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Entertainment News on January 10, 2012

Kuwaiti brother shaves off sister's head over mobile messages
A man in Kuwait who discovered flirtatious messages on his sister's mobile phone shaved off her hair in anger, and had to be stopped by the police before he could completely shave off her head. ANI

Meet US man named Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop
A man in Wisconsin has been found to have an unusual name called 'Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop'. ANI

UK granny has 136 descendants
A woman in Cardiff recently celebrated her 85th birthday with 126 members of her 136-strong extraordinary family. ANI

Hospital denies receiving Beyonce's $1.3m fee
A representative for the New York hospital where Beyonce gave birth, has quashed rumours claiming that the singer and her husband Jay Z paid 1.3 million dollars to hire the entire maternity ward. ANI

Brad Pitt wins best actor at New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Brad Pitt added another accolade to his trophy cabinet by scooping the coveted Best Actor prize at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards on Jan 9. ANI

'Colosseum' palace up for sale in Rome for 26m pounds
A Renaissance palace grafted onto the top of an ancient Roman theatre is up for sale in Rome for 26 million pounds. ANI

Councillor proposes law prohibiting brides to marry without panties
A Brazilian councillor has proposed a law to force brides to wear knickers when they marry. ANI

Oz actor Joel Edgerton to star in Bin Laden film
Australian actor Joel Edgerton is all set to appear in a controversial new film about the hunt for Osama bin Laden. ANI

Power can make people feel physically taller
A new research has corroborated that there is a relationship between feelings of power and our perception of our own height. ANI

LiLo may play Liz Taylor in new movie
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in talks to play the role of a young Dame Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming TV movie. ANI

Madonna's loneliness in England led to research for 'W.E.'
Madonna has said that after moving to England, she found herself friendless and started researching British history, and that is how she got inspired to make the movie 'W.E.' ANI

'P*rnogr*phic' stationery for school kids sparks outrage
A stationery company has been blasted by an anti-child exploitation group for promoting a series of p*rn-themed products in its back-to-school sale. ANI

How rhinos' little feet carry their bulky bodies
How rhinos, one of the heaviest land animals, use their stumpy little feet to distribute their weight has left scientist puzzled for decades. ANI

George Clooney keeps girlfriend Stacy Keibler 'locked up'
George Clooney has joked he keeps girlfriend Stacy Keibler ''locked up'' he doesn't like to let her out of his sight. ANI

Why Beyonce named her baby 'Blue Ivy Carter'
Beyonce and Jay-Z's unconventional choice of baby name has caused many to wonder if there is some significance behind the name 'Blue Ivy Carter'. ANI

Katy Perry readying for showdown talks with Russell
Katy Perry is considering flying to the UK for showdown talks with Russell Brand. ANI

The hidden meaning behind 'Blue Ivy Carter'
Beyonce and Jay-Z's unconventional choice of baby name has caused many to wonder if there is some significance behind the name 'Blue Ivy Carter'. ANI

Adrian Chiles couldn't handle criticism on Daybreak
Adrian Chiles has revealed that the onslaught of criticism he received on the ITV Breakfast programme 'Daybreak' was hard to take. ANI

Scarlett Johansson's mum broke after being fired by daughter
Scarlett Johansson's mother has been dealing with financial problems, all because her star daughter dumped her as manager. ANI

Woman sues hotel 'after employee gave drunk male guest key to her room'
A woman, who claims to have been sexually assaulted inside her Finnish hotel room, is suing Connecticut-based Starwood Hotels for negligence, according to a lawsuit. ANI

Sir Elton John finalises deal for book on AIDS epidemic
Sir Elton John's first book, detailing his personal experiences of the global Aids epidemic, is all set to be published. ANI

AnnaLynne McCord accidentally tweets topless pic
AnnaLynne McCord inadvertently posted a topless photograph of herself on the social networking website, twitter. ANI

Beyonce miscarried before birth of Blue Ivy
New father Jay-Z has revealed his wife Beyonce suffered a miscarriage before conceiving their first child, Blue Ivy Carter. ANI

Madonna says filmmakers ex hubbies helped her become director
Madonna, whose recent directorial debut W.E. received mixed response, has maintained that directing movies was a natural career progression after being married to two filmmakers. ANI

