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Entertainment News on March 20, 2012

Jonas Brothers to have new reality show
The Jonas Brothers are set to have another reality show of their own. ANI

'John Carter' incurs 200-million-dollar loss on opening weekend
'John Carter' has caused Disney a 200-million-dollar loss in its opening weekend, the studio announced. ANI

2011 voted 'worst year for kids'
The year 2011 has been chosen as the worst year for children whereas the year 1976 has been voted as the best. ANI

Brad Pitt says 'we've got an architect in the family'
Brad Pitt thinks his house building activities with the Make It Right foundation have fuelled his children's interest in architecture. ANI

Katy Perry disguises herself in wigs to avoid paparazzi
Katy Perry has disclosed that she wears wigs and hats to avoid being recognized by photographers. ANI

Courteney Cox says split with husband made them both 'better parents'
Courteney Cox feels that her spilt from husband David Arquette has made the two of them "better parents" to their little daughter. ANI

Robert De Niro thinks it's 'too soon' for another white first lady
Robert De Niro told the crowd at a New York fundraiser that it was too early for the country to have another white first lady. ANI

Jessica Alba to release her book
Jessica Alba is set to release 'The Honest Life', a how-to handbook based on her mission of creating a natural, non-toxic life for her family. ANI

Dr. Conrad Murray says jail food making him ill
Dr. Conrad Murray has alleged that his diet at the Los Angeles County Jail is making him very ill, and he has lost 30lbs through chronic diarrhoea. ANI

'Mary Poppins' co-stars reunite after almost 50 years
Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, co-stars of the 1964 musical film 'Mary Poppins', came together at an awards party almost 50 years after the movie's release. ANI

Sofia Vergara says there's nothing slutty about dental-floss bikini
Sofia Vergara has revealed that when she saw a two piece bathing suit in the US for the first time she thought "who can look good in that." ANI

Sofia Vergara gives men tips on how to land Latina women
Sofia Vergara has revealed the things that American men should keep in mind before approaching a Latina woman in a sexual way. ANI

LiLo prepared to counter-sue man who claims he was hit by her car
Lindsay Lohan was forced to defend herself after a man alleged she hit him with her car in Hollywood. ANI

Nicollette Sheridan's 'Desperate Housewives' case ends in mistrial
A mistrial has been declared in the case of Nicollette Sheridan, who sued her former bosses for killing off her character in the show. ANI

Jennifer Aniston denies reports of 8k dollars a month beauty regimen
Jennifer Aniston has laughed off claims that she runs up an 8,000 dollars-a-month tab for her beauty regimen. ANI

Horse riding 'terrifies' Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart is scared of riding horses after she fell off one when she was nine-year-old and fractured her elbow. ANI

Lady Gaga invites fans to design tour t-shirts for her
Lady Gaga is offering fans a chance to have their t-shirt designs made into the official merchandise for her upcoming world tour. ANI

PETA suggests 'empathy counselling' for Noel Gallagher after his cow comments
Noel Gallagher became the target of animal activists' ire when he joked about teaching his sons to "throw stuff at cows". ANI

Women in high heels have 'greater risk of car crash'
A road safety charity is appealing women not to get behind the wheel in steep wedges, platform shoes or stilettos. ANI

Katy Perry planning 'iconic' duet with Rihanna
Katy Perry has revealed that the much-talked about duet with good friend Rihanna will have to wait, as they want to take their time on the project and release an "iconic" collaboration. ANI

Charlize Theron honoured with 'Ally for Equality' Award
Charlize Theron, who recently became new mother by adopting a baby boy, was honoured for her advocacy work at a human rights event in Los Angeles on Saturday night. ANI

Women urged not to drive wearing high heels
A road safety charity is appealing women not to get behind the wheel in steep wedges, platform shoes or stilettos. ANI

Obama understands Hispanic community, says Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria has defended Barrack Obama for his record on immigration and Latino issues. ANI

