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Justin Bieber boosts organ donations with Twitter plea

January 26, 2012 - Washington

Justin Bieber has used his Twitter account to help a young Canadian fan who needs an organ donor.

Last week, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Helene Campbell, a local woman wanted to raise awareness about organ donation.

The 20-year-old herself suffers from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and needs a lung transplant. For months now, she's been blogging about her experience on 'A Lung Story- Help Breathe'.

Campbell decided to start an awareness campaign on Twitter through her @ALungStory account and hoped that the 17-year-old 'Baby' hitmaker would help her promote the cause.

She asked users of the popular social media network to tweet the Canadian pop star with the hashtag #BeAnOrganDonor.

"I would hope that Justin Bieber would do a retweet or even just tweet something himself," Fox News quoted her as telling Metro Ottawa.

Merely a few days later, Bieber tweeted about the awareness campaign.

"@alungstory i got the have amazing strength. i got u. #BeAnOrganDonor," Bieber tweeted.

He continued to interact with Campbell via Twitter over the weekend.

"@alungstory glad to be able to help. best part of what i do," he tweeted.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, more than 500 people registered on, a website by the Ontario-based organ and tissue donation agency Trillium Gift of Life Network since Friday. The website also received thousands of visits over the weekend.

Campbell posted a video on Saturday thanking Bieber and all of those who tweeted.

"Hey Justin. Thanks so much for using your Canadian voice to help us raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and giving blood. We've all learned to never say never," Campbell said.


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