Hasselhoff thinks leaked video footage benefited career
David Hasselhoff has revealed that he was "devastated" when video footage of him drunk at home was made public in 2007, but now feels that it actually benefited his career. ANI

Beyonce and Jay-Z splash out on gifts for newborn daughter
Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z have splashed out over 1.5 million dollars for newly born Blue Ivy, which includes buying a gold rocking horse worth 600,000 dollars. ANI

Man has permanent erection after pe**s tattoo
An Iranian man was left with a stage of permanent semi-erection after he tattooed his pe**s with a dedication to his girlfriend. ANI

Beyonce and Jay-Z 'in heaven' over birth of Baby Blue
Beyonce and Jay-Z, who are basking in the joys of parenthood, have described their feelings on the birth of their daughter as being 'in heaven'. ANI

High security for Beyonce baby's birth rattles other parents
She's not even two days old, but Beyonce and Jay-Z's new baby girl is already proving to be a diva. ANI

Soda tax may save 26,000 lives per year
Imposing a penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened beverages can thwart almost 100,000 cases of heart disease, 8,000 strokes, and 26,000 deaths annually, a new study has revealed. ANI

Cheryl Cole to duet with RiRi on new album
Cheryl Cole's next album, due out in March, will include a duet with Barbadian star Rihanna. ANI

Steven Spielberg 'tortured' by filmmaking
Steven Spielberg has revealed that he thinks the process of moviemaking can be torturous. ANI

Kirsten Dunst gets 3-year restraining order against stalker
Actress Kirsten Dunst has acquired a three-year restraining order against her French stalker, who now must remain at least 100 yards away from her. ANI

Spielberg wasn't ready to commit to Harry Potter
Steven Spielberg has revealed that he passed on the chance to get behind the camera for the first Harry Potter film as he didn't feel he was ready to tackle an "all-kids" project. ANI

Beyonce opens up about 'emotional' baby birth
Beyonce has finally broken her silence after becoming a first-time mum, this weekend. ANI

Charlie Sheen insists 'crazy' days are over
Charlie Sheen has assured TV critics he is getting his career back on track and said that last year's bizarre antics were merely a "crazy" episode. ANI

Snoop Dogg arrested for marijuana possession on tour bus
Snoop Dogg was arrested for possession of marijuana after a sniffer dog found out his stash in Texas on Saturday. ANI

Madonna wants to be loved like Wallis Simpson was by King Edward VIII
Madonna has revealed that she has never felt as much loved as Wallis Simpson did by King Edward VIII. ANI

Steven Spielberg rues America's lack of 'regard' for history
Steven Spielberg, whose film 'War Horse' just premiered in Britain, says that Americans don't have the same regard for history as Europeans do. ANI

Eva Longoria flaunts figure in a braless floor-length gown
Eva Longoria was seen sporting a slinky and elegant floor-length gown to run errands and get her nails done at the salon. ANI

Angelina Jolie pampers daughter Zahara with new wardrobe for 7th b'day
Angelina Jolie has reportedly bought a whole new wardrobe for daughter Zahara, whom she adopted from Ethiopia in July 2005, on her 7th Birthday. ANI

Nick Cannon discharged from hospital
Mariah Carey's hubby Nick Cannon is on the road to recovery, having been released from hospital after suffering "mild kidney failure" last week. ANI

Katy Perry abruptly pulls out of People's Choice Awards
Katy Perry has pulled out of People's Choice Awards - in what would have been her first major public appearance since her split with husband Russell Brand - just days prior to the function. ANI

Tom Hanks to start Internet series with Yahoo
Tom Hanks is making a web series for Internet giant Yahoo. ANI

Kim Kardashian admits her marriage was 'doomed'
Kim Kardashian has revealed that she knew her marriage was doomed when she was relieved to have a few days away from her estranged husband Kris Humphries. ANI

World's 'most expensive' tea grown in panda poo
A Chinese man has grown the world's most expensive tea using panda excretion. ANI

MJ's unreleased lyrics go under the hammer
Michael Jackson's previously unreleased lyrics has been put up for auction by the late popstar's close friend. ANI

I'm not one of those moms who lectures, says Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has revealed that she does not lecture her kids. ANI

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