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Entertainment News on February 3, 2012

Courtney Love killed family pets, daughter claims
Courtney Love is described as an unstable maternal figure, in newly released deposition papers that were filed by her daughter in 2009 seeking a restraining order against the troubled rocker. ANI

I love being 36 and want to avoid Botox, says Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron, who is enjoying life as a single woman since splitting from British actor Stuart Townsend in 2010, has revealed that she is "36 and loving it". ANI

Geri Halliwell launches Union Jack collection inspired by Spice Girl days
Geri Halliwell, who secured her place in pop fashion history when she burst onto the stage at the Brit Awards in a bottom-grazing Union Flag dress, has returned to her 'Spice Girl' days 15-years later by designing a clothing range inspired by the iconic frock. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe finds dating multiple girls 'too much hassle'
Daniel Radcliffe is happy having just one woman in his life as he says that dating a number of girls at the same time is "so much hassle". ANI

Amy Winehouse's dad furious at psychic claiming to see her ghost
Amy Winehouse's father has lashed out at a 'psychic' who has been pestering him with claims that his daughter is haunting her friends. ANI

Gary Oldman receives 1st acting prize in 20 years at critics awards
Gary Oldman has won his first acting award in more than two decades for his role in 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' through public vote at a critics awards. ANI

Beyonce could join 'X Factor USA' judging panel for $500m
Simon Cowell has reportedly offered Beyonce an incredible 100 million dollars per year if she signs up as a judge for five seasons of 'X Factor USA'. ANI

Ashley Green avoided social dos to concentrate on acting career
Ashley Green has revealed that she avoided the Hollywood social scene when she first arrived in Los Angeles, as she feared it would ruin her chances of starring on the big screen. ANI

Reese Witherspoon says she doesn't need plastic surgery
Reese Witherspoon has revealed that she does not think that she needs plastic surgery at this point. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe says he used to 'black out' after drinking
Daniel Radcliffe, who became teetotal in 2010, has revealed that he "blacked out" nearly every time he had alcohol. ANI

Bebo doesn't worry about make-up while at work, says Imran Khan
Imran Khan has praised his 'Ek Main Aur Ek Tu' co-star Kareena Kapoor for her dedication towards work. ANI

Christina Ricci finds new love with James Heerdegen
Christina Ricci has struck up a romance with actor James Heerdegen, as the two were seen holidaying together recently. ANI

Demi Lovato says eating disorder made her 'manipulative'
Demi Lovato has revealed that constantly trying to hide her eating disorder turned her into a 'very manipulative' person. ANI

Madonna says Britney Spears' 'built like a brick s**thouse'
Madonna has used a curious turn of phrase to describe Britney Spears, saying that she is "built like a brick s**thouse". ANI

Oscars online voting vulnerable to cyber attack, warn experts
The 2013 Oscars ballot may be vulnerable to a variety of cyber attacks that could falsify the outcome but remain undetected, if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences follows through on its decision to switch to internet voting for its members, experts have warned. ANI

Sharon Stone to play cheating wife in new sex thriller 'Attachment'
Sharon Stone is all set to make her return on silver screen as a married woman who seduces a student in controversial director Tony Kaye's new movie. ANI

Amanda Seyfried fancies having kids with ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper
Amanda Seyfried is contemplating having children with her ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper, in case she fails to find another partner to settle down with. ANI

I have never been on real date, says Blake Lively
Blake Lively has revealed that she has had only "four boyfriends" and has never been on a real date. ANI

'Don 2' goes international with Berlin film fest screening
Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra starrer 'Don 2- The King is Back' will be screened at the 62nd Berlin International film festival in Germany. ANI

I'm not on my last legs, says cancer-striken Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb has quashed rumours suