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Entertainment News on January 16, 2012

Why Golden Globes lost Jennifer Lopez as presenter
Jennifer Lopez apparently pulled out of 2012 Globes held on Sunday night because she and other A-list celebrities were told that they could not be presenters at both - Golden Globes and Oscars. ANI

Sean Penn made ambassador for Haiti
Sean Penn has become an "ambassador at large" for the Caribbean nation of Haiti. ANI

Bradley Cooper ready to go n*ked for right role
Bradley Cooper, who has been named as the sexiest man in the world, has revealed that he wouldn't shy away from baring all, if the role demanded it. ANI

Russell Brand says he's 'quite well' after split from Katy Perry
Barely weeks after filing for divorce from his wife of 14 months, Katy Perry, Russell Brand seems to have bounced back to his former life of making people laugh. ANI

Madonna to pay 96k pounds to sacked Malawi workers
Madonna has reportedly agreed to shell out 96,000 pounds as an out of court settlement, to a group of charity workers who sued the star after her plans to build a school in Malawi were abandoned last year. ANI

Meryl Streep shunned director role for family
Meryl Streep has revealed that she never became a director because of her family, as she wanted to have some kind of home life. ANI

Jessica Chastain finally shakes off 'Chastain curse'
Jessica Chastain is optimistic after her successes in 2011 because it took years for any of her movies to be released. ANI

Jessica Biel yearns for 'dark and complicated roles'
Jessica Biel has revealed her craving for being cast in something dark, deep and complicated. ANI

Had I focused I'd have an acting career like Kate Winslet, says Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook has revealed that had she maintained her focus on one thing rather than trying her hand at everything from modelling to presenting and designing, she would have had an acting career like Kate Winslet. ANI

Madonna admits 'W.E. wasn't fun to make'
Madonna has revealed that she did not find working on her directorial debut 'W.E.' to be fun as it had become "all-encompassing". ANI

Nicole Richie reveals blazer obsession
Nicole Richie has admitted that she is obsessed with well-tailored blazers and coats. ANI

Rod Stewart 'fixated with women's legs'
Rod Stewart's wife has revealed that he loves her to wear short skirts as he "always has been" fixated with women's legs. ANI

Paris Jackson follows dad's footsteps on softball field
Paris Jackson was spotted copying her late father, Michael Jackson's famous tiptoe stand dance move as she balanced on her toes during a school baseball match. ANI

Bradley Cooper "loves" therapy
Bradley Cooper has revealed that he "loves" therapy, as it has helped him to "grow as a person". ANI

Harris didn't think she'd be a good Bond girl
Naomie Harris has revealed that she didn't think she'd make a "very good" Bond girl before she landed the role of field agent Eve in new 007 movie 'Skyfall'. ANI

What your handshake says about you
There are several ways in which you can get to know about a person through their handshake. ANI

Katy Perry still wearing wedding ring!
Katy Perry has been sported wearing a "wedding" ring, suggesting that her marriage to Russell Brand is still on. ANI

3rd Monday in January 'most depressing day of the year'
Feeling depressed? You may not be alone. ANI

Woman blows up factory where dad died
A woman in England blew up a factory where her father died in an accident 17 years ago, but she will not be charged of felony as she had won the right to blast it. ANI

What 2012 has in store for Stephen Fry
A British astrologer and media personality looked at Stephen Fry's stars to see what the New Year 2012 beholds for him. ANI

I'm stepping off the rollercoaster of love for now, says Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk, who claims to have been on dates with the "sexiest men on earth", says that she has decided to step off the rollercoaster of romance and stay single for now. ANI

Channel defends riskful launch of Charlie Sheen's sitcom
The president of the FX network has said that he will take the gamble to launch 'Anger Management' because "this is a different Charlie Sheen" and "I believe in redemption". ANI

UK's Nurseries put curries on menu to meet new nutrition guidelines
Under new nutrition guidelines, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, chips and cheesy pasta will no longer have a place on the menus of UK's nurseries. ANI

Brangelina retain style crown at Golden Globes
Glamorous couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt clearly emerged as red carpet style winners at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards held on Sunday. ANI

Jessie J's 'Domino' dethrones Flo Rida in UK singles chart
Jessie J's latest single 'Domino' has toppled Flo Rida from the top of the UK singles chart in its debut week. ANI

Michelle Williams credits daughter Matilda Rose for Golden Globe Award
Michelle Williams has dedicated her Golden Globe award for' Best Actress in a Motion Picture' category, to her daughter Matilda Rose, whom she welcomed in 2005 with then-boyfriend Heath Ledger. ANI

David Duchovny 'never thought' about acting until late 20s
David Duchovny has revealed that he never thought of embarking on a showbiz career while he was growing up and took up acting only in his late twenties. ANI

Michelle Williams perfected Marilyn Monroe voice at bedtime
Michelle Williams revealed that her daughter, Matilda Rose helped her prepare for her award winning role as legendary Marilyn Monroe, in My Week with Marilyn, as she read aloud her bedtime stories in the iconic star sounding voice. ANI

Charles Dickens 'back in fashion' after hit TV adaptation
Sales of Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations' have rocketed after the successful adaptation of the novel by BBC. ANI

George Clooney mocks injured Brad Pitt at Golden Globes
George Clooney poked fun at an injured Brad Pitt, who is also a fellow Golden Globe Awards nominee. ANI

Adele crowned karaoke queen
Adele's song 'Someone Like You' was the most sung karaoke tune of 2011, research shows.he hit single accounted for 14 percent of the three million songs sung by 100,000 users of the Lucky Voice website. ANI

'Contraband' opens as No 1 at weekend box office
Mark Wahlberg's 'Contraband' stole the top spot at the weekend box office from 'Beauty and the Beast 3D' with some perfectly executed timing. ANI

Williams and Plummer win top honours at Golden Globes
Christopher Plummer, Michelle Williams, Octavia Spencer and Showtime's 'Homeland' won the top honours at the 69th annual Golden Globe awards. ANI

Ashton Kutcher tweets about sleepover with 'new girl' Lorene Scafaria
Ashton Kutcher has instigated dating rumors after calling screenwriter Lorene Scafaria "my girl" in his latest tweet. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe was a 'pathetic and boring drunk'
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he gave up alcohol last year after realizing that he was pathetic and boring unlike his heroes Gary Oldman and Richard Harris when under the influence of booze. ANI

Money can indeed buy you happiness
Money - and lots of it - is the most important factor in making us feel content, researchers say. ANI

Peaches Geldof's baby boy due on late mother's birthday
Peaches Geldof has revealed that her baby boy is due on late mother Paula's birthday on 24th April. ANI

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