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Entertainment News on January 22, 2012

Kiwi men facing women-drought
A rising number of men in earthquake-struck Christchurch are finding it difficult to find a perfect partner for themselves as young and professional females are leaving the city to work elsewhere. ANI

Nude 'juice bar' in US struggling to stay open after court ruling against it
A strip club in the US, which is called 'juice bar' because it does not sell booze, is at the centre of a long-running legal battle. ANI

Britney Spears to regain control of her finances as wedding gift from dad
Britney Spears' father is said to be willing to hand the control of her life and finances back to his daughter, when she gets married. ANI

Penny Lancaster proud of post-pregnancy body
Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster is proud of her figure after having lost weight since giving birth to her second son Aiden. ANI

Mariah Carey clarifies on jeweler friend being called her 'mother'
Mariah Carey has cleared the air over her longtime friend Joan Boyce being referred to as her mother. ANI

Sheen's ex-goddess says she was strangled and beaten up by boyfriend
The p*rn star who was one of Charlie Sheen's "Goddesses" called the police on a man she had been dating, after he allegedly choked and punched her during an argument. ANI

Meera adopts newborn deer calves
Pakistani actress Meera has displayed her animal lover side by adopting two newborn deer calves from Lahore zoo. ANI

Fans shocked over Sean Connery snub in Bond extravaganza
Bond enthusiasts have been left flabbergasted by what seems to be an overlooking of Sir Sean Connery's contribution in the success of the multi-billion dollar franchise. ANI

Thandie Newton wishes she had freckles
Thandie Newton has revealed that she would love to have freckles on her face. ANI

Madonna says it's a 'shame' to see modern royalty as just figureheads
Madonna thinks it is a "shame" that modern royalty are seen just as figureheads rather than stars, as compared to their predecessors. ANI

Original Sugababes working on new record
The original Sugababes from the '98 line-up are back together and are working on a new album, according to reports. ANI

'Sherlock' flat available for rent at 330 pounds-a-week
The flat that is the shooting location for BBC's hit drama 'Sherlock', can now be yours to rent if you can spare a weekly 330 pounds. ANI

Clooney couldn't relate to character in 'The Descendants'
George Clooney has revealed that he couldn't relate to his character in 'The Descendants' but doesn't think that impacted on his performance. ANI

Miley Cyrus wants to play Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex And The City' prequel
Miley Cyrus has admitted that she is keen on the starring role in 'Sex And The City', which is coming back to TV as a prequel. ANI

Katy Perry kisses male fan at first show post Russell Brand split
Katy Perry kissed a boy, and appeared to like it, at her first concert since her split with husband Russell Brand, after 14 months of marriage. ANI

Bell undergoes regular therapy sessions to maintain mental health
Kristen Bell has revealed that she regularly seeks help from a therapist to keep her mental health in tip-top shape. ANI

Radcliffe made Japanese schoolgirl faint
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he once made a Japanese schoolgirl faint, as she was a big fan of 'Harry Potter'. ANI

Sean Penn never stays in the same hotel with castmates
Sean Penn has revealed that he likes a quiet life and that is why he chooses to stay in a different hotel from his castmates. ANI

Garner and Affleck's daughters to decide name for third child
Jennifer Garner, who is expecting her third child with Ben Affleck, has revealed that she has left it to her daughters to choose the name for their unborn child. ANI

Avril Lavigne designs nail polish line
Avril Lavigne, who already has a fragrance brand and clothing line, has created a range of edgy nail polish designs for a top beauty company. ANI

Brit p*rn star insures pe**s for $1m
In a bizarre incident, a top p*rn star in Britain has insured his manhood for a staggering one million dollars. ANI

Cowell wants to send singing talent show winner to space
Simon Cowell has revealed that he wants to launch the winner of 'Britain's Got Talent' into space with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic organisation. ANI

Jay-Z's 40/40 club shut down amid countless health-code violations
Jay-Z's 40/40 Club has been shut down just a day after its star-studded reopening as New York's health department found a slew of health-code violations which put diners at risk. ANI

Why sexually coercive men don't stop abusing
There are several factors like personality differences, belief in stereotypes about women and the man's own experience of being an abuse victim, which leads to sexually coercive behaviour, researchers say. ANI

Bonnie and Clyde's Tommy Gun and shotgun auctioned for $210K
A pair of historic firearms, which are believed to have been owned by the outlaws Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, have been sold at an auction for a total of 210,000 collars on Saturday. ANI

Drunk man blames 'ghost' for punched and strangled wife
A man in the US was arrested when he told police that a 'ghost' was responsible for his wife's battered condition. ANI

ScarJo holds fashion show to benefit Obama's re-election campaign
Scarlett Johansson and Anna Wintour are doing their bit to help Obama's re-election campaign, by hosting a fashion event in New York City. ANI

Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon love to pamper their twins
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins Monroe and Moroccan have come to be known as two of the most pampered celebrity kids. ANI

Debrett's 12.99 pounds guide to offer tips on 'divorcing with decorum'
Chroniclers of the posh since 1769, have teamed up with a leading divorce lawyer to create a guide to "civilised separation". ANI

Daniel Radcliffe doesn't 'speak to Rupert Grint much'
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that the famous 'Harry Potter' trio - consisting of him, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint - aren't as close in real life as people think. ANI

Madonna reveals fascination for Wallis Simpson
Madonna, who recently directed movie 'W.E' based on the life of Wallis Simpson, has revealed her fascination for the divorcee. ANI

Mezhgan Hussainy and me are on a break, says Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell has revealed that he and his fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy are "on a break" and have not seen each other for about a month. ANI

Heidi Klum 'to file for divorce from Seal' after 6 years of marriage
Heidi Klum and Seal are reportedly filing for divorce after six years of marriage. ANI

UK man decides to watch all movies released in 2012 as he did in 2011
A man, who had decided to watch every single movie released in Britain in 2011 from start to finish with no exceptions, has decided to do the same even this year. ANI

Facial symmetry may play role in perception of sexual orientation
Scientists have tried to explain how perceptions of a person's sexual orientation are influenced by their facial symmetry and proportions. ANI

Falling asleep immediately after sex strengthens desire for cuddling
The tendency to fall asleep first after sex is associated with greater partner desire for bonding and affection, a new study has found. ANI

Race of patient influences nonverbal communication during medical visits
Nonverbal communication during medical visits is influenced by the race of the physician and the patient, a new study has found. ANI

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