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Kim Jong-il's lookalike's love life ruined by unfortunate resemblance

March 9, 2012 - London

A British-born man has revealed that he cannot get a date because he looks like the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.

William Cheong said that ladies simply see him as the North Korean tyrant even though he's a West London plumber.

"I'm single and have no children and I would love to meet someone - but looking like Kim Jong-il doesn't help," the Sun quoted Cheong as saying.

The 43-year-old bachelor, known to pals as KT, is even the same height as Jong-il - 5 feet 4 inches.

He hoped the dictator's death at 69 from a heart attack in December would boost his love prospects. But the communist leader is still fresh in most people's minds.

"He hoped when Jong-il died he would get a bit more luck, but it's the same old thing," Cheong's friend said.

"William is a lovely guy who has a lovely house - all he needs is someone to share his life.

"His only problem is that he sometimes gets mistaken for Kim Jong-il and that is not exactly a magnet for the ladies," the friend added.

Cheong admitted that he felt lonely, just like the dictator's character in hit movie 'Team America: World Police'.

A clip in the 2004 film shows the puppet-version of the ruler, who cannot pronounce the letter 'l' - singing "I'm so ronery" in frustration at being alone and misunderstood.

The famous scene is said to have infuriated Jong-il, who was a huge film fan.

William said it was "no fun" resembling him, but one good thing has come from it - he got work as a lookalike. He has even starred as Jong-il in a Danish ad for a phone firm.

"It's great for my sideline as an actor - but not very good for my love life," he added.


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