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Entertainment News on May 30, 2012

Robert Pattinson worried about Cosmopolis role for 2 weeks
Robert Pattinson has revealed that he was so worried about playing billionaire Wall street CEO Eric Packer in the movie 'Cosmopolis', that he locked himself for a fortnight in his hotel room. ANI

Bieber's better at relationships than me, says Usher
Usher believes that Justin Bieber is better with relationships than he is. ANI

Sometimes you have to be a diva, says Jessie J
Jessie J has insisted that "sometimes you have to be a diva", following claims that she is tough to work with. ANI

Trendy members-only club Soho House to open in Mumbai
Soho House, the boho-chic private members' club and hotel chain, has announced the launch of five new properties by 2014, one of which would be in Mumbai. ANI

Arnie and Stallone growing old together
Sylvester Stallone has said that he initially saw Arnold Schwarzenegger as competition. ANI

Christian Bale 'dated Drew Barrymore once'
Christian Bale has revealed that he once dated Drew Barrymore but the actress "never called again". ANI

Live Aid wrecked my career, says Bob Geldof
Irish singer Bob Geldof has admitted that the 1985 charity super-gig, Live Aid, forever "damaged" his ability to achieve solo success. ANI

Milla Jovovich releases new single 'Electric Sky'
Milla Jovovich, who had earlier switched from modelling to acting, is all set for another career changing move. ANI

MJ's personal letter to ex wife Lisa Marie Presley to go under hammer
It was public knowledge that Michael Jackson was leading a traumatic existence before his premature death. ANI

Gossip Girl not my best quality of work, says Blake Lively
Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is excited to wrap up filming the hit TV series and move forward with her acting career because she knows the show isn't her "best quality" of work. ANI

Russell Brand 'wants to be cut from Katy Perry movie'
Russell Brand asked that any footage involving his relationship with Katy Perry not to feature in the final edit of her new film, it has emerged. ANI

Jessie J slams reports of 'diva demands'
Jessie J has hit out at reports that she has a list of "diva demands" behind the scenes of her shows, though she does admit that she did ask for a lava lamp for her dressing room. ANI

UK's top ten most unpopular ads revealed
UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has revealed the 10 most controversial advertisements as it celebrates its 50th birthday - during which time it has dealt with around 431,000 complaints. ANI

Oz women suffering from 'Desperate Housewives Syndrome'
Australian women are suffering from an eating disorder in middle age, dubbed as 'Desperate Housewives Syndrome', which is driven by the desire to look as thin as celebrities in TV shows. ANI

Chris Brown suing rapper Raz B over gay accusations
Chris Brown plans to sue rival singer Raz B for hinting he beat Rihanna because he is gay. ANI

'Exhausted' Lana Del Rey cancels Japan concert
Lana Del Rey has cancelled a gig in Japan due to exhaustion. ANI

My style made me look like transvestite, says Jessie J
Pop princess Jessie J wants to change her trademark style because she thinks it makes her look like a drag queen. ANI

Rare Martian Pink diamond fetches $17.4m at Hong Kong auction
A rare pink diamond has been auctioned for 17.4milllion dollars far higher than expected after six minutes of tense bidding at Christie's spring jewelry auction in Hong Kong. ANI

Chilling pic shows bottleneck on Mt Everest as many try to reach summit
The extraordinary image of the crowd on Mount Everest, which is a far cry from the splendid isolation that Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Norgay Tenzing experienced when they became the first to reach the summit, has fuelled fears of perilous overcrowding on the mountain. ANI

Sex workers shine light on their trade as part of International Whores' Day
In a bid to demystify their profession, sex workers appeared on a panel open to the public in the Secret Society Bar in Bourke Street, as part of this week's Festival of Sex Work, the first festival of its kind in Australia. ANI

Madonna takes dig at Lady Gaga at 'M.D.N.A' tour
Madonna insulted Lady Gaga this weekend by pointing out from the stage of her 'M.D.N.A.' tour that Gaga's 'Born This Way' sounds a lot like Madonna's 'Express Yourself'. ANI

Sofia Vergara and Jessie J receive Women of the Year awards
Actress Sofia Vergara and singer Jessie J picked up the top prizes at the Women of the year awards at the annual ceremony that was organized by UK's Glamour magazine. ANI

Jessica Biel says marrying Timberlake won't change anything
Jessica Biel is convinced that her life will remain the same after she walks down the aisle fiance Justin Timberlake, insisting that marriage will not "change anything". ANI

Postcards on verge of extinction in UK
"Wish you were here" postcard from abroad has witnessed one of the most dramatic declines in the UK. ANI

I love changing nappies, says Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron has revealed that she is far from loathing the onslaught of dirty nappies and actually like changing them since the day she became a mother. ANI

Kim Cattrall 'dating' rich artist Clifford Ross
Kim Cattrall, best known for her role as sex-crazed Samantha on "Sex and the City," is dating wealthy artist Clifford Ross, according to reports. ANI

Kevin Costner feeling neglected by Obama
Kevin Costner helped out Barack Obama in his election campaign in 2008, but the president is yet to return the favour, the actor has said. ANI

Dressing Kim Kardashian would 'bastardize' me as designer, says Ralph Rucci
Designer Ralph Rucci has launched a scathing attack on Kim Kardashian, as he told a room full of design students that dressing the reality star would be "bastardizing" himself as a designer. ANI

TV can reduce self-esteem in kids except white boys
Children, except the white boys, who spend hours watching the idiot box tend to feel worse about themselves, a new study has suggested. ANI

Fish and chips remain Brits' top takeaway
While traditional fish and chips takeaway has maintained its popularity as the UK's favourite takeaway - 40 years after it first shot to the top spot, it is significantly down on the 1972 figure of 64 percent. ANI

72pc of 9-year-old male Oz students engage in 'covert bullying'
Almost three quarters of 9-year old boys in Australia have admitted to be part of 'covert bullying,' a new study has suggested. ANI

Justin Bieber could face 6 months jail for alleged battery case
Justin Bieber could face six months in jail as an alleged assault case against a photographer in Calabasas, California has been sent to prosecutors that may bring criminal charges against the teen. ANI

Patients wanting cosmetic surgery urged to undergo mental health checks
More than half of the entire UK population is grappling with mental and physical problems relating to negative body image, according to a parliamentary report published on Wednesday. ANI

Britney Spears wanted bigger paycheque than J.Lo
Britney Spears had reportedly asked for a larger pay for the judging role on the 'X Factor', as she wanted to make more money than Jennifer Lopez did in her first season of 'American Idol.' ANI

NYC cafe selling world's most expensive burger at $295
A restaurant in New York City is selling the most expensive burger in the world with a price tag of 295 dollars. ANI

Folk music icon Doc Watson dies at 89
Doc Watson, the Grammy-winning blind singer-songwriter, passed way on Tuesday. He was 89. ANI

Brit men prefer b**bs while Argentineans like nice rounded butts
Gentlemen may prefer blondes but Argentinian men prefer buttocks and British prefer br**ts, a new study has revealed. ANI

Men with classic 'hard man' faces make sacrifices for family and friends
Men with a more aggressive appearance, typically those with wider faces, are more likely to sacrifice themselves to help friends or colleagues, a new study has revealed. ANI

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