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Entertainment News on July 3, 2012

Adam Levine calls drug experiments 'valuable experiences'
Adam Levine insists that his experiments with magic mushrooms and cannabis drugs were a "valuable experience." ANI

Cheryl Cole's Glee cameo confirmed
Cheryl Cole will be making a cameo appearance in a forthcoming episode of the 'Glee', the show's star Jane Lynch has confirmed. ANI

Raising six kids is easy, says Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has said that she loves her family life and finds looking after her six children "easy." ANI

Matthew McConaughey's wife lands modeling gig
Camilla Alves has scored her first modelling assignment since she tied the knot with Matthew McConaughey last month. ANI

Justin Timberlake reveals hair troubles
Justin Timberlake has revealed that he struggles to control his hair ANI

Meet Brit Mum and her 4 girls who have had 13 b*ob ops between them
The girls in Marshall family have had more b*ob jobs than any other in Britain. ANI

New Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe 'struggled to find acting work'
The new Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe has revealed that unlike people's perception that she had a que of directors eager to sign her, she had to struggle to get on the big screen. ANI

I'm not going to be candy queen any more, says Katy Perry
Katy Perry has revealed that her music is taking a darker turn following her split from Russell Brand. ANI

Kate Beckinsale says she's not going down Hollywood surgery route
Kate Beckinsale has revealed that she won't be going under the knife to reverse the ageing process any time soon. ANI

Simon Cowell 'fascinated' by 'down-to-earth' Britney Spears
Simon Cowell has said that his new 'X Factor' co judge Britney Spears is serious when it comes to finding talent. ANI

Alec Baldwin reveals $1m donation on new Twitter account
Alec Baldwin, who was briefly reported to have ditched Twitter on Monday, returned to the micro-blogging site with a new handler, to inform followers that he has donated 1 million dollars to New York Philharmonic in honor of its outgoing Executive Director Zarin Mehta. ANI

Women more authoritarian than men in gender-unequal societies
Women in countries with great gender inequality are more likely than men to support authoritarian values, according to a new study of 54 countries. ANI

New parents have less sex and row more
A new survey has revealed that six out of ten new parents have less sex and one in three argue more often, suggesting that having children can ruin a couple's relationship. ANI

Lady Gaga's 'trout pout' pic fuels plastic surgery rumours
Lady Gaga sports what looks like a trout pout - as she puckered her huge, bee-stung lips for a Twitter photo. ANI

Typical pub items going obsolete
Pub industry experts have come up with a list of things one no longer see in boozers - ranging from beer mats to pints of light and bitter. ANI

Kristen Stewart getting into shape to look like 'p*rn star' in new flick
Kristen Stewart has revealed that she's going to look like a p*rn star in Nick Cassavetes' film 'Cali'. ANI

Brazil jail inmates can knock off 1 day from sentence by cycling for 16 hrs
A jail in Brazil has said that it will give inmates one day off for every 16 hours they ride exercise bikes tied to generators. ANI

Too much time on Facebook may trigger depression in teen girls
Teenage girls who actively use social media are more likely to suffer from depression and low self-esteem, a new study has revealed. ANI

Alec Baldwin fantasized about going on murder spree
Alec Baldwin has revealed that he harbored a homicidal rage towards a showbiz boss and his former wife's lawyer. ANI

Terrified step-mum wants restraining order against Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson's step-mother Teddy Joye Hicks, who married the actor's father Hutton in 2001, filed papers for a restraining order against the 56-year-old star on Monday. ANI

1 in 3 teens engage in 'sexting'
Teens close to 30 percent are engaged in sexting - the practice of sending nude pictures of themselves via email or text, researchers have found. ANI

Ashley Greene stopped partying to find work
Ashley Greene has revealed that she gave up partying in a bid to make it as an actress. ANI

I'm a little skinny, says Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger worries that she's too skinny as she forgets to eat sometimes. ANI

