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Entertainment News on January 9, 2012

Nicole Richie has no idea about how to do her makeup
Nicole Richie has admitted that she doesn't know how to put on her own make-up. ANI

Katy Perry breaks silence on twitter post split with Russell Brand
Katy Perry has taken to twitter to warn fans against believing gossip that has been doing rounds since her split with Russell Brand. ANI

Charlize Theron honoured at Palm Springs
Charlize Theron was honoured with Variety Indie Impact award at the Palm Springs Film Festival in California on Sunday. ANI

The Iron Lady sets cash registers ringing
The Iron Lady, attracted sell-out crowds this weekend, with some cinemagoers finding themselves at the back of long queues and without tickets. ANI

George Clooney to take on Nazis in upcoming film
George Clooney is working on the screenplay of a movie which follows a hand-picked group of art experts chosen by the US government to retrieve stolen artwork. ANI

Joan Collins is the svelte new face of Snickers
Hollywood legend Joan Collins, famous for maintaining a fabulous figure, is the surprising new face of the advertising campaign for Snickers chocolate bars. ANI

Paul McCartney unveils cheeky name for new album
Sir Paul McCartney's new album is called 'Kisses on the Bottom', but he insists it is not as cheeky as it sounds. ANI

Justin Bieber talks directly to God
Justin Bieber has admitted he doesn't go to church to affirm his Christian faith and instead focuses on praying to God in private. ANI

Selena Gomez to perform at special show to raise money for UNICEF
Selena Gomez is all set to stage a special show to raise funds for the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) as part of her role as a celebrity ambassador. ANI

Backstreet Boys love their gay fans
Backstreet Boys have revealed that they love their gay fans, as they "know how to frickin' party!" ANI

Christina Aguilera slams weight critics
Christina Aguilera has said that she does not let the criticism regarding her weight affect her, as she is very "comfortable in her own skin." ANI

Paris Hilton to release house music album
Paris Hilton is planning to release a house music album in the summer. ANI

George Clooney dreads hurting people
George Clooney has revealed that his greatest fear in life is "hurting someone." ANI

Larry Hagman goes vegan to fight cancer
Veteran actor Larry Hagman has turned totally vegan in a bid to overcome cancer and have shed 25 pounds after changing his diet. ANI

Parents fear Peppa Pig is 'making kids naughty'
Peppa Pig is a bad influence on children, claim parents who complain that their kids are copying the behaviour of the naughty cartoon pig and her brother, George. ANI

Katherine Jenkins fights back tears in first performance after love split
Singer Katherine Jenkins broke down in the middle of a song as she took to stage just days after breaking off her engagement. ANI

Gwyneth Paltrow tweets away confusion over Beyonce baby name
Gwyneth Paltrow has cleared the air regarding the name of Beyonce's newborn daughter, confirming that the baby has been named Blue Ivy Carter. ANI

'The Devil Inside' tops box-office sales with $34.5m debut
Low budget horror flick 'The Devil Inside' has stormed its way to the top of the US box office, opening to a record-breaking 34.5 million dollars this weekend. ANI

Most New Year's resolutions to end today
Today is the day most people will give up their New Year's resolutions - just nine days after they were made. ANI

Madonna used to 'loiter like a weirdo' around movie subject's home
Madonna has revealed that she used to 'loiter like a weirdo' in front of the building where Wallis Simpson, the subject of her directorial debut 'W.E' used to live. ANI

'Pensioner' David Bowie swarmed with comeback calls
David Bowie's fans are demanding he step out of retirement and go back on tour as the star ringed in his 65th birthday on Sunday. ANI

New dad says Beyonce security prevents him from seeing his newborns
A man at the hospital where Beyonce gave birth to her daughter, has said that the pop star's security have prevented him and his wife from seeing their twin daughters who were born prematurely. ANI

Kim Kardashian lawyers threaten with legal action
Kim Kardashian's lawyers have threatened to take legal action against the founder of, which has an online petition urging signers to stop doing business with companies that do business with the reality TV star. ANI

Lady Gaga and boyfriend to move in together
Lady Gaga's boyfriend Taylor Kinney is reportedly moving in with her. ANI

Madonna felt like "outsider" during stay in London
Madonna has revealed that she initially felt "refreshed" when moved to London but eventually found living in the UK to be quite lonely. ANI

Gerard Butler was left embarrassed by wedding kilt disaster
Gerard Butler was left red faced at his sister's wedding after accidentally flashing his manhood while wearing a traditional Scottish kilt. ANI

Jennifer Hudson fuming over photoshopped album cover
Jennifer Hudson is fuming at record executives, who slimmed down her figure on the cover of her first album. ANI

Disney makes 'Beliebers' furious after calling Justin Bieber 'girl'
Disney channel enraged Justin Bieber's fans after likening the pop idol to a girl. ANI

Why cheating is a 'norm' for most men
Even if they love their partners, most men will always end up cheating just to have more sex on their side, an American sociologist has claimed. ANI

UK pub introduces beer for canines
A Newcastle club has come up with a pet friendly menu for dogs including specially designed beer and a Sunday roast covered in cat-flavoured gravy. ANI

Alley pockets $1k in bet for leaving her hair alone in TV interview
Kirstie Alley has pocketed 1000 dollars after winning a bet, for not touching her hair throughout a TV interview. ANI

Beckinsale's mum disapproves her flashing flesh
Kate Beckinsale has revealed that her mother still disapproves when she is photographed flashing the flesh. ANI

LiLo's latest tattoo says 'live without regrets'
She's no newbie when it comes to body art and has a few idealistic quotes etched on her skin. ANI

Oz woman finds 1.7m crocodile in lounge room
A woman in Australia couldn't believe her eyes when she found a 1.7-metre saltwater crocodile in her lounge room. ANI

Beyonce's baby 'most beautiful girl in the world', says aunt
Beyonce gave birth to a baby daughter on Sunday, and the star's sister already calls her niece, 'the most beautiful girl in the world'. ANI

Drinkers urged to have two booze-free days a week
Drinkers should abstain from alcohol for at least two days a week as it would help people's health, according to British MPs. ANI

Steven Spielberg gets 'buzz' from meeting Royals at premiere
Steven Spielberg said that he got a 'buzz' from meeting Prince William and Duchess Kate at the royal premiere of his movie 'War Horse' in UK. ANI

Beyonce and Jay-Z welcome baby girl
Beyonce Knowles has given birth to a baby girl, but it is not yet clear whether the baby's name is Ivy Blue Carter or Blue Ivy. ANI

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