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Entertainment News on January 29, 2012

Health experts slam home delivery botox services
Health watchdogs have criticised a service that takes botox and other treatments to homes and offices allowing people to get such treatments wherever and whenever they want. ANI

Cher tweets she's 'not going anywhere' to clear air over death hoax
Cher laughed off rumours of her death and assured fans that she is very much alive and kicking. ANI

Halle Berry's ex to take anger management classes
Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry has reportedly agreed to enrol in anger management classes, after the two met up with representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). ANI

Kate Winslet no longer worries about career
Kate Winslet has revealed that she has stopped fretting over the 'highs and lows' of her career, now that she has gotten older. ANI

Kirsten Dunst says life has remained normal despite fame
Kirsten Dunst has claimed that she has managed to continue living a normal life despite starting her career at the age of 12. ANI

'Loner' Anthony Hopkins loves watching reality TV
Sir Anthony Hopkins has confessed to being a loner who loves to stay at home watching reality TV shows. ANI

Britney Spears suing ex manager for illegal custody of drug test results
Britney Spears' lawyers have accused the singer's former manager, Sam Lutfi of "wrongful retention" of her drug test results in 2007. ANI

Picasso tops world's most stolen artist list
Pablo Picasso is the artist who has more works stolen than anyone else, a new study has found. ANI

Turkish fashion magazine for Muslim women hailed 'Vogue of the veiled'
A fashion magazine, which has been created for fashion-conscious Muslim women wearing headscarves, is proving that when it comes to Turkey, they don't need bikinis, br**ts and legs to sell issues. ANI

Most people exaggerate their height and weight in research surveys
When people are asked to provide their own weight in research surveys, they underestimate their weight and overestimate their height, a new study has claimed. ANI

Parental intervention 'cuts behavioural issues in teens'
When parents of middle school students participate in school-based, family interventions, it can reduce problem behaviour in adolescents, a new study has claimed. ANI

Gift your Valentine 'Cocoa-Roach' for everlasting love
Bronx Zoo in New York has offered lovers the opportunity of naming a roach after their loved one and a 100 percent solid dark chocolate "Cocoa-Roach", to make sure that the 'special someone' knows their lover's feelings are forever. ANI

Kirstie Alley says 'strong' Demi Moore will 'work through' problems
Kirstie Alley is sure that her friend Demi Moore will be able to tide over the health crisis she currently finds herself in. ANI

Look for reliability, not love, to find lasting happiness
The most successful lasting relationships are those where couples can depend on each other, according to a new study. ANI

'Hobbit' casting call cut short after too many 'elves' turn up
A casting call for the movie "Hobbit" shut down early and police had to be called in after far too many people turned up for the role of extras in the movie. ANI

Nicola Roberts finds song writing 'simple'
Nicola Roberts has revealed that she faces no difficulty while writing lyrics for her songs. ANI

Kelly Clarkson laughs off lesbian rumours
Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she finds it funny that people think she is a lesbian. ANI

Paris Hilton to record with Snoop Dogg
Paris Hilton has collaborated with Snoop Dogg for her upcoming music comeback. ANI

Nicolas Cage won't experiment with appearance anymore
Nicolas Cage has revealed that although he loved to change his hairstyle in the past, he is now happy with his locks and won't change them. ANI

Seal slams temper reports in Heidi Klum split
Seal has hit back at reports suggesting his hot temper is the reason behind his marriage split from Heidi Klum. ANI

Berenice Marlohe stalked Daniel Craig for Skyfall audition
Babe Berenice Marlohe has revealed that she was so desperate to be the next Bond Girl that she hunted down 007 star Daniel Craig. ANI

Katy Perry makes first appearance after split at friend's charity show
Katy Perry seems to have decided to move on with life after her split from Russell Brand, as she made her first public appearance by turning up for a charity event in Las Vegas. ANI

Kim laments failed marriage on season finale of reality show
Kim Kardashian broke down into tears on the season finale of her reality show, as she admitted that she regrets her failed 72-day marriage. ANI

New book claims MJ was savvy entrepreneur
Michael Jackson's evolution as an artist and a person went beyond his talents as a musician, a new book on the singer's life has claimed. ANI

Heidi Klum's 'Soprano effect' doesn't bother Seal
Heidi Klum has been accused of 'aping' the tactics of TV mafia boss Tony Soprano to divorce Seal, but the British Singer is apparently unperturbed, according to reports. ANI

Simon Cowell to launch new cookery talent show 'to oust MasterChef'
Simon Cowell is all set to launch a new cookery TV talent show to compete with the BBC hit 'MasterChef.' ANI

Tom Cruise wants mansion in Malta like Becks
Tom Cruise is following in the footsteps of his Beverly Hills neighbor David Beckham by buying a mansion on the island of Malta. ANI

Men thrice more likely to say 'I love you' first but for their own reasons
In a surprising challenge to age-old stereotypes, researchers have discovered that it is the man, not the woman, who is most likely to be the first to say 'I love you' in a blossoming romance. ANI

Brangelina kids tell Brad to 'get mommy a ring'
Brad Pitt has revealed that his children are pressurising him to tie the knot with their mum, Angelina Jolie. ANI

Christina Aguilera performs at Etta James funeral in cleavage-revealing outfit
Christina Aguilera let it all hang out as she paid her respects to the late blues, jazz and rock legend Etta James at her funeral on Saturday, belting out her rendition of the singer's trademark song 'At Last'. ANI

Brad Pitt's kids not allowed to Google him
Brad Pitt has revealed that his kids aren't allowed to Google either him or partner Angelina Jolie. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe too embarrassed to watch 'Harry Potter' flicks
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he never watches 'Harry Potter' movies because he is too embarrassed to see himself on screen. ANI

Sexually transmitted diseases reaching epidemic levels, Oz experts warn
The reckless behaviour of women is exposing some of them to sexually transmitted infections at record levels, with health officials saying Australia is in the middle of a chlamydia epidemic. ANI

Kailash Kher treats Bangalore audience to 'Rangeele'
Kailash Kher enthralled music lovers as he performed songs from his recently released album 'Rangeele', live at a concert at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore on Saturday. ANI

Shah Rukh and Salman Khan nominated for worst actor award
Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have earned nominations for themselves in the Ghanta and the Golden Kela Awards. ANI

Mallika Sherawat set to appear on cover of 3D magazine
Mallika Sherawat is set to sizzle on the cover of a 3D magazine from Hollywood, named WMB (World's Most Beautiful). ANI

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