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Entertainment News on July 2, 2012

Sir Elton John slams gay attacks in Ukraine
Sir Elton John has called for an end to violence against gay people following a spate of homophobic attacks in Euro 2012 host nation Ukraine. ANI

Katy Perry says she needs no 'Prince Charming' to be happy
Katy Perry is certain that her life is like a "very modern fairy tale" but insists that she can achieve happiness without finding her "Prince Charming". ANI

Katy Perry reveals why she put her break-up on screen
Unlike many celebrities who try to hide a painful break-up, Katy Perry has included a revealing footage of her split with Russell Brand in her new documentary film 'Part Of Me'. ANI

Simon admits flirting with pretty girls on 'X Factor'
Simon Cowell has admitted putting through far more pretty girls on 'The X Factor.' owell, who is now single, also said he is flirting with them. ANI

Model says alien role in 'MIB 3' 'broke her back' and ruined her career
A model is suing two Hollywood film studios claiming that her career has been wrecked after suffering a crippling back injury playing an alien in the hit film 'Men in Black 3'. ANI

18 pc boys perceive reading as 'female pastime'
Boys are falling further behind in reading because of a lack of male primary school teachers and the macho belief that it is just 'for girls', a new report has revealed. ANI

Drunken Chinese man tries to eat woman's face during 'cannibal' assault
A drunken bus driver was detained in China after he attacked a woman in her car and tried to chew off her face during an attack on Tuesday afternoon. ANI

Boobs are very empowering, says Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has explained why she has started autographing her female fans' chests. ANI

Tom Cruise hires same attorney used for Nicole Kidman divorce
Tom Cruise, who was surprised when wife Katie Holmes filled for divorce, has decided to rope in the services of the same attorney who represented him in his divorce with Nicole Kidman. ANI

'Grubby' Marilyn Monroe made Laurence Olivier 'age 15 years' while filming
Marilyn Monroe was so difficult to work with that she caused director Laurence Olivier to "age 15 years" during filming, her former co-star Jean Kent has claimed. ANI

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher snapped cuddling during lunch date
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher shared an intimate meal together at L.A.'s exclusive Soho House on Saturday while packing on the PDA. ANI

Tom Cruise's attorney hopes divorce won't be contentious
Tom Cruise's attorney has spoken out following Katie Holmes' divorce filing. ANI

Parents 'afraid to discuss weight issues with kids'
As many as two out of three parents don't talk to their children about their weight, fearing that it will lead to them getting an eating disorder. ANI

More than half of Britons brag about their holiday fun on social media
More than half of people in Britain abroad post messages on social media sites to boast about their holidays, a new study has revealed. ANI

'Infertile' Brit woman gives birth to quadruplets in 25million-to-one chance
London, July 2 (AN): A 20-year-old woman in Britain, who was told at the age of 15 she would never have children, has beaten twenty five million-to-one odds to give birth to quadruplets. ANI

Chris Brown mourns loss of Rihanna's granny
Though Chris Brown and Rihanna split in 2009, it seems that he still has an emotional connection to his ex and her family. ANI

Secret hardships of 'glamorous' flight attendants revealed
Despite having a glamorous reputation since the early days of commercial aeroplanes, the jet-set lifestyle is rarely as exciting as it seems, a flight attendant has revealed. ANI

We'd be far happier 'if we embraced negativity'
As opposed to common belief that looking at the bright side makes us happy, an author has argued that we'd have a much better time if we actually took a more negative view of life. ANI

'50 Shades of Grey' credited with return of bondage-inspired swimsuits
While modest ladies would normally rejoice at news that little string bikinis are out and the tank suit is making a comeback - these are more cut-out than cut-in. ANI

Paul McCartney to close London Olympics with 'Hey Jude'
Sir Paul McCartney will close the London Olympics opening ceremony by giving a rousing performance of 'Hey Jude'. ANI

Kanye West hates Kim Kardashian's hair extensions
Kanye West has reportedly asked girlfriend Kim Kardashian to get rid of her long black fake hair because he thinks she looks great without it. ANI

Many women have trouble 'accepting and respecting themselves'
Low self-esteem and the negative internal chatter that comes with it weighs down many women, it has been revealed. ANI

Katie Holmes fears she's being stalked by Scientology Church post split
Katie Holmes, who recently filed for divorce from Tom Cruise after 5 years of marriage, is reportedly worried that she is being followed by members of her hubby's Church of Scientology. ANI

Katie Holmes' split with Tom Cruise 'seems to have set her free'
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce after five years of marriage may have come as a shock to some, but the signs have been there, it has been revealed. ANI

How to create lasting 'perfect' first impressions
Since first impressions really are everything, not only should you strive to make a good one but you need it to be a lasting as well, an author has claimed. ANI

Katie Holmes set for career boost after Tom Cruise split
Katie Holmes' friends believe that the actress' career will be relaunched following her multi-million divorce from Scientologist husband Tom Cruise. ANI

9 in 10 women admit liking porn
90 percent of British women have confessed to getting turned on by p*rn. ANI

Rupert Murdoch slams 'creepy and weird cult' Scientology
In the wake of the recent Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce, Rupert Murdoch has taken to his Twitter account to slam Scientology, which he described as "very weird cult." ANI

When I go nude in films it empowers women, says Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet, who often tops sexiest actress polls, thinks that she looks no better than the average woman. ANI

Cheryl Cole beams on being treated with giant cookie on 29th b'day in Vegas
Cheryl Cole, who is currently in Las Vegas to commemorate her final year in her twenties, was spotted enjoying a meal in celebration of her coming of age. ANI

NYC's Le Bernardin named best restaurant in world by travelers
Travellers have named the French seafood eatery Le Bernardin in New York City as the best restaurant in the world. ANI

Katy Perry's film seems to blame Russell Brand entirely for split
Katy Perry's film documentary, which is based on her 12 month world tour, gives an honest insight into the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand for the first time. ANI

Former rivals Arnie and Sylvester Stallone grab lunch together in LA
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, who were rivals 20 years ago in the testosterone-fuelled action hero movie arena, seemed thick as thieves and were seen grabbing a very macho bite to eat together in Los Angeles. ANI

Milla Jovovich takes inspiration from Liz Hurley's 'safety pin' Versace gown
Model-turned-actress Milla Jovovich caused a stir after she stepped out in a daring dress similar to Elizabeth Hurley's 1994 black Versace gown, which was fastened together with large safety pins in 1994, at a fashion show. ANI

'The Amazing Spider-Man' scores biggest Hollywood opener in India
Sony's 'The Amazing Spider-Man', the superhero reboot which gave the jump to moviegoers in India, Korea, Japan and elsewhere on Friday, grossed an estimated 50.2 million dollars in 13 overseas markets this weekend. ANI

Foul-mouthed 'Ted' tops weekend box office with $54.1m revenue
'Ted', the Mark Wahlberg-Seth MacFarlane stuffed-animal comedy, gave a jolt to the Avengers-dominated summer, blowing away last week's 'Brave' with a 54.1 million dollars Friday-Sunday debut. ANI

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