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Entertainment News on January 13, 2012

Moving vans seen at Katy Perry and Russell Brand's house
It seems that the estranged couple, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are finally separating, as a moving van was spotted outside the house they had bought together on Hollywood Hills, on Wednesday. ANI

Madonna has 'no authority' over daughter's dresses
Madonna has revealed that she has 'no authority' over the way her teenaged daughter, Lourdes, dresses. ANI

Woman dupes 7th man to marriage and runs away with money
A woman notorious for conning men into marrying her before running off with their money, has managed to trick a seventh victim, according to reports. ANI

Harry Potter dwarf attacked in pub
A dwarf Harry Potter actor has to now rely on a wheelchair after he was attacked by thugs. ANI

Rosie O'Donnell slammed for posing with dead hammerhead shark
Rosie O'Donnell has been criticised by environmentalist critics for posing on a boat with a dead hammerhead shark. ANI

Tom Cruise helping search boy kidnapped decades ago
Tom Cruise has used his Twitter page to gather support for a renewed search for Ben Needham, who was kidnapped decades ago as a 21-month-old. ANI

Legal documents prove Khloe as Kardashian
Robert Kardashian's legal document, claiming Khloe to be her biological daughter has put an end to the ongoing rumours about paternity issues surrounding her. ANI

Parminder Nagra sizzles in plunging blue dress at sci-fi drama launch
Parminder Nagra looked stunning in a plunging blue dress as she joined her co-stars at the premier of 'Alcatraz', a new crime and sci-fi drama. ANI

Gamblers refusing to bet against Adele for Best Female award
U.K's leading bookmakers are refusing to take bets on who will win the Best Female award at next month's Brit Awards considering the popularity of Adele, who is a nominee. ANI

Son of man who turned down the Beatles acquires Fab Four's early hits
The son of the man who famously refused from signing the Beatles, has now acquired John Lennon and Paul Mccartney's early hits as a partner at boutique music publisher Round Hill Music. ANI

'The Help' and 'The Artist' win big at Critics' Choice Awards
'The Help' and 'The Artist' bagged top awards at Critics' Choice Awards, held in Los Angeles on Thursday. ANI

Shilpa Shetty spotted with baby bump
Shilpa Shetty showed off her baby bump as she attended a party with husband Raj Kundra in her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy. ANI

Miranda Kerr named Qantas airline's new brand ambassador
Miranda Kerr has been chosen to become the new face of Qantas airlines. ANI

Hollywood won't support 'an all-black movie', says George Lucas
George Lucas has revealed that he had to self-fund his movie, 'Red Tails', as he believes that Hollywood won't support 'an all black movie'. ANI

TOWIE-style reality show sparks outrage among Cambridge students
A new TOWIE-style reality show has sparked outrage among Cambridge University students as they fear the show which is planning to be set in the historic city can bring a bad name to the prestigious university as well as the students. ANI

At 62, Jane Fonda realised she didn't need a man in her life
Jane Fonda has said that it was not until she turned 62 that she finally realized she did not need a man in her life. ANI

Size 6 becomes plus size in todays fashion world
Runway models are getting thinner with most of them meeting the physical criteria for anorexia, according to a report. ANI

'Bum' tattoo auction catches world's fancy
A woman's online auction for the chance to tattoo her bottom has caught everyone's attention. ANI

LiLo crashes pre Golden Globes party
Lindsay Lohan, who has been staying at the famed Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, has reportedly crashed into the pre Golden Globes party for The Weinstein Company. ANI

Under 25s feel old age starts at 54 and youth ends at 32
The younger generation, under the age of 25, claims that people start their old age at 54 and youth ends when people turn 32, according to a survey. ANI

Kids 'pornographic' stationery pulled from shelves
A stationery company has promised to withdraw its products after it was slammed for promoting p*rn-themed items in its back-to-school sale. ANI

Olivia Munn strips for PETA
Olivia Munn has become the latest celebrity to bare all for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). ANI

Mel C warns fans to 'think long and hard' before getting tattoos
Melanie Chisholm, popularly known as Mel C, has warned her fans to "think long and hard" before having tattoos after growing sick of her own body art. ANI

