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Entertainment News on March 16, 2012

Now, get free pizza for undergoing vasectomy
A urologist in US is offering free pizzas to men who are willing to receive a vasectomy during March Madness - the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship. ANI

Depardieu calls Strauss-Kahn 'arrogant like all French people'
French actor Gerard Depardieu has launched a verbal attack on his fellow countrymen, describing them as "arrogant" and "smug" like Dominique Strauss-Kahn. ANI

Robert Downey Jr feels 'like big brother' towards Scarlett Johansson
Robert Downey Jr has revealed that his 'Avengers Assemble' co-star Scarlett Johansson is like a sister figure to him. ANI

Jennifer Aniston 'spends 250 pounds a day' on beauty treatments
Jennifer Aniston reportedly spends a whopping 90,000 pounds per year on beauty treatments, which breaks down to 250 pounds a day. ANI

Sir Paul McCartney maintains eye contact in chat with topless sunbather
Sir Paul McCartney maintained steady eye contact while chatting with topless sunbather, proving that he is a perfect gentleman. ANI

Lady Gaga's mum thought her daughter has 'a screw loose'
Lady Gaga's mother, Cynthia Germanotta, has admitted to Oprah Winfrey that she thought the singer might have mental problems the first time she saw her daughter performing. ANI

Planning diet, finances may not always help consumers gain self-control
Planning your diet would not actually help you gain self-control unless you're feeling good about your weight in the first place, according to a new study. ANI

Robert Pattinson finds comedy 'scary'
Robert Pattinson admitted that he is too scared to appear on 'Saturday Night Live' because he thinks doing comedy is "impossible". ANI

January Jones says 'being working single parent is difficult'
January Jones has confessed that being a working single parent is 'difficult' but said that the 'Mad Men' crew provided her with much needed support. ANI

Cameron Diaz 'caught kissing Jude Law'
Cameron Diaz has reportedly hooked up with Jude Law and was spotted smooching him in Los Angeles. ANI

LiLo 'wanted for questioning' over hit and run case
Police may question Lindsay Lohan over her alleged role in bumping a hookah lounge manager with her Porsche this week. ANI

Adele refused record deal on 18th birthday
Adele reportedly turned down a record deal to make preparations for her birthday celebrations back when she was 18. ANI

Jenna Elfman to play First Lady in comedy flick '1600 Penn'
Jenna Elfman is all set to portray the character of the First Lady in a forthcoming comedy about life in the White House. ANI

Why consumers get stuck in trivial choices?
If you get confused on which toothbrush or breakfast cereal to buy while in a store, researchers now know why. ANI

Married men 'prefer mother's cooking to that of wife'
Men like their mother's cooking better, even if they are happily living with their partner, a survey has revealed. ANI

DiCaprio to work with Scorsese for fifth time
Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with Martin Scorsese again for the film 'The Wolf of Wall Street', which is set to start filming by summer. ANI

Tulisa and Jack O'Connell watch football match together
Tulisa, who is reportedly dating 'Skins' star Jack O'Connell, turned up to support the actor's favourite football club, Derby County, in the East Midlands derby. ANI

Jessica Alba finds it best to ignore false media reports
Jessica Alba thinks that the best way to get rid of hurtful pieces of gossip is to not acknowledge them, as it makes them less powerful. ANI

Russell Brand released from police custody
Russell Brand has been released from police custody on a 5000-dollar bail after he allegedly snatched a photographer's cell phone and hurled it through a window. ANI

Sandra Bullock 'has no plans to adopt' another child
Sandra Bullock has denied reports that she is adopting a second time. ANI

London too 'cold and gloomy' for Rihanna
Rihanna admitted that she would have bought a house in London if the weather wasn't so bad there. ANI

I don't dress boldly for attention, says Rihanna
Rihanna, who recently hit the headlines for wearing a see-through black top without a bra, insists that she doesn't dress daringly to shock people. ANI

Padma Lakshmi sizzles at charity event after losing baby battle
Padma Lakshmi has just lost a messy battle with her former partner, Adam Dell, over their two-year-old daughter Krishna. ANI

Rihanna 'reached out' to ex-Chris Brown as 'it made sense'
Rihanna, whose career has been on the ascendant, has revealed that she decided to collaborate with former boyfriend Chris Brown to further her career, despite the horrible beating she received at his hands in 2009. ANI

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards end bitter row
Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have revealed that they have ended their feud and are set for a Rolling Stones reunion tour together. ANI

Jennifer Lopez's manager wishes she would get into relationships slowly
Jennifer Lopez may have moved on quickly after her split from Marc Anthony and started dating Casper Smart, but her manager wants the superstar to take things more slowly. ANI

Eva Longoria celebrates 37th birthday with close friends
Eva Longoria celebrated her 37th birthday at Cut restaurant in Beverly Hills on March 15 with close pals who came out to honour her. ANI

Ashton Kutcher cut his hair because 'Jesus wanted his look back'
Ashton Kutcher joked that he ditched his long hair and shaggy beard because 'Jesus wanted his look back' but his 'Two and a Half Men' maker said its part of the story line. ANI

Jennifer Lopez says split with Marc Anthony 'serious and grown up stuff'
Jennifer Lopez has finally broken her silence and revealed her pain over the divorce from Marc Anthony, her husband of seven years. ANI

Mind-control dress allows you to think yourself naked
A young fashion designer has come up with an outfit that wearers can transform by just utilizing their mind power. ANI

Katie Price regrets not protecting her kids from public glare
Katie Price, who has won the 'Celebrity Mum of the Year' title for this year, has confessed her guilt of being unable to shield her children from the public eye. ANI

Katie Price named 'Celebrity Mum of the Year'
Katie Price has won the title of 'Celebrity Mum of the Year' for the second time. ANI

Russel Brand arrested for smashing cell phone through window
Russell Brand got into trouble for allegedly snatching a photographer's cell phone and throwing it through a nearby law firm's window on Monday. ANI

Shahid Kapoor dating Nargis Fakhri
Shahid Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri are reportedly the newest lovebirds in B-town. ANI

Lady Gaga wants 'soccer team' of kids
Lady Gaga revealed her hopes of having a large family during a recent chat with Oprah Winfrey. ANI

Rihanna says she has "no b**bs or bum" after new diet
Rihanna has bemoaned the loss of her curvy figure, and said that even though she stopped dieting some time ago she is still losing weight somehow. ANI

Stress and pressure harming men's sperms, says Ayushmann Khurrana
Ayushmann Khurrana believes that the stress and pressure of daily life has led to the decrease in sperm count of males over the past ten years. ANI

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