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Entertainment News on May 22, 2012

Whitney Houston's sister-in-law tried to have Ray J removed from audience
Before Whitney Houston was honoured at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards with a posthumous award, the late pop diva's sister-in-law tried to have Houston's boyfriend Ray J physically removed from the audience, it has emerged. ANI

Cambridge tops Guardian University Guide league table again
Cambridge has topped the Guardian University Guide league table for the second consecutive year, while Oxford came second and the London School of Economics clinched third place. ANI

Pink slams Chris Brown for lipsynching
Singer Pink lashed out at Chris Brown for blatantly lipsyncing during his onstage performance at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend. ANI

Animated Lady Gaga smooches Marge in 'The Simpsons' special
Lady Gaga who appeared as an animated figure on 'The Simpsons', was seen locking lips with Marge Simpson in a special episode, on Sunday night. ANI

Wine in tulip-shaped glass 'tastes better'
A French glassmaker has launched a new design of glass that they claim improves the taste of wine by maintaining balance between the alcohol and the aroma. ANI

Miley Cyrus advises young girls to mediate
Miley Cyrus has urged young girls to meditate more and take time to discover what they really want out of life. ANI

Kanye West wants Kim to go 'natural' like Kate Middleton
Kanye West prefers Kim Kardashian to have a "natural" look, like Britain's Duchess Catherine Middleton. ANI

Justin Bieber reveals dirty hands phobia
Justin Bieber is automysophobic, which is an obsession with keeping his hands clean. ANI

US Pastor gives fashion tips to fellow church goers
A pastor, who oversees Fellowship Church based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Miami, is giving fashion tips to the clergy and congregation. ANI

How busy lifestyles are eating into our love for food
People are losing their sense of taste as they compete with the pace of modern life, researchers claim. ANI

Paul Simon 'won't record with Garfunkel again'
Paul Simon has revealed that he will never record with former partner Art Garfunkel again because he does not want to "go back and visit the past." ANI

Organic food may turn you into a jerk
A new study has established that people exposed to organic foods are more likely to exhibit judgmental attitudes. ANI

Swingers feel their relationships to be more spicy, honest and secure
Swingers, couples who openly swap partners for a night of passionate sex with strangers, say they have a better relationship than monogamists. ANI

Over exposure to TV putting kids at risk of screen addiction
Youngsters are at risk of "screen addiction" because of the long hours they spend watching TV and playing computer games, a new study has revealed. ANI

Woman seeks divorce citing hubby's relentless sexual demands
A woman fed up of her husband's extreme sexual demands, has filed for divorce, in Singapore. ANI

Listening to loud music doubles susceptibility to pot use, unsafe sex
Teens and young adults who listen to digital music players with ear buds are almost twice as likely as non-listeners to smoke pot, a new study has revealed. ANI

Heart rules the head while making financial decisions
Our 'gut feelings' influence our 'rational' thought, when people are faced with financial offers that are deemed to be unfair, according to a new study. ANI

Khloe Kardashian's mum compelling her to take DNA test against her will
Khloe Kardashian is apparently not willing to get a DNA test to prove she's a real Kardashian. ANI

Billy Bob Thornton 'still talks' to ex-wife Angelina Jolie
Billy Bob Thornton has revealed that he will "always" be friends with ex-wife Angelina Jolie. ANI

DC Comics to unveil one of its major characters as gay
American comic book industry DC Comics, which is famous for its iconic characters like Batman and Robin, Superman, and Wonder Woman, plans to reintroduce one of its major superheroes as openly gay next month. ANI

Arnie 'getting along really well' with estranged wife Maria Shriver
Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed that he is getting along "really well" with his estranged wife, Maria Shriver, a year after publicly admitting that he fathered a love child with a household staffer. ANI

Travolta handling groping allegations properly, say damage control experts
John Travolta, who has been hit with many sexual assault charges since the past one week, has handled the allegations very well, according to two prominent crisis management gurus. ANI

Selena Gomez Facebook hacker sentenced to one year in jail
The British fan who hacked Selena Gomez's Facebook, Twitter and four personal email accounts, has been sentenced to one year in jail. ANI

'Gummy Bear' implant latest trend in breast augmentation
More women are seeking out a type of silicone breast implant that one doctor has dubbed as the "gummy bear." ANI

Couples 'see anger but miss sadness during spats'
Married couples are usually good at recognizing each other's emotions while they are fighting, researchers say. ANI

Bar Rafaeli tops Maxim's 2012 Hot 100 list
Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has been crowned the world's hottest women by men's magazine Maxim in their 2012 Hot 100 list. ANI

I'm the natural choice to play Obama, says Will Smith
Will Smith is convinced that he is the "natural choice" to portray President Obama onscreen. ANI

Jessica Alba ranks among most creative business moguls
Jessica Alba has been named on a list of creative business moguls, after the Hollywood star launched her own company. ANI

'Man chips' to satisfy red-blooded appetite of stereotypical male
In the wake of the increasingly growing trend in which manufacturers are coming out with gender-specific products, a popular snack food brand Ruffles has unveiled new chips dubbed 'Ultimate Chips 'n' Dips', targeted specifically for male consumers. ANI

Bar Rafaeli tops Maxim's hot 100
Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli has topped Maxim's Hot 100 list this year. ANI

World's largest pool holds 66m gallons of water!
The world's largest outdoor pool is bigger than 20 Olympic-size pools put together and holds a whopping 66 million gallons of water. ANI

US woman sues ex bosses who fired her for being too hot
A woman has filed a lawsuit against her former bosses, who she claims sacked her for being 'too hot' at work. ANI

Billie Joe Armstrong performed at Mark Zuckerberg's wedding
Mark Zuckerberg, who had an intimate, backyard wedding with Priscilla Chan, had at least one famous name on the modest guest list in the form of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. ANI

Kate Moss still calls me when she's drunk, says ex Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty has revealed that his supermodel ex girlfriend Kate Moss makes "drunk calls" to him, even after five years of their split. ANI

'Eccentric' millionaire offers 1m euros to bed Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook received an indecent proposal at 65th Cannes Films Festival, when a French millionaire offered her one million euros to sleep with her. ANI

Lily Allen most popular choice for 'X Factor' job
Adele, Lily Allen and Katy Perry are in contention for taking Kelly Rowland's spot on 'The X Factor'. ANI

MJ wanted to marry me, says Brazil's TV host
Brazil's children's television show host Xuxa has claimed that the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson wanted to marry her. ANI

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