Lil Wayne to pen new prison memoir to revisit dark memories
Lil Wayne will open up about his life behind bars in a new prison memoir. ANI

Madonna finally speaks up on Lady Gaga's copying criticisms
Madonna has finally addressed accusations that Lady Gaga ripped off her iconic song 'Express Yourself' in last year's anthem 'Born This Way', admitting that she "recognised" the tune and thought the similarities were "interesting". ANI

Pamela Anderson offers luxury car for auction to raise funds for Haiti
Pamela Anderson has offered up her luxury car for auction to raise funds for the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti. ANI

Women leadership reservation boosts aspirations of Indian girls
Reservation for women in leadership positions in Indian villages is having a positive role model effect and has changed the way young girls and their parents think about female leadership, a new research has said. ANI

My understanding of history is closer to the European ideal, says Spielberg
Steven Spielberg, who has made a number of pictures set in Europe, believes that his understanding of history is closer to the European ideal than of his native USA. ANI

My decision to quit Oasis has been a good decision, says Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher has insisted that his decision to quit Oasis has been good for him as well as for his brother Liam and fans of his old band. ANI

Discrimination may harm your health
Racial discrimination may be harmful to one's health, a new study has suggested. ANI

Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer bag First Critics Choice Awards
Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer have been honoured with the First Critic's Choice Awards. ANI

Scarcity of women makes men more impulsive and reduces savings
The perception that women are scarce leads men to become impulsive, save less, and increase borrowing, a new study has claimed. ANI

Well-informed people stick to healthier eating patterns
The more people are informed by newspapers, television and the Internet, the more they stick to the Mediterranean diet, which is the healthiest eating pattern in the world, a new study has found. ANI

Avril Lavigne set to marry for 2nd time to Brody Jenner
Avril Lavigne is now said to be ready to walk down the aisle for a second time. ANI

'Why this Kolaveri Di' now in Arabic
Viral superhit 'Why This Kolaveri Di' now has its Arabic version, which is already a hit on Youtube. ANI

English language 'strongly biased toward being happy'
Happier words, which indicate optimism and positivity, tend to dominate English language, researchers say. ANI

M and S charity calendar too hot to be sold 'over the counter'
A bold calendar featuring scantily clad Marks and Spencer employees has been sold 'under the counter'; after staff claimed that they were told not to sell it in store. ANI

25 pc Brits couples suffer from 'conversation coma'
Despite living in an age of instant communication where people can be reached all over the world, one in four couples in UK speak to their partner for less than 10 minutes a day, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Iron intake during adolescence impacts brain in later life
Lack of iron intake during one's teen years can impact the physical structure of the brain in later life, a new study has found. ANI

Steven Seagal sued for second time for non-payment of debt
Steven Seagal has landed himself in a lawsuit for the second time, after he failed to pay a 500,000-dollar debt to his mobbed-up former business partner. ANI

Condoms now mandatory for LA p*rn stars
Porn stars will now be required to wear condoms while shooting films in Los Angeles, under the city's new proposed rules. ANI

Heather Locklear hospitalized after taking prescription drugs and alcohol
Heather Locklear was reportedly rushed to the hospital after taking a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. ANI

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz to buy $11.5m NY penthouse
Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz have reportedly splashed 11.5 million dollars on a New York penthouse. ANI

Beyonce designs T-shirt for Obama's re-election campaign
Singer Beyonce Knowles has designed a T-shirt to support the Obama campaign. ANI

Katy Perry's parents wish to fix daughter to NFL star Tim Tebow
Katy Perry's parents want to set her up with NFL hunk Tim Tebow after the singer's recent divorce to Russell Brand. ANI

Horse fly with glamorous abdomen named in honour of Beyonce
A new species of Queensland horse fly has been named after Beyonce due to its glamorous lower abdomen. ANI

What 2012 has in store for Barbara Windsor
A British astrologer and media personality looked at Barbara Windsor's stars to see what the New Year 2012 beholds for her. ANI

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