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Kate Beckinsale says she's not going down Hollywood surgery route

July 3, 2012 - London

Kate Beckinsale has revealed that she won't be going under the knife to reverse the ageing process any time soon.

As she poses for a new magazine shoot, the mother-of-one admits she hopes to age gracefully like her mother Judy Loe, 65.

Having lived in Hollywood for nearly 10 years, Beckinsale is frequently surrounded by surgically-enhanced men and women, which she admits has put her off.

"I feel like beauty is a gift that you have for a while, and you enjoy the hell out of it while you have it," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Glamour magazine.

"And if you're lucky enough to have a daughter and you give it to her, you enjoy the fact she has it. My mother was always very, very beautiful - she still is, in her sixties.

"I'm sure she feels, 'Wouldn't it be nice if my neck did this?' but not to the degree of cutting parts of herself odd and dragging them behind her ears. I feel very similar.

"I much prefer how my mother looks to the people I see here [in Los Angeles] with wind-tunnel face," she said.

She also hit out at the pressure on new mothers to lose weight after giving birth, insisting she was "gigantic" after she gave birth to her daughter Lily in 1999.

"There's an obsessional hatred of normal human processes. Pregnancy changes and woman's body and should. It isn't normal to not look like you've had a baby immediately after you've had a baby.

"I was gigantic after I had Lily - I put on a good 3 and a half stone, and it didn't go 'til I stopped breast feeding... I was lucky that Britain wasn't so paparazzi-orientated [then].

"I was allowed to get on with it and enjoy my baby - and figure out what being a mother was all about instead of worrying about [fitting into] my f**king jeans," she added.


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