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Entertainment News on June 14, 2012

Barefaced Rihanna posts video message for fans
A little sullen and sleepy faced Rihanna has sent a video message to her fans for her recent lack of social-networking and revealed that she is enjoying some quality family time. ANI

Thousands of Irish kids suffer abuse at home
Thousands of kids are being emotionally, physically and sexually abused at home in Ireland, new statistics have revealed ANI

Bieber to be questioned over photographer assault
California cops were reportedly poised to quiz Justin Bieber regarding his alleged brawl with a photographer. ANI

Catherine Zeta-Jones was never obsessed with rock stars
Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed that she had a blast while shooting for her latest musical flick 'Rock of Ages'. ANI

Russell Brand wooing Katy Perry lookalike
Russell Brand tried to woo online video presenter Emily Hartridge, a lookalike of his former wife Katy Perry, as she quizzed him about his new film 'Rock Of Ages'. ANI

Leo's lady strips for Victoria's Secret campaign
Leonardo Di Caprio's new girlfriend Erin Heatherton has stripped off to her undies for a new Victoria Secret photoshoot. ANI

Usher was planning duet with Winehouse before her death
Usher has revealed that he had been plotting a duet with Amy Winehouse in the weeks before her untimely death last summer. ANI

1967 supercar set to sell for 1.8mln pounds
The ultra-rare Ford GT40 Mk, built in 1967, is the road-legal version of their famous Le-Mans racer and is expected to fetch around 1.8 million dollars at the auction. ANI

Fans slam Cheryl Cole for charging 350 pounds to meet her
Cheryl Cole's fans are angry with her, after the singer tried to charge 350 pounds for a 'special' backstage meet-and-greet with her during her first ever solo tour of the UK. ANI

Michelle Williams dishes out relationship advice
Michelle Williams who is currently dating Jason Segel has offered some relationship advice. ANI

Lucy Lawless pleads guilty to illegally occupying oil-drilling ship
'Xena: Warrior Princess' star Lucy Lawless along with seven other Greenpeace protesters pleaded guilty to boarding and occupying an oil drilling ship, while insisting that she did what she had to do. ANI

Jamie would go mental if I dressed like a wife, says Kate Moss
Kate Moss has revealed that marrying the Kills rocker Jamie Hince last year had not changed her wardrobe, but the guitarist did tell her when she had gone too far. ANI

Sex replaces religion in public arena
Sex and religion have exchanged places in public perception, with sex moving into the public arena while religion has moved away from it, according to a British scholar. ANI

Students stage sit-down protest against school ban on contact
Students at a Mornington Peninsula primary school staged a sit-down protest, on Wednesday, on their school oval after they were banned from hugging or giving each other high-fives. ANI

Brit schoolgirl who can sleep for months at a stretch
A school girl from Britain suffers from Kleine Levin syndrome which means she can sleep for months at a time. ANI

'Unknown' Hitchcock movies being restored for Cultural Olympiad
In a bid to honour Alfred Hitchcock, famously known as the king of suspense, BFI has decided to showcase all 58 of his surviving films and his 9 remaining silent movies, the first he ever made, will be re-mastered as a part of the Cultural Olympiad. ANI

Court lets homeless man keep $77000 he stumbled upon
A homeless man in Texas, who found a bag of valuables worth 77,000 US dollars in a local park, has been told by the city council that he can keep it. ANI

Now, rucksack to help overstretched parents multitask
A busy mother of two, who found her hands full when trying to cook, clean and keep control of her children, has invented a back-to-front rucksack that acts as an extra pair of hands to help multi-tasking parents. ANI

Vaginal operation helps 'revive sex life'
Vaginoplasty is fast gaining popularity among women professionals in Singapore with many even willing to spend between RM10,000 to RM60,000 to get it done. ANI

