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Entertainment News on March 28, 2012

Adele invites Robbie Williams for ghost hunting
Adele has invited new friend Robbie Williams to stay at her haunted mansion so they can go ghost-hunting. ANI

Tyra Banks says B-School degree changed her life
Tyra Banks believes graduating from Harvard Business School has 'changed everything'. ANI

Cheryl Cole finds walking the red carpet 'terrifying'
Cheryl Cole has admitted that she finds the whole rigmarole of red carpet 'terrifying'. ANI

Amy Winehouse's 3m-pound fortune goes to parents due to absence of will
Amy Winehouse did not leave a will hence all her 3-million-pound fortune will automatically go to her parents Mitch and Janis and not to her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil. ANI

Chinese woman wastes 98 tons of water flushing toilet
A Chinese rural woman, who went to the city for the first time, wasted 98 tons of water over two months by flushing the toilet in her son's home. ANI

Modern fame is mean, says Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is grateful that she got into the spotlight in the 1980's as she thinks that modern fame is "a culture of meanness". ANI

Spain's top end prostitutes on sex strike against bankers
Spain's high-class escorts are refusing services to the country's bankers until they start offering bigger loans for cash-strapped families and firms. ANI

Lady Gaga goes make up free for Twitter fans
Lady Gaga, best known for her outrageous costumes and heavy make-up, has tweeted a barefaced photo of herself for her followers. ANI

Oz charter operator invites lovers to join Mile High Club
An Australian charter operator insists that he is in the business of 'selling dreams' by letting people enjoy an hour-long flight of fancy for 650 dollars. ANI

Texas journalist outed for leading double life as stripper
A New York University graduate, who is a reporter by day and becomes a stripper at night, has been outed for leading a double life. ANI

Not 1 frame was changed in Titanic 3-D, says James Cameron
James Cameron, who is considered to be a perfectionist movie maker, has revealed that while he discovered a few minor mistakes in his original 'Titanic', he hasn't changed one frame in his re-mastered 3-D version. ANI

My accent in 'Titanic' was bad, says Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet says that watching her 1997 hit 'Titanic' is a "profoundly weird experience" and she finds it hard not to pick holes in her acting. ANI

Justin Bieber sued by Texan couple after using their number for Twitter prank
Justin Bieber is being threatened with legal action by a couple in Texas who became the unfortunate victims of a prank by the pop star. ANI

Demi Moore 'sick' over rumours of RiRi's relationship with Ashton
Demi Moore's friends have said that the actress is "sick to her stomach" over claims that Rihanna "hooked up" with her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher. ANI

Madonna gets even with DJ Deadmau5 over 'promoting ecstasy' claims
Madonna has hit back at claims by DJ Deadmau5 that she glamorised drug use during a concert in Florida over the weekend. ANI

New 'Broga' classes cater to egoistic men wary of yoga
Broga, a new fangled form of yoga, has been tailored distinctly to men who might previously have opted for a tennis racket or running shoes. ANI

Tragedy movies make people happier
Watching tragedy movies like "Titanic" can actually make people happier in the short-term, say researchers. ANI

Kendall Jenner shows off bikini body on Twitter
Kendall Jenner followed in the footsteps of the famous Kardashian sisters to post a provocative picture of herself on Twitter. ANI

Marilyn Monroe's unseen pics taken by make up artist up for auction
Marilyn Monroe's previously unknown photographs, taken by her make-up artist Allan "Whitey" Snyder, are now being sold as part of an archive of the actress' memorabilia. ANI

Bebo puts up big wish list for 'Dabangg 2' item song
Kareena Kapoor, who is to perform an item number in 'Dabangg 2', is reportedly making a number of demands from the producer Arbaaz Khan. ANI

Candice Swanepoel proves school bullies wrong in racy photoshoot
Candice Swanepoel has revealed that she was mocked at school for her small frame, but insists that modelling has been the perfect revenge for those bullies. ANI

Jane Fonda cast as Nancy Regan in 'The Butler'
Jane Fonda is all set to essay the character of Nancy Regan, in Lee Daniel's historical drama 'The Butler'. ANI

LiLo set to end probation and star on 'Glee'
Lindsay Lohan is set to start preparing for her guest appearance on 'Glee' after her formal probation finally ends on Thursday. ANI

Alicia Silverstone puts up video of herself feeding son mouth to mouth
Alicia Silverstone posted a video online which shows the actress feeding her son mouth-to-mouth. ANI

Bips and Rana Daggubati end 'close friendship'!
Bipasha Basu and Rana Daggubati have reportedly called off their on and off relationship. ANI

Whitney Houston's aide admits to clearing hotel room before police arrived
Whitney Houston's aide Raffles Van Exel has confessed to clearing the room she died in, before the police arrived. ANI

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