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Jennifer Lopez says split with Marc Anthony 'serious and grown up stuff'

March 16, 2012 - London

Jennifer Lopez has finally broken her silence and revealed her pain over the divorce from Marc Anthony, her husband of seven years.

The 42-year-old superstar sat down with Vogue for an in-depth interview, and revealed that she's still in horrible pain over the split.

During the chat, writer Jonathan Van Meter brought up Anthony 'drinking cans of beer and chain-smoking Newports' at a photo shoot with the fashion magazine seven years earlier, which prompted Lopez to talk.

"He's still doing it! Look we are total opposites that way. I'm used to that from growing up where I did," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying in the chat.

"The men kind of drink beer and smoke cigarettes, and women kind of like...don't. But those things were not the issue so much.

"It became about something else," she said.

The singer indicated that she's hiding a great sadness over the separation.

"Without going into's just really, really sad," she said.

"And look, we are still going through it, and it's emotional sometimes and difficult.

"We're still friends - and we're parents but it's going to take time. It's tough.

"But for the most part, I feel very proud of the way we're handling it. I really do. We are doing the best we can for the kids," she added.

Lopez, who did the interview the day she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show with Anthony, explained that their split hasn't been as easy as it seems.

"What you saw today, on Ellen, it's very dignified and trying to be above all the emotions and pain that come along with a divorce and a family breaking apart. This is grown-up stuff. It's real, serious, grown-up stuff," she said.


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