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Entertainment News on March 19, 2012

Lady Gaga reveals her problem with rodents
Lady Gaga has said that her parents' posh apartment in New York is infested with rats and they leave her screaming whenever she encounters them. ANI

Katy Perry fled nightclub to avoid running into Russell Brand
Katy Perry "bolted" out of a London nightclub when she heard her ex-husband Russell Brand was about to arrive at the same venue. ANI

'21 Jump Street' tops box office with $35m collection in opening week
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's 21 Jump Street collected an estimated 35 million dollars in its weekend debut. ANI

RiRi says she wants to launch own fashion line
Rihanna has admitted that she is looking to start designing clothes and launch a fashion line of her own. ANI

Hugh Grant embarrassed with early pictures of modeling days
Hugh Grant was left red-faced during a TV interview when the host presented him with pictures of his early modeling days. ANI

Sir Patrick Stewart says his dream role is to play Romeo
Sir Patrick Stewart has said that he doesn't consider himself too old to play his dream role of the famous lover Romeo. ANI

Russell Brand to fight phone throwing charges saying he was 'provoked'
Russell Brand maintains that he was provoked by the paparazzi last Monday when he threw a photographer's iPhone through a window. ANI

Clooney unabashed about using star power to highlight Sudanese atrocities
George Clooney has revealed that he has no qualms in using his celebrity status to shine light on the plight of refugees in war-torn Sudan. ANI

Simon Cowell says he'll never quit Britain
Simon Cowell has revealed that he would never quit the UK, as he loves fish and chips too much. ANI

Jay-Z 'seeking $150m comeback tour deal for Beyonce'
Jay-Z is reportedly planning a grand comeback world tour for Beyonce post the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy, in January. ANI

Bobbi Kristina flaunts giant 'engagement ring' on outing with 'fiance'
Bobbi Kristina stepped out hand-in-hand with her adoptive brother and rumoured fiance Nick Gordon, showing off what looked like a huge diamond engagement ring. ANI

Lilo to stay housebound until probation is over
Lindsay Lohan has apparently decided to adhere to the advice of her close friends and refrain from venturing outside, after courting trouble just this week. ANI

Miranda Kerr and Jen Hawkins among top earning models in the world
Australian models Miranda Kerr, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Jennifer Hawkins and Elle Macpherson have all made it to the top earning model list. ANI

Lady Gaga going on media hiatus
Lady Gaga has taken a vow to stay mum and withdraw herself from any media/public appearances for "a very long time". ANI

Clooney's girlfriend Stacy joins 'The X Factor' race
George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler is reportedly in secret talks to join the US version of 'The X Factor' as either a judge or the host of Simon Cowell's Fox show. ANI

Salman Khan says 'double meaning songs suit him more'
Salman Khan wants lyricist to pen double meaning songs for him as he thinks such songs suit him more. ANI

Gisele Bundchen asks fans to 'speak up' for endangered elephants
Gisele Bundchen was so impressed by her visit to a wildlife sanctuary in Africa that she requested fans to support her in protecting the endangered species. ANI

Russell Brand hires top lawyer to fight phone-throwing charge
Russell Brand has hired tough New Orleans lawyer, Robert Glass, to fight a possible charge which could put the comedian behind bars for up to two years. ANI

Topless women protest sex trade and violence against females in Ukraine
A group young women bared their br**ts in the front of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine in the capital, Kyiv, this week in protest against the handling of the case of a young woman who was raped, dumped in a ditch and set on fire. ANI

New mom Charlize Theron finds it "hard" to be away from son
Charlize Theron, who recently adopted a baby boy, has confessed that she finds it difficult to go out while leaving him behind at home. ANI

Adele on mission to slim down
Adele wants to lose weight and is reportedly on a fitness routine to drop two dress sizes before summer. ANI

Charlize Theron calls herself 'bitchy'
Charlize Theron has said that she is able to play dark characters so well because she's "a bitch". ANI

George Clooney says Obama has good chance of being re-elected
George Clooney is positive about Barack Obama's chances of getting re-elected. ANI

Six shapes of women revealed
One in five women is shaped like butternut squash, which means that their bust and hip sizes are the same but the waist is smaller by about 10 inches. ANI

Most men rely on their wife or girlfriend to dress up
It seems that there is a woman behind every well-dressed man. ANI

Columbian mechanic wins Barack Obama look-alike contest
A Columbian car mechanic has been crowned as the best look-alike of US President Barack Obama, after being forced by his boss to participate in the offbeat contest. ANI

India's former Mr Universe Manohar Aich turns 100
Former Mr Universe, Manohar Aich, who turned 100 on Sunday, has attributed his longevity to leading a happy and tension free life. ANI

Jessica Simpson celebrates baby shower with friends and family
Jessica Simpson's family and friends threw her a baby shower as she awaits the birth of her daughter. ANI

Kris Jenner releases topless pregnancy photo on son's 25th birthday
Kris Jenner posted an almost nude photo of herself, which was taken when she was pregnant with her son Rob Kardashian, who turned 25 on Saturday. ANI

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