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Half of Brits claim to have 'lucky socks'

March 7, 2012 - London

One third of Britons say they have "lucky pants" while half admit to have a lucky pair of socks, a new survey has found.

By contrast, 87 per cent of those questioned in the survey by online casino said they did not consider a rabbit's foot to be a lucky charm and 62 per attached no significance to horseshoes.

But 86 per cent still believe it is unlucky to break a mirror and 59 per cent of those questioned said they would refuse to walk under a ladder.

"We are still very superstitious. We still consider certain practices and objects as lucky," the Daily Express quoted a Roxypalace spokesman as saying.

"What surprised us was how prevalent traditionally unlucky practices were in modern Britain.

"As a nation we seem to be more concerned about preventing bad luck as bringing good luck," he added.


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