out and about, returning home at around 3pm, as the rest of Gibb's grieving family were attending the private service at St Mary's church, the Daily Mail reported.

The group got out of the silver 4x4, with Yang's friend walking around the back of the car to get the little girl out.

They then rushed into the former housekeeper's large house.

According to reports, Dwina told friends that she would absolutely hate the former housekeeper to attend, but wouldn't turn her away if she did, although no doubt she will have been relieved it didn't come to that.

"Dwina has said that she would loathe her to be there but there won't be any scene whatsoever if she came along to pay her respects," a close friend told the Daily Mirror.

Gibb, 62, who died from liver and colon cancer on May 20, had a long-term affair with Yang but was asked to leave the house by Dwina, 59, when she became pregnant.

Despite having an open relationship it is said that Dwina "hit the roof" when she discovered Yang was pregnant.

It was revealed last week that Robin had paid out 4 million pounds to Yang and their three-year-old daughter Snow Robin.

"If Claire does go to the funeral she will be keeping her distance from Dwina and it will be awkward," a source said.

Gibb's fans got the chance to pay their respects to the singer when his horse-drawn glass carriage was taken through his home town of Thame, Oxon.

The carriage left from his home before heading along the town's high street and then making its way to the church.

At the service Dwina read a poem that she wrote especially for the day and a song written by Gibb was also debuted.

'Don't Cry Alone' is thought to be his final composition taken from his Titanic Requiem.


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