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Entertainment News on June 28, 2012

'Perfectionist' Kim Kardashian doesn't like her thighs
Kim Kardashian has revealed that she is unhappy with her thighs and wears spanx to look slimmer. ANI

Katy Perry thinks she has 'split personality'
Katy Perry has revealed that she sometimes feels she has a split personality and said that her eccentric dress sense represents her conflicting emotions. ANI

Jackie Chan to star in comedy
Jackie Chan is set to appear as a detective in a currently untitled English-language comedy flick. ANI

Kim Kardashian gets spray tan every 10 days
Kim Kardashian has revealed that she has a spray tan every 10 days, as she likes to maintain her sun-kissed glow. ANI

US waitress sues bar after being forced to wear skimpy uniform
A waitress at a California sportsbar has sued her former employer for unspecified damages, after she was allegedly fired for refusing to slip into a revealing skirt while slinging beers. ANI

Anne Hathaway 'severed all ties' from conman ex after arrest
Anne Hathaway refused to speak to her conman ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri after his 2008 arrest, ignoring his desperate attempts to contact her from prison. ANI

Kendra Wilkinson applauds McCarthy's Playboy nude stunt at 39
Kendra Wilkinson is glad that Jenny McCarthy has the confidence for stripping at 39 for the latest issue of Playboy. ANI

Jessie J sued for copyright infringement over 'Domino'
Jessie J has been sued by the singer of a California band who is claiming that the pop star's smash hit 'Domino' is simply a ripoff of one of his songs. ANI

Drew Barrymore turns photographer for mag feature
Drew Barrymore, who is expecting a child, has stepped behind the camera once again to photograph up-and-coming Hollywood stars for America's V Magazine. ANI

Blake Lively only dates tall guys
Blake Lively has a criteria when it comes to boyfriends - she prefers them to be tall. ANI

People should see beyond my buff body, says Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth admits that his impressive physique has helped him get movie roles but hopes it is his acting skills that keeps people interested. ANI

Justin Bieber's 'Believe' 2012's top-selling debut album
Justin Bieber's 'Believe' has become this year's top selling album and has given the singer his fourth number 1. ANI

Lady Gaga slammed for suicide song 'Princess Die'
Lady Gaga is courting controversy after debuting her latest song 'Princess Die' in Melbourne on Tuesday. ANI

Jessica Simpson debuts pic of Maxwell Drew on twitter
Jessica Simpson proudly posted the first picture of her new daughter Maxwell on Twitter, with the caption, "Howdy friends!" ANI

MJ's pet tiger Thriller dies of lung cancer
Michael Jackson's pet tiger has died after battling lung cancer at actress Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve in rural California. ANI

Madonna's daughter Lourdes models her infamous cone bra
It seems that Madonna's teenage daughter Lourdes Leon has inherited her mother's love of a pointy bra and was spotted posing in one as she hung out backstage at MDNA tour. ANI

Indian origin Brit TV star Shobna Gulati crowned 'Rear Of The Year'
Shobna Gulati, whose character in 'Coronation Street' was transformed from dowdy shop assistant to sexy mistress, has been named the Rear Of The Year. ANI

Anti-cheating ring leaves 'I'm married' on finger
A wedding ring is a representation of everlasting love, but as many a philandering spouse knows, it can be slipped off and out of sight all too easily. ANI

Busty Katy Perry stuffs tissue down her dress on night out
Katy Perry sported what looked like tissue down her corset dress as she arrived at the opening of new Hollywood club, Bootsy Bellows on Tuesday night. ANI

Brit journo recalls horrific sexual assault in Egypt's Tahrir Square
A Young female British journalist has spoken out about being subjected to a horrific sexual assault by hundreds of men while covering the Egyptian elections, on Sunday. ANI

James Bond tops as no. 1 movie spy
James Bond has been voted as the best movie spy of all time. ANI

Brit couples sleeping in separate bedrooms to strengthen relationship
More than one in 10 British couples sleep in different bedrooms, in order to keep their relationship strong, a new study has revealed ANI

Oz snack food firm 'Nuckin Futs' gets green light over name row
Controversial snack food "Nuckin Futs" has been given the go ahead after no Australians lodged any official complaint with the trademarks office. ANI

Women 'never the right age' in organisational terms
A study by two leading management experts has revealed that women working in hedge funds always struggle to be taken seriously at work. ANI

'Spice Girls' pick Angelina Jolie to play Posh in flick
Angelina Jolie will make a jolly good Victoria Beckham in 'Spice Girls The Movie', or so feel Posh's former band mates. ANI

Kate Upton sports wet white t-shirt in 'Baywatch' spoof video
Kate Upton, who catapulted to fame after posing as cover girl for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, can be seen wearing a wet t-shirt and a tiny red bikini in a new eye-popping and sexy 'Baywatch' spoof video by Terry Richardson. ANI

Unpopular pupils likelier to suffer health problems in middle age
Being unpopular in the class could make you ill decades later, a new study has revealed. ANI

Scarlett Johansson may get $66k compensation over nude photo hacking
Scarlett Johansson should get more than 66,000 dollars from the hacker who leaked sexy snaps that were meant for former hubby Ryan Reynolds, prosecutors said in a federal court filing. ANI

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's relationship 'not exclusive'
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who were spotted zooming around Hollywood on the actor's bike last to last week, are not an official couple, according to a source. ANI

LiLo resolves 2008 car chase lawsuit
Lindsay Lohan has resolved the civil case filed against her by three male passengers in 2008. ANI

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer expecting twins
Anna Paquin, who announced her pregnancy last April, is expecting double joy with hubby Stephen Moyer, this fall. ANI

Taste of India catching on in New Dubai
The growing South Asian population in New Dubai, has been spoilt for choice as several restaurants have opened up in this part of the city, offering a variety of authentic 'desi' food. ANI

Coke and Pepsi contain alcohol
Tests have revealed that more than half of leading soft drinks, like Coke and Pepsi, contain traces of alcohol. ANI

Bra 'that boosts cleavage with tug of string' back on market
12 years after the launch of the Variable Cleavage bra, which was one of the lingerie brand Wonderbra's best sellers, the company has reissued it. ANI

Fire scare drives Rihanna out of hotel
Rihanna was forced to make an emergency evacuation from her hotel in London at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, after an elevator shaft caught fire. ANI

Spice Girls' catsuit and leopard-print costumes up for grabs
The Spice Girls are auctioning some of their most famous costumes for charity, which ranges from catsuits to PVC dresses and platform trainers. ANI

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