Katie Holmes fires security team over allegiance to Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes has fired her old security team as they are very close to her estranged husband Tom Cruise. ANI

I don't do crazy diets, says Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz has said that she doesn't believe in dieting, and instead relies on home cooked meals to keep herself trim. ANI

Katie Holmes seen in NYC sans wedding ring
Katie Holmes has stepped out for the first time without her wedding ring since announcing her divorce from Tom Cruise. ANI

Beyonce reveals how she slimmed down post baby
Beyonce has admitted that she nibbled on lettuce and ran on the treadmill to lose 60 lb after giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy in January. ANI

Justin Bieber upset with Timberlake comparison
Justin Bieber hung up on a radio show host after his 'Boyfriend' song was compared to Justin Timberlake's music. ANI

LiLo parties with band but without booze
Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 26th birthday early over the weekend, at David Arquette's new club, Bootsy Bellows, in West Hollywood. ANI

Katie Holmes feared Tom would send Suri to Scientology bootcamp
Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise amid fears that he planned to pack their daughter off to a hardcore Scientology training camp, it has emerged. ANI

Why fake laugh at bad joke won't fool anyone
Those who have almost perfected the art of fake laughter over the years may have wasted their time, as a new study has found that even the most realistic efforts to feign amusement does not fool any one. ANI

Putting things off for later wastes 3 years of our lives
We waste 69 minutes a day - that amounts to three years of our adult life - procrastinating, a study has revealed. ANI

Normal mums take 409 days to get back shape and sex drive after baby
It takes 409 days for the average woman to get her figure and sex drive back after having a baby, a survey has revealed. ANI

US doctors remove 51lbs tumor from woman's stomach
Doctors at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey, USA have removed a 51-pound tumor from a woman, which amounted to a third of her weight. ANI

Charlie Sheen's ex-aide found dead surrounded by drugs and booze
Charlie Sheen's former assistant Rick Calamaro was found dead with a pharmacy full of drugs in his LA apartment, according to sources. ANI

Pregnant Adele's boyfriend 'planning to propose'
Adele, who recently announced that she is pregnant, may also be expecting a wedding as her boyfriend is reportedly planning to propose to her. ANI

Meet 5-year-old girl who could die if she eats chocolate
A 5-year-old girl in Britain has been forbidden from eating chocolate, over fears that it could kill her. ANI

1 in 3 singles prefer food over sex
One in three singles would rather go without sex for a year than their favourite food, a new study has revealed. ANI

'Cat ladies' likelier to commit suicide
A common parasite that is found in the cat litter box may cause undetected brain changes in women that make them more prone to suicide, a new study has revealed. ANI

Katie Holmes sacks publicist who introduced her to Tom
Katie Holmes has sacked her old publicist and appointed a new one, just days after she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. ANI

Connor Cruise reacts to news of dad Tom's split from Katie Holmes
The adopted son of Tom Cruise and his former wife Nicole Kidman, Connor has spoken for the first time since the news of his dad's divorce from Katie Holmes went public on Friday evening. ANI

Katie Holmes says marriage to Tom Cruise 'ended in 2011'
Katie Holmes, who filed for divorce from her husband of 5 years, Tom Cruise, claims that her marriage was "irretrievably" broken six months ago and that they've lived in New York for at least the past two years, according to divorce documents. ANI

Women officially most noisy both during tennis and sex
It's not just on the tennis courts that women are louder than men, they are also far noisier in the bedroom, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Katie Holmes' dad 'helped plan Tom Cruise split'
Katie Holmes' lawyer father Martin had reportedly flown from Ohio to New York to help orchestrate her divorce proceedings from Tom Cruise. ANI

Spanking kids may raise risk for mental health woes in adult years
Children who are subjected to punishments such as spanking, slapping, and hitting - even in the absence of full-scale maltreatment - are at an increased risk of mental disorders in adulthood, a new study has revealed. ANI

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