Sofia Vergara's on-again beau 'indulged in multiple-partner cocaine-fuelled orgies'
Sofia Vergara's on/off boyfriend Nick Loeb 'indulged in multiple-partner cocaine-fuelled orgies' while he was dating her. ANI

Camel burger becomes Sydney's latest food craze
Camel, which is already a delicacy in the Middle East, is starting to grow in popularity joining kangaroos and crocodile meat on menus and at meat markets around Sydney. ANI

Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman catwalks during fashion show in Turkey
Russian ex-spy Anna Chapman walked on the Turkish ramp in a long red dress at a fashion show, where she was flanked by two men posing as secret service agents in black suit and sunglasses. ANI

Sofia Vergara's beau Nick Loeb calls sex tales 'lies'
Sofia Vergara's on-again boyfriend Nick Loeb has fired back at a wild report which claims that he engaged in cocaine-fuelled orgies with prostitutes while dating the Colombian stunner. ANI

Sydney hosts first Decorate-a-Bra contest
A bra-decorating contest was organised at the opening of the 19th Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair. ANI

Videogamers no better at chatting while driving
In a new study, researchers wanted to see whether gamers who have spent hours in front of a screen simultaneously watching the map, scanning doorways for bad guys and listening to the chatter of their fellow gamers could answer questions and drive at the same time. ANI

'Sexting' more common among teens with little knowledge of legal consequences
A significant number of teenagers are sending and receiving sexually explicit cell phone photos, often with little, if any, awareness of the possible psychological, interpersonal, and sometimes legal consequences of doing so, a new study has revealed. ANI

I'm dating and I'd get married again, says Russell Brand
Russell Brand, whose 14-month marriage to Katy Perry collapsed six months ago, has revealed that he is finally back to the dating scene ANI

Salma Hayek to play sexy stripper in upcoming flick 'Americano'
Salma Hayek is said to have looked half her age while posing onstage in a skimpy black top and shorts for 'Americano', the flick where she plays a stripper. ANI

John Travolta's ex pilot to expose details of 'affair in tell-all book'
It seems that there is no respite for John Travolta from the sex scandal. ANI

1-tonne doner kebab breaks Guinness world record
A one-tonne doner kebab made up of seven cows has broken the Guinness world record for the largest doner kebab ever made. ANI

I don't think of myself as particularly attractive, says Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis, the sultry brunette who won a legion of male fans with her raunchy lesbian scene with Natalie Portman in 'Black Swan', has revealed that she does not think of herself as someone who is particularly attractive. ANI

Burger King rolls out beefy bacon sundae as summer special
US burger chain, Burger King, announced a special summer menu on Wednesday that includes a 510-calorie bacon sundae. ANI

Madge flashes bum during concert in Rome
As if flashing br**ts was not enough, Madonna went ahead and recently flaunted her rear during a live performance in Italy on Tuesday. ANI

Brangelina to host 'uber-exclusive Olympic after party'
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are hosting their own Olympic opening ceremony party, two days before the official one. ANI

Ancient sacred church nominated to be Palestinian's 1st World Heritage Site
The church, which has been built where Jesus Christ is believed to have been born, could become the Palestinian Territory's first World Heritage site, it was revealed on Wednesday. ANI

It's official: dads worth less than that of moms
Dads are worth less than moms based on the work they do at home, according to a new study. ANI

Courteney Cox and ex-hubby David Arquette planning 'smooth divorce'
Courteney Cox and David Arquette are keen to end their marriage without the need of lawyers and have planned to represent themselves as they make moves to divorce. ANI

RiRi 'not happy' to be a size zero
Rihanna has revealed that she is not happy about being a size zero and the effect her jam-packed schedule is having on her body. ANI

Cheryl Cole attracted to tattooed men
London, June 14 (AN): Cheryl Cole has revealed that she fancies men who are into body art just like her. ANI

'Modern' fathers myth busted
Researchers have shattered the 'Modern' fathers myth, insisting that they have been around for far longer than generally assumed, but they have only recently started changing nappies. ANI

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