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Entertainment News on January 7, 2012

Duchess Kate's 'amazing' style
Duchess of Cambridge's style has been hailed ''amazing'' by a top Hollywood stylist. ANI

Dakota Fanning accessorized to fit in with classmates
Dakota Fanning took a floral umbrella with her on the first day of university as a means of initiating a conversation with her classmates. ANI

Cee Lo Green defends changing 'Imagine' lyrics
Cee Lo Green has defended the change in lyrics of John Lennon's song "Imagine" from "And no religion, too" to "And all religion's true," while performing in Times Square on New Year's Eve. ennon fans sharply criticized Green for the change, and he took to his twitter account to counter the criticism. ANI

Kate Beckinsale 'not interested' in likeable roles
Kate Beckinsale has said that she is 'not interested' in playing likeable roles or making the audience warm up to a character. ANI

Selena Gomez's stalker finally issued restraining order
Selena Gomez has finally got long-term protection from a delusional man who says he's spoken with God about killing the actress. ANI

Angelina Jolie look alike found online
An Angelina Jolie look alike has surfaced in an online video that was filmed in 2011 and has taken the Internet by storm. ANI worked with MJ for free has revealed that he did not accept any fee from Michael Jackson when the two superstars teamed up to record new material in Ireland in 2006 - because for him, the chance to work with the King of Pop was payment enough. ANI

George Clooney created fictitious agent to help him land auditions
George Clooney has revealed that at the beginning of his Hollywood career, he was so desperate to land auditions that he created an agent character to do his own bidding. ANI

Michael Kiwanuka named BBC Sound of 2012
Michael Kiwanuka has topped BBC's sound of 2012 list, which aims to showcase the best rising music stars for the year ahead. ANI

Kim Kardashian 'relieved' to get away from Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian says that she knew her marriage to Kris Humphries was not going to last when she found herself relieved to get away from him. ANI

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are 'top earning couple on-screen'
Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have beaten Twilght actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to become the highest earning on-screen couple of the past five years. ANI

Daniel Craig's most treasured possession is his 'pe**s'
Daniel Craig finds his pe**s his most important possession, apart from his health. ANI

Jessica Chastain approached for Bin Laden movie
Jessica Chastain may play the role of a field intelligence officer in Kathyrn Bigelow's new movie about the death of Osama Bin Laden. ANI

People in 1862 spent 13 times as much on groceries as we do now
You would stop cribbing about skyrocketing grocery prices if you come to know the expenditure of families in 1862. ANI

Emma Stone to play novice drug dealer in 'Little White Corvette'
Emma Stone is set to star in new comedy 'Little White Corvette', which sees a down-on-their-luck sister and brother who travel to Miami to sell a bag of cocaine left by their late father. ANI

Butler tried to avoid hospital treatment after onset surf accident
Gerard Butler has revealed that he had attempted to avoid hospital treatment after an on-set surfing accident last month so that he could continue filming his new movie. ANI

Amanda Seyfried splits with boyfriend Joblon
Amanda Seyfried has reportedly parted ways with real estate executive Andrew Joblon. ANI

Charlie Sheen donates $25k to tornado relief agency
Charlie Sheen has reportedly donated 25,000 dollars to a tornado relief agency in Alabama. ANI

Demi Lovato says God keeps 'throwing crap' to test her
Demi Lovato thinks that god keeps "throwing crap" at her but her faith and belief in the Supreme Being never waver. ANI

Cheryl Cole launches lipstick for charity
Cheryl Cole has teamed up with cosmetics giant L'Oreal to create a limited edition of her first ever lipstick, from the Color Riche range called 'Red Passion', to raise money for her charity.he lipstick is pegged at 8.16 pounds each and a pound from every sale will go to the The Cheryl Cole Foundation in aid of The Prince's Trust. ANI

Jennifer Hudson never gets disappointed with romantic fiance
Jennifer Hudson insists that her fiance David Otunga never fails to disappoint her on special occasions like Valentine's Day and lavishes romantic gestures on her. ANI

Chaz Bono 'saving up for pe**s'
Chaz Bono, born as the biologically female Chastity, is paying his own way for his final gender reassignment surgery, in which doctors will construct a pe**s for him. ANI

Veena Malik open to stripping for Hollywood
Pakistani actress Veena Malik has said that if she was in Hollywood, she would have to work according to the 'culture' there, even if it means going nude. ANI

Johnny Depp 'heading towards splitsville with Vanessa Pardiss'
Johnny Depp's long term relationship with Vanessa Paradis is reportedly on the rocks, as the actor is having trouble dealing with key problems in their relationship. ANI

Pregnant Beyonce puts birth rumours to rest with recent outing
Beyonce quashed all rumours of her having delivered a baby over the holidays, when she stepped out in NYC on Thursday clutching her huge baby bump. ANI

David Cameron criticises 'The Iron Lady'
Prime Minister David Cameron has criticised the makers of the latest movie 'The Iron Lady' for portraying Margaret Thatcher as a vulnerable old woman and insisted that they should have instead focused more on her "amazing" leadership. ANI

Rihanna named biggest selling digital artist of all time
Rihanna is the biggest selling digital artist of all time, according to a new report from Nielsen SoundScan. ANI

Justin Timberlake's granny confirms his engagement to Jessica Biel
Justin Timberlake's grandmother has confirmed that her superstar grandson is engaged to Jessica Biel. ANI

Sienna Miller 'expecting first child with boyfriend Tom Sturridge'
Sienna Miller and boyfriend Tom Sturridge are reportedly expecting their first child. ANI

Elvis Presley's ex says he was a sex God
Elvis Presley was really good in bed, according to his long time girlfriend Linda Thompson. ANI

Tolkien's 'second rate' 'Lord of the Rings' disregarded for 1961 Nobel prize
JRR Tolkien, whose 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy was published in 1954 and 1955, was passed over for the 1961 Nobel literature prize after his books were described as second rate. ANI

JLo blesses ex Marc Anthony and his new girlfriend
Jennifer Lopez appears to have given her blessing to Marc Anthony and his new girlfriend, Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe 'hated dating' and was 'crap at it'
Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he is quite bad at romance and didn't know what to do when he started dating his current girlfriend. ANI

Nick Cannon in 'stable condition'
Mariah Carey has tweeted that her husband Nick Cannon "is in stable condition" after his recent 'mild kidney failure'. ANI

Russell Brand struggles not to "cherish and crave" licentious past
Russell Brand has revealed that he struggles not to "cherish and crave" the nights in which he used to bed four or five women during wild orgies. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe 'guilty' about 'stupid' Harry Potter money
Daniel Radcliffe admits that he feels 'almost guilty' for the 'stupid' amount of money he made from the Potter movies. ANI

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