Ricky Martin says his son meditates
Ricky Martin believes that his twin sons are completely different from each other as Valentino is "mister peace and love" and Matteo is "more alpha and a leader". ANI

Nicki Minaj signed on as new face of Pepsi
Nicki Minaj has reportedly signed a deal with Pepsi to front the campaign for its new drink 'Pop'. ANI

Daniel Craig reports 'Sky Fall' sex scenes to wife
Daniel Craig reports back every detail of his steamy sex scenes with French actress Berenice Marlohe in the latest Bond flick to his new wife Rachel Weisz. ANI

I'm super deep, says Katy Perry
Katy Perry has blasted critics who think pop music is too shallow. ANI

Women `spend 3 hours per week redoing chores done badly by men`
Women spend three hours a week redoing chores they feel their partner hasn't done properly, a survey in the UK has revealed. ANI

I'm available to work with Fassbender's manhood any time, says Charlize Theron
Being first time mother hasn't stopped Charlize Theron from talking dirty in public. ANI

Justin Bieber gets beaten and bloodied for cover of 'Complex' mag
Justin Bieber has ditched his boy-next-door image by getting bruised, battered and bloody for a boxing themed photo shoot. ANI

Goldie Hawn says Kate Hudson not married
Kate Hudson's mom Goldie Hawn has clarified that her daughter has not tied the knot with her fiance Matt Bellamy. ANI

Ashton Kutcher 'thrilled' to become Virgin Galactic's 500th astronaut
Ashton Kutcher is set to become the 500th space traveller to take a voyage on Virgin Galactic. ANI

Demand for extramarital dating websites soars among Brit women
The number of British women using extramarital dating sites has surpassed that of men, an analysis has revealed. ANI

Eva Longoria believes Obama understands Hispanic community
Eva Longoria has defended Barrack Obama for his record on immigration and Latino issues. ANI

Ricky Martin says one of his 3-year-old sons 'meditates'
Ricky Martin believes that his twin sons are completely different from each other as Valentino is "mister peace and love" and Matteo is "more alpha and a leader". ANI

Salman Khan named 'worst actor' at the Ghantas
Salman Khan has bagged worst actor of the year title at this year's Ghanta Awards for his performance in 'Bodyguard' and 'Ready'. ANI

Jon Hamm says he doesn't consider himself 'handsome'
Jon Hamm has admitted that he doesn't see himself as a "handsome guy". ANI

Nicki Minaj signs multimillion-dollar deal with Pepsi
Nicki Minaj is the new face of Pepsi and has reportedly signed a multimillion-dollar deal to front the campaign for its new drink 'Pop'. ANI

George Clooney 'tried to pass himself off as Brad Pitt' during arrest
George Clooney joked with the secret service officials who arrested him in Washington DC on Friday and told them that he was Brad Pitt. ANI

John Abraham fractures foot during fight sequence
John Abraham suffered a hairline fracture on his foot while filming an action sequence for Sanjay Gupta's action thriller. ANI

Porn star says he had sex with LiLo while her dad slept upstairs
A p*rn star has claimed that he had sex with Lindsay Lohan while her dad Michael was sleeping in the same house. ANI

Richard Gere calls his movie Pretty Woman 'silly'
Richard Gere has blasted the movie, 'Pretty Woman', which is arguably the most successful of his career, branding it a "silly romcom". ANI

Bobbi Kristina 'not marrying Nick Gordon and ring on finger is Whitney's'
Bobbi Kristina's spokesperson has denied claims that she is going to marry her adopted brother, Nick Gordon. ANI

Adele surpasses Pink Floyd in all-time biggest selling albums chart
Adele's second album '21' has overtaken Pink Floyd's landmark 1973 release, 'The Dark Side Of The Moon', in the UK best-selling albums list. ANI

Oprah Winfrey lays off one-fifth of TV network's staff
Oprah Winfrey's television network, OWN, which is reportedly struggling at the moment, announced on Monday that it is laying off 30 employees and restructuring its operations in New York and Los Angeles. ANI

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