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Entertainment News on May 17, 2012

Amanda Reifer challenges Rihanna to 'Booty Olympics'
Cover Drive singer Amanda Reifer has challenged pal Rihanna to a "Booty Olympics". ANI

Bono to be richest rock star after Facebook stock market deal
A Facebook deal that will place the social networking site at the stock market, is set to make Bono the world's richest rock star. ANI

Submarine with built-in bar to give 'club-like feel'
A submarine is set to take partygoers to new depths with its funky deep-sea bar on board. ANI

Brangelina welcomed to London by neighbours
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have received a very warm welcome by their London neighbours. ANI

It's great to be back with 'Men In Black 3', says Will Smith
Will Smith has admitted to feeling great on returning to the silver screen after a hiatus of four years. ANI

Now, business cards made out of concrete
A French agency has come up with business cards that are made entirely out of concrete. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe wants to play villain
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed his desire of portraying an evil character. ANI

Mick Jagger negotiated 'cheapest deals' with prostitutes
Mick Jagger may presently have a personal fortune of nearly 200 million pounds but back in the 1970s, the singer counted the pennies even when it came to prostitutes, according to a new book. ANI

Janet Jackson abstains from weighing herself
Janet Jackson has revealed that she doesn't weigh herself as she thinks that using scales is setting yourself up to fail diets. ANI

Charlie Sheen's escort strips for mag
Charlie Sheen's escort who locked herself in his hotel bathroom when the actor lost his cool over a missing watch, is baring all again. ANI

JLo enjoys reading gossip magazines
Jennifer Lopez has admitted that she enjoys reading gossip showbiz stories like any normal girl would. ANI

Cannes Film Festival jury refutes 'sexism' claim
The jury for the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or has clarified its stand over claims of sexism prompted by the lack of female filmmakers in the running. ANI

Tom Cruise says he may have been victim of phone hacking
Tom Cruise has claimed in an interview that his mobile phone may have been hacked by journalists working for Rupert Murdoch's News of the World in the past. ANI

Pets pampered with 20K-pound weddings
Pet owners have spent up to 20,000 pounds marrying their loved up pets, according to an animal registrar. ANI

'Terminator' star John Connor gone missing
Hollywood actor Nick Stahl, who played John Connor in 'Terminator 3', has gone missing, and his wife fears that his disappearance is linked to drug use. ANI

'Love letter ' in bottle that floated 8000km away sparks Oz- African friendship
A message in a bottle, which posed a question about love, has led to an unusual friendship between an Australian teacher and a South African. ANI

50 Cent hospitalised for surgery
American rapper 50 Cent has been admitted to hospital for surgery. ANI

JLO dethrones Lady Gaga to top Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity list
Jennifer Lopez has beaten the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to be crowned as Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity. ANI

I've had a beer, says Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has admitted that he is a regular teenager, who swears, likes driving and gets embarrassed at the mention of girls. ANI

5 Bollywood flicks to be showcased at Cannes festival
The Cannes Film Festival is all set to show five Bollywood films, including three from Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. ANI

Amy Winehouse 'freaked out' by Adele's success
Amy Winehouse, who ruled the airwaves, before Adele peaked the music chart, was upset with the 24-year-old's increasing popularity. ANI

Charlize Theron had no teeth until she was 11
Charlize Theron has revealed that she had no teeth until she I was 11 years of age. ANI

Gym employee accuses John Travolta of groping
A new man has accused John Travolta of sexual misconduct. ANI

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's 'double chin' pic sparks outrage
Ever since the photograph of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who gave birth seven months ago, with double chin appeared, it has sparked outrage. ANI

Kris Jenner keeps mum about Kim's relationship with Kanye West
Kris Jenner, who has spectacularly put her foot in it when it comes to spilling the beans on all three of her daughter's personal life, seems to have learned from her mistakes. ANI

68pc Brits put dinner date on hold to take a telephone call
Paying attention to one's companion during a special meal out might be considered a basic courtesy, but this is no longer the case with most people from Britain, a survey has revealed. ANI

Kids as young as 6 'already anxious about weight'
Body image related issues are becoming a cause of concern for children as young as 6, a new study has revealed. ANI

Meet the 'rinsers' who hunt for rich men on net to fund their extravagant lifestyles
While most people are forgetting their material desires in the grips of recession, a new breed of women dubbed "rinsers" are taking to the internet to find rich men who will fund their expensive shopping habits. ANI

John Travolta is very experienced at gay sex, says hotel masseur
A hotel masseur has claimed that he had a steamy romp with John Travolta, and that the actor seemed "very experienced" at gay sex. ANI

J.Lo stepping down as 'American Idol' judge
Jennifer Lopez is reportedly leaving 'American Idol' as a judge due to her extremely busy schedule. ANI

Will Smith's son questioned Obama about aliens
Will Smith was left red-faced when his son Jaden, asked US President Barack Obama about aliens during a visit to the White House. ANI

Teen girl credits Cameron Diaz movie for saving her life
A schoolgirl cancer victim has revealed that watching a Cameron Diaz film saved her life after she noticed the symptoms in the movie. ANI

Teen girls face 'sexting' threat from peers
Teenage girls are coming under increasing pressure to text and email sexually explicit pictures of themselves, a new report has suggested. ANI

Gay versus straight judgments more accurate for women's faces
People are more accurate in telling the difference between gay and straight faces for women than for men, a new study has found. ANI

How facial cues affect preference and trust
People respond to facial cues and this affects their level of trust, a new study has claimed. ANI

'Faja' girdles are style set's extreme new answer to hourglass curves
Faja, a super-tight girdle traditionally worn after liposuction surgery is enjoying a revival among New York's style set. ANI

Chinese restaurant fines diners 20 pounds for leaving food on their plates
A Chinese restaurant offering an all-you-can-eat buffet has outraged customers after charging diners 20 pounds in 'wastage' if they leave food on their plates. ANI

'Go-go' legend Chuck Brown dies at 75
Chuck Brown known as the 'Godfather of Go-Go' for the subgenre of funk music he helped create, has died after suffering from pneumonia. He was 75. ANI

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