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Entertainment News on May 11, 2012

Jessie J to present Lloyd Webber with Silver Clef honours
Jessie J will be presenting Lord Lloyd-Webber with a lifetime achievement award, 11 years after he cast her in the West End show 'Whistle Down the Wind'. ANI

$1,000 sundae made with 23-carat gold named world's most expensive
New York restaurant, Serendipity 3's Golden Opulence Sundae has been listed as the Guinness Book of World Records' most expensive dessert, costs a staggering 1000 dollars and is covered in 23-carat gold leaf. ANI

Gwyneth Paltrow new face of Hugo Boss fragrance
Gwyneth Paltrow has signed up to become the face of Hugo Boss' new fragrance. ANI

Nicki Minaj wants kid in five years
Nicki Minaj has spoken out about her desire of having a baby in five years. ANI

Robert Pattinson poses nude in 13-hour photoshoot
In a photoshoot for French magazine 'Premiere' Robert Pattinson can be seen lying n*ked on the mattress with just a red silk blanket covering his modesty as he gazes at the heavily pregnant female. ANI

Porn addiction can be 'unlearned'
Indian origin researchers have shed light on the severe impact of p*rn addiction on users and their families. ANI

Beyonce facing $100m suit by video game biz
Beyonce is expected to be grilled by lawyers for a video-game developer by late summer because a Manhattan judge has given the company's 100-million-dollar lawsuit against her the green light. ANI

How stars' endorsements can help or hurt politicians
Star-studded endorsements may be attention grabbing, but they do influence voters, a new study has revealed. ANI

Now, inhale chocolate spray sans its calories
A biomechanical engineer has developed an inhaler that provides the taste of chocolate in breathable form without the calories. ANI

'French Spiderman' strikes again by scaling skyscraper in Paris
Alain Robert, who has been dubbed as the 'French Spiderman', scaled the recently heightened First tower in La Defense business district west of Paris on Thursday. ANI

Meet Playboy's 2012 playmate of the year
Hugh Hefner has named Jaclyn Swedberg as Playboy's 2012 Playmate of the Year at private event held at the Playboy Mansion on Thursday afternoon. ANI

Paddington Bear set for big screen debut
Classic children's character Paddington Bear will be updated for the big screen by the producer behind the renowned Harry Potter films, it has been announced. ANI

Russell Brand to host 2012 MTV Movie Awards
Russell Brand will be hosting the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, and he has promised that the ceremony will be "more impressive" than recent box office sensation 'Avengers Assemble'. ANI

Eva Longoria lost 'Hitch' role to Eva Mendes
Eva Longoria is convinced that she was destined to act in 'Desperate Housewives' because she landed the job the day after losing out to Eva Mendes for Will Smith's romantic comedy 'Hitch'. ANI

Jon Hamm advises young female fans on love, sex problems
Jon Hamm has turned agony uncle of sorts, as he dished out advice to teenage girls on everything from dating and sex to fashion in a new video blog. ANI

Teen girls airbrushing school pics for model-like look
Teenage girls are increasingly getting their own photographs airbrushed because of pressure to look like models, a report has revealed. ANI

Eva Longoria refutes Desperate Housewives feud rumours
Eva Longoria has vehemently denied rumours of a supposed rift with 'Desperate Housewives' co-star Teri Hatcher. ANI

Waitresses with luscious red lips 'likelier to get biggest tips'
Customers are two-thirds more likely to leave a generous tip to waitresses who wear red lips, a new research has revealed. ANI

Britney Spears will be 'train wreck' on X Factor, says Howard Stern
Howard Stern has voiced his thoughts about how he thinks Britney Spears will do on 'The X Factor.' ANI

Kanye West's 'baby-soft' tour rider revealed
Kanye West's sensitive side has been revealed in his tour rider, as it shows that the rapper wants lip balm, face scrub and posh scented soap at all of his gigs. ANI

RiRi would like to do comedy acting
Rihanna, who was hospitalised this week with exhaustion and dehydration for the second time in a year, seems to have no interest in slowing down. ANI

30 things that make Mr Perfect
A new survey has shed light on 30 must have qualities that women seek in their ideal man. ANI

U.S surfer sets world record by barrelling down 78 ft tall wall of water
Thrill-seeker Garrett McNamara has set the Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever surfed by riding a 78-foot tall break off the coast of Portugal in November. ANI

LiLo takes up spiritual chanting with pal Courtney Love
Lindsay Lohan is set to put her troubled past behind by taking up spiritual chanting, according to her friend Courtney Love. ANI

Adele wears pyjamas to 'keep out of public eye'
Adele has started wearing pyjamas when she is out in public in a bid to avoid unwanted attention. ANI

Beyonce and Angelina Jolie named most powerful moms
Celebrity mothers Beyonce Knowles and Angelina Jolie have been named among 2012's Most Powerful Moms in a special poll. ANI

Emma Watson takes up saucy pole-dancing lessons
Emma Watson is learning how to dance like a stripper, while working on the set of her new film 'The Bling Ring'. ANI

Freddie Mercury's optical illusion to 'appear' on stage in Queen show
Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed that the band's former vocalist Freddie Mercury will "appear" on stage using a technical "effect" during a special performance of West End musical 'We Will Rock You'. ANI

Motorists more prone to accidents on Fridays
Motorists should be more wary when driving on Fridays, as it has been claimed to be the worst day of the week for a collision. ANI

Travolta accused of sexual misconduct by third man
A third man has come forward accusing John Travolta of sexual misconduct. ANI

12 pc of women use their cellphones during sex
Twelve percent of American mothers use their phones during sex, a new survey questioning women on how they use media has revealed. ANI

10 pc Brits leave dirty plates in sink for a week
One in ten people in Britain leave dirty plates in the sink for a week, a new study has revealed. ANI

Sylvester Stallone doppelganger discovered in 16th century Vatican masterpiece
A visitor to Vatican City had a hilarious experience when he found the subject of a Raphael masterpiece had an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood hardman Sylvester Stallone. ANI

TIME sparks row over 'cheap' cover showing mum breastfeeding her son
TIME magazine's bold move with its cover story this week has industry experts calling it everything from a cheap shot to desperate. ANI

Rihanna and Chris Brown unfollow each other on Twitter
Despite relations between Rihanna and her ex Chris Brown thawing so much a few months ago that they even did a song together, the Barbadian singer stopped following him again on Thursday night. ANI

Reese Witherspoon's dad John accused of bigamy
While Reese Witherspoon is about to commence her family life with husband Jim Toth, her mother and father might be heading to court now that Betty has sued her husband John in Tennessee, accusing him of bigamy ANI

Kris Jenner blames Scott Disick for Twitter hacking
Kris Jenner was quick to blame her daughter Kourtney Kardashian's longtime boyfriend Scott Disick when her Twitter account was hacked on Wednesday night. ANI

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