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Entertainment News on May 24, 2012

Justin Bieber almost gave up music
Justin Bieber almost quit his musical career as he found it difficult to cope with enormous pressure. ANI

'Daddy dearest' Brad Pitt won't become director
Brad Pitt has ruled out stepping behind the camera to direct his first film, as he can't bear the idea of leaving behind his six kids for any length of time. ANI

George Clooney and Denzel Washington named hottest over 50
George Clooney, Colin Firth and Denzel Washington have been named as the sexiest men over 50. ANI

Kristen Stewart wanted to go topless for 'On The Road'
Kristin Stewart has revealed that she was eager to go topless for her latest flick 'On The Road'. ANI

Cameron Diaz wants 'best shape' before getting pregnant
Cameron Diaz known for her fit body would like to be in the 'best shape' before she gets pregnant. ANI

Found joy in acting again, says Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda, who turns 75 this year, said that she was happy having found joy in acting again and wouldn't let anything slow her down. ANI

Matthew McConaughey set to play JFK
Matthew McConaughey has been cast to play President John F. Kennedy in 'The Butler', the film's director has revealed. ANI

Alec Baldwin may marry fiancee Hilaria Thomas post Cannes
Alec Baldwin is reportedly planning to tie the knot with his yoga instructor fiancee, Hilaria Thomas in Europe, sometime after the 65th Cannes Film Festival comes to an end on Sunday. ANI

Ronan Keating left depressed after marriage breakdown
Ronan Keating has turned to drink after splitting from his wife of 14 years. ANI

Hayden Panettiere wears sunscreen every day
Hayden Panettiere wears sun protection under her make-up every day because she fear getting skin cancer. ANI

UT dean apologises for 'public' affairs typo in graduation program
A university dean was forced to apologise to his graduates after an embarrassing typo was made on the commencement programs for their ceremony. ANI

Brits spend 14 years of their lives counting calories
Most of the people turn to dieting in a valiant effort to beat the bulge for the summer. ANI

New swimsuit 'allows girls to drop a dress size without going on diet'
Women, who are finding it tough to shed a few pounds before setting out on vacations, will be pleased by a new single-piece slim suit, which will make them look a whole size smaller. ANI

Kylie Minogue feels like 'lucky cat' after surviving cancer
Kylie Minogue has revealed that she 'feels like a cat with several lives' after successfully beating cancer. ANI

Janet Jackson risked getting diabetes in 2005
Janet Jackson, who has struggled with her figure for years, has revealed that she came very close to becoming a diabetic, when she ballooned to her highest weight in 2005. ANI

Kristin Davis 'dating' Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin
Kristin Davis is reportedly dating Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin and is apparently smitten with him. ANI

Megan Fox expecting baby girl
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green will reportedly become parents to a baby girl by September end. ANI

Men don't flirt with me, says Bar Refaeli
Bar Refaeli, who topped Maxim's Hot 100 list earlier this week, claims that men never hit on her or flirt with her. ANI

Most couples actually end up arguing on holiday
Going on a holiday is supposed to be a chance to escape routine and relax with your partners, but unfortunately it also seems to provide couples with the perfect opportunity to argue. ANI

Jenny McCarthy speaks out about posing nude in Playboy
Jenny McCarthy has defended her decision to pose nude for Playboy at the age of 39. ANI

Ex Bond star George Lazenby miffed by 007 drinking beer and not Martini
Former James Bond star George Lazenby has slammed moviemakers for trading 007's signature cocktail for beer in new movie 'Skyfall', insisting they've broken a sacred tradition. ANI

Lady Gaga not toning down her performances, says manager
Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter has revealed that the popstar would rather cancel dates in her world tour than make changes to appease censors and religious groups. ANI

Taylor Momsen goes topless for men's mag
Taylor Momsen has stripped for a raunchy men's magazine shoot. ANI

Pregnant Snooki expecting a boy, but wished for girl
'Jersey Shore' star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who announced Wednesday that she is expecting a baby boy, was wishing to have a daughter. ANI

