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Entertainment News on June 27, 2012

James Cameron to film 3 'Avatar' sequels back-to-back
James Cameron is to shoot three sequels of his blockbuster movie 'Avatar' at the same time. ANI

'Bieber Fever' mystery may have finally been solved
Scientists now have a better understanding of why teens, girls in particular, become so passionate about some musicians. ANI

Kolkata hosts 12th International Children's Film Festival
Youngsters are in for a treat with the commencement of the 12th International Children's Film Festival here. ANI

Online shoppers prefer receiving bids from firms than making own offers
A new study led by a Michigan State University scholar has revealed that online shoppers would rather receive an offer for a product or service than make their own offer - the findings that may have implications for the fast-growing e-commerce industry. ANI

Jennifer Aniston tops as best celebrity friend for road trip
Jennifer Aniston has been named as the perfect celebrity friend to share a long-distance road trip with. ANI

Japanese artist serves up own pe**s and testicles to diners
Police in Japan are questioning a controversial artist who fed his genitals to a group of diners. ANI

Liz Phair and A.R. Rahman set aside cultural differences to unite for film
Indie rocker Liz Phair and film composer A.R. Rahman have teamed up on the score of Alex Kurtzman's 'People Like Us', thereby marking a change of pace for both artists. ANI

'UFO' at bottom of Baltic Sea 'disables equipments within 200m range'
Divers exploring a 'UFO-shaped' object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea have claimed that their electrical equipments stop working when they approach within 200m. ANI

50 Shades Of Grey breaks Kindle records with 1m sales
EL James' racy debut book 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' has become the first to sell more than one million copies for Kindles. ANI

I still text Amy telling her to come home, says dad Mitch Winehouse
Amy Winehouse's father Mitch, has revealed that he still sends text messages to his daughter's phone asking her to come home. ANI

Mila Kunis reveals why men find her so sexy
Mila Kunis, who's considered one of the sexiest women in the world, has claimed that her unique sense of humour may be the reason why men fall for her. ANI

Minka Kelly stars in Maroon 5 'One More Night' video
Adam Levine has hired Minka Kelly to play his wife in Maroon 5's latest music video. ANI

Lady Gaga settles œ3.1m lawsuit by donating to Japan earthquake charity
Lady Gaga is to set settle a multi-million pound lawsuit by making a donation to victims of the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster. ANI

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West warring over p*rn videos
Kim Kardashian is furious with her boyfriend Kanye West because he is planning to put out pornographic music videos. ANI

MJ's famous hat expected to fetch œ10,000 at auction
Michael Jackson's hat that the star himself made famous, went under the hammer on Tuesday. ANI

Exercise boosts sex drive in middle-aged men
Men who hit the gym to shed their middle aged spread would be pleased to find that it provides a boost to their sex lives, according to a medical study. ANI

Christian outrage over film that portrays Jesus as child of rape
An upcoming film based on Verhoeven's 2010 book 'Jesus of Nazareth' which discounts the events commonly attributed to the life of Christ has sparked accusations that the filmmaker is attacking Christianity. ANI

Wingsuit-clad Swiss daredevil pilot flies alongside plane for first time
Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy - nicknamed 'Jetman' - stunned passengers on a plane by flying alongside them for seven minutes. ANI

Japanese teachers asked to remove tattoos visible to students
Teachers in Osaka, Japan's third-largest city, have been asked to remove any tattoos, so that they don't embarrass themselves in front of their students. ANI

Chinese architect turns 32sqm room into all-in-one apartment
An architect in Hong Kong has transformed his 32-square-metre room into all-in-one apartment, which can be turned into a kitchen, bedroom or private theatre whenever needed. ANI

Kardashians buying space in Hollywood cemetery
Kim Kardashian and her family - Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, Bruce and Kris - all stopped by the Hollywood Forever cemetery to buy a family plot. ANI

Spice Girls to earn 5m pounds each from musical
The Spice Girls are set to make 5 million pounds each from their new West End show. ANI

Jennifer Aniston dons new diamond ring after European holiday
Jennifer Aniston was seen with a new diamond ring after a European getaway with beau Justin Theroux. ANI

Hitler's butt still being 'pinned' with novelty pin cushion
The Novelty Hitler pin cushion, which was made by Johnson Smith and Co's in 1940's, is still popular with people and is has become worth hundreds of dollars today. ANI

Pregnancy 'kills more teens than anything else'
Pregnancy is the number one killer of teenage girls worldwide, a charity has revealed. ANI

Cougar loving Harry Styles would date anyone 'up to' his mum's age
One Direction's Harry Styles has revealed that he will bed any woman as long as they are not older than his mother Anne. ANI

Coffee bean painting in Russia sets new world record
A giant painting made from coffee beans, which was created by Russian artists, has made its way into the Guinness Book of Records. ANI

Megan Fox shows off growing belly
Megan Fox, who has stayed mum about her pregnancy till now, is now letting her belly do the talking just like Beyonce did before her. ANI

Denise Richards calls acting with ex Charlie Sheen 'awkward'
Denise Richards recently described the "awkward" moment when she and former husband Charlie Sheen had to act together for his new sitcom 'Anger Management'. ANI

John Travolta kisses wife in public amid sexual assault scandal
John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston enjoyed a passionate kiss at the premiere of his movie' Savages', showing their first public display of affection after a string of sexual assault charges rocked the couple's life. ANI

'Breastaurants' with 'view' booming in struggling US dining industry
In this time of recession, eateries in US are being kept alive by the advent of a new breed of restaurants called breastaurants, where waitresses wear skimpy tops that accentuate their chests. ANI

Hollywood screenwriter Nora Ephron dies at 71
Oscar-nominated Hollywood screenwriter and director Nora Ephron, who penned such romantic films as 'When Harry Met Sally' and 'Sleepless in Seattle', died on Tuesday in New York. She was 71. ANI

'Daredevil' Angelina Jolie performs own stunts in 'Maleficent'
Angelina Jolie revisited her early days as an action star when she performed her own action scenes in the Disney movie 'Maleficent'. ANI

Charlie Sheen didn't rampage hotel room, says rep
Charlie Sheen's manager has rubbished reports that the actor trashed a hotel room at the Manhattan Ritz this weekend during a drug and hooker-fueled bender. ANI

Beyonce pens heartfelt thank you note to MJ
Beyonce Knowles wrote a personal message to Michael Jackson on her website to mark his third death anniversary. ANI

Women 'too busy to have sex'
Women don't want to have sex anymore because they have too much on their plates that often leads to more stress, a British novelist has claimed. ANI

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