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Entertainment News on May 25, 2012

Vicar faces the sack for 'sin is such fun' Facebook post
A vicar of Doncaster minster in England has been accused of being unfit for office after he joked on Facebook saying "sin is such fun." ANI

Will.I.Am uses autotune to make music
Black Eyed Peas singer Will.I.Am has admitted to using autotune to make his music, while he works on his singing abilities. ANI

Travolta 'dumped by wife' after sex assault claims
Kelly Preston has reportedly walked out on husband John Travolta claiming that she has 'had enough,' following a string of sexual allegations against the 'Pulp Fiction' star. ANI

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds' marital nest up for sale
Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds' former marital home has been listed on the Los Angeles property market. ANI

Jay-Z nominated for 'Dad of the Year'
New fathers Jay-Z and Jack Osbourne will compete with stars including Rod Stewart and Gary Barlow to be named Dad of the Year. ANI

Bar Rafaeli fancies nice set of 'gnashers'
Bar Rafaeli has admitted that she has a real thing for a nice set of gnashers. ANI

Keira Knightly gets emotional on Chad charity trip
Keira Knightly was reportedly overcome with emotion on a charity trip to West Africa, after witnessing the plight of malnourished children who were living in poverty. ANI

Heidi Klum pole dances, smokes ciggies in new racy video
Heidi Klum, who split from Seal four months ago, has shown the singer what he is missing. ANI

Brit exam board under fire for asking questions on Jewish prejudice
Britain's biggest exam board has been slammed by ministers after pupils were asked to explain "why some people are prejudiced against Jews" as part of a GCSE exam. ANI

Cameron Diaz loved how br**ts 'got bigger and bigger' in new flick
Cameron Diaz couldn't stop bragging about her br**ts while talking about her new film 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' as she openly flirted with veteran broadcaster, 86-year-old David Attenborough during a talk show. ANI

'Blade Runner' voted best sci-fi fantasy and horror film
Hollywood film director Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner' has been named the best sci-fi fantasy and horror film of all time. ANI

Cows crash party and help themselves to beer in Boxford
A herd of cows crashed a small gathering in a US town and bullied the guests for their beer. ANI

Cheryl Cole rubbishes American Idol judging job rumors
Cheryl Cole has denied reports that she has been lined up to be the fourth judge on American Idol. ANI

Wanted: New Pied Piper for rat infested Hamelin!
The Pied Piper of Hamelin could be wanted again as the German town has become infested with rats, with a growing legion of the rodents managing to knock out one of the town's fountains. ANI

Chinese man admits to making preserved meat out of skinned teens
A 53-year-old man from Yunnan, China, was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing, skinning and making preserved meat out of over 20 teenagers. ANI

Singaporean men happier than women at workplace
A recent survey has revealed that the number of women in Singapore unhappy over work situations is higher as compared to men. ANI

World's most expensive omelette comes with $1,000 price tag
A New York hotel has the world's most expensive omelette on its menu, which will set you back 1,000 dollars. ANI

Curious Bob Geldof 'gate-crashed' Indian wedding
Bob Geldof has revealed that he crashed a couple's wedding celebration in India, but was stunned when a guest sang his band's chartbuster song. ANI

Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field expecting baby girl
Robbie Williams has revealed that he is expecting a baby daughter with wife Ayda Field. ANI

R-Pattz and Kristen Stewart caught kissing at Cannes
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted having a long coupley kiss at a nightclub in Cannes, finally putting speculations of their off-screen relationship to rest. ANI

World's smallest man-made heart gives Italian infant new lease of life
Italian doctors were successfully able to implant the smallest artificial heart into a 16-month-old baby, enabling the infant to stay alive for 13-days before receiving a permanent organ donation. ANI

Almost 70pc women would sacrifice sex for perfect bikini body
With the arrival of spring season, women are feeling overly pressured to slim down and shape up to fit into a bikini. ANI

Meet Amsterdam's twin sisters who're still 'proud prostitutes' at 69
A pair of 69-year-old twin sisters in Amsterdam have an experience of more than 40 years working as prostitutes in the city's infamous Red Light District. ANI

US man discovers he's actually a woman!
A man who went to hospital with a kidney stone was left stunned when his ultrasound revealed that he was actually a woman. ANI

Kristen Stewart defends topless threesome scene in new flick
Kristen Stewart, who is under fire for appearing topless and in a threesome in her new movie, 'On the Road', has defended her move saying, "I like pushing myself." ANI

Nanny harassment charges absurd, says Sharon Stone's rep
Sharon Stone representative has called the harassment charges made by the actress' former nanny "absurd" and "frivolous". ANI

Charlize Theron says her dogs are helping her raise adopted son
Charlize Theron has said that she is not a single parent to her adopted baby Jackson, adding that her two dogs are helping her raise her son. ANI

Nicole Kidman sent pics of herself in 'provocative positions' to film director
Nicole Kidman has revealed that she had to do her own hair and makeup due to budgetary constraints for her new movie 'The Paperboy', and took photos in "provocative positions" and texted it to the film's director Lee Daniels. ANI

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan dazzles at Cannes after critics slam baby weight
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan lived up to her title of 'the world's most beautiful woman' at the AmfAR Cinema Against Aids gala in Cannes on Thursday night, just a week after critics slammed her for not losing her baby weight fast enough. ANI

Elton John released after hospitalization for respiratory infection
Sir Elton John has been released from a hospital, after being admitted on Wednesday for what is being characterized as a serious respiratory infection. ANI

Women's waistlines 6 inches bigger now than in 1950s
Women's waist sizes have grown by six inches over the past 60 years - because they don't do as much housework as their forebears, researchers have claimed. ANI

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