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Mel said John Lennon deserved to be shot, claims Joe Eszterhas

April 12, 2012 - Washington

Mel Gibson celebrated John Lennon's death, claiming he deserved to die, according to the screenwriter of the failed "Maccabee" project, Joe Eszterhas.

In a scathing 9-page letter, obtained by The Wrap, Eszterhas claims Gibson once ranted about the departed Beatle, "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot. He was f**king messianic. Listen to his songs! Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad he's dead."

Eszterhas also revealed that the actor saved his true fury for Oksana Grigorieva, saying, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it," TMZ reported.

On Ari Emanuel, the head of the William Morris Endeavor Agency, Mel said "He's a c*nt Jewboy," according to the screenwriter.

However, Gibson has fired back at Eszterhas, claiming the letter is a pack of lies.


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