Cameron Diaz says new movie not a guide to child-bearing
Cameron Diaz has warned cinema-goers that her latest film, which is named after pregnancy manual 'What To Expect When You're Expecting', is no guide to child-bearing. ANI

Oprah lists Chicago apartment for half her buying price at $2.8million
Oprah Winfrey's Chicago apartment is up for sale at 2.8 million dollars, which is half the price she paid for it six years ago. ANI

More drama for John Travolta as old cross-dressing pics surface
John Travolta, who has been accused of sexually assaulting male masseurs, has been heaped with fresh embarrassment after photos of him cross-dressing surfaced. ANI

Ignore emails 'for good heart health'
Most of us find it difficult to go more than a few minutes without checking our email inboxes. ANI

Girl cop posts pics of herself modelling in knickers on Facebook
Police bosses in UK were shocked when they found out that one of their girl cops posted pictures of herself in knickers on social networking site Facebook. ANI

Anurag Kashyap hopes to shake off Bollywood's 'joke' image at Cannes
Indian director Anurag Kashyap, who is at the Cannes film festival to showcase one of his projects, is hoping to change the country's reputation as 'a joke' at the event. ANI

Journos being charged $3k for 20 mins interview with Brad Pitt
Canadian journalists at this year's Cannes Film Festival are being asked to shell out large sums of money if they want to interview Hollywood heartthrobs Brad Pitt and Kristen Stewart. ANI

Cheryl Cole 'offered 10m pounds to judge American Idol'
Cheryl Cole has reportedly been offered 10 million pounds to be a judge on reality TV singing competition 'American Idol'. ANI

Bruce Willis 'still trying to make Die Hard sequel as good as the original'
Bruce Willis is determined to return to the 'Die Hard' for a fifth installment because he is "still trying" to make a sequel as good as the original film. ANI

Kitten trapped in wheel hub saved with sex lubricant
A kitten was freed after it got her head stuck in a car wheel by using a sex lubricant. ANI

LiLo goes bra-less in otherwise elegant ensemble
Lindsay Lohan, who generally favours skimpier outfits, attempted an elegant look to attend a photo shoot in West Hollywood, on Tuesday, but decided to forgo her bra. ANI

'Mommy p*rn' hit Fifty Shades crosses 10m mark in just six weeks
Sales of hit erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has surpassed 10million, making it one of the fastest and best-selling series of all time. ANI

Marvel Comics create superhero inspired by hearing-impaired US boy
Marvel Comics has created a superhero called Blue Ear in honour of a four-year-old boy from Salem, who was born with a chromosomal disorder that left him with severe hearing loss. ANI

Donna Summer's hit 'I Feel Love' joins US Recording Registry
Donna Summer's classic 'I Feel Love' has been named as one of the 25 songs and other sounds that are to be inducted into the US National Recording Registry. ANI

Sharon Stone sued for racial harassment by ex nanny
Sharon Stone's former live-in nanny has sued the actress for making racially derogatory comments around her and for violating labour laws. ANI

UK party planners duped out of $1m in fake Lady Gaga concert ticket scam
A top London party planning company has revealed that it was scammed to the tune of 1 million dollars by two New Jersey men who claimed that they could book Lady Gaga for a private concert. ANI

Mum of Indian boy who scored 99.5% in ISC worried he wasn't studying
The mother of an Indian boy in Dubai, who scored a record 99.5 percent in the Indian School Certificate's Class 12 exam, said that she was worried about him as he wasn't studying at all. ANI

Gossiping 'brings men closer but endanger female friendships'
While both men and women may enjoy dishing the dirt, a new study suggests that there are huge differences in the way men and women gossip. ANI

Men like to 'score' with but not marry dumb-looking women
When it comes to finding a mate, gentlemen prefer a woman who looks dumb and sleepy enough for a one-night-stand, rather than look for charm and intelligence, according to a new study. ANI

Chris Brown asks fans to stop sending death threats to model Chrissy Teigen
Chris Brown has asked fans to stop sending death threats to Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen after she criticized the singer's lip-synced performance at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards. ANI

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