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Mind-control dress allows you to think yourself naked

March 16, 2012 - London

A young fashion designer has come up with an outfit that wearers can transform by just utilizing their mind power.

The mind-control dress, dubbed the Mechapolypse, lights up and changes shape according to changes in levels of concentration in the mind, which are calculated through the use of an EEG (electroencephalographic) chip that can read the signals via sensors that are located in the hat that capture and decode brain waves, the Daily Mail reported.

The brainchild of London-based designer Nange Magro, the latex gear flashes with a silvery light when the wearer focuses their mind, and in the similar manner can be made to open like an insect's wings to divulge a latex petticoat underneath.

"The concept of focusing changes depending on each person. It does take a little bit of practice to be aware and control it," Magro said.

"Through my early testing on the electronic part of the project, I have found out that at the start, for some people helps to concentrate on maths calculations and for others it is useful concentrating on visualising a picture, but the method which seems to help the most is reading."

"Once the wearer starts to be conscious about how to focus, he or she becomes able to control it. Obviously the trick is to be able to control both concentration and relaxation variables."

Magro has created an H.R. Geiger-style video animation to reveal the story behind the garment, which he says relates to 'this creature born from an explosion caused from a war between robots (technology) and natural entities (nature).

"This creature is half robot and half natural which is the reason why the dress has outside organic shapes, but when the skirt moves and reveals the latex skirt the creature shows to the robot that inside she is mechanical like him," he said.

"During her exploration of the world she sees a group of robots that are tortured from the natural entities. It is in this moment that she falls in love with one of the robots and save him from the natural entities.

"The robot is scared because she looks like one of the "slayers", but in that instant she feels so full of love and passion for him that all her "body" (dress) lights up and moves her "shell" (upper skirt) to show him her real robotic nature. The video finishes with them falling in love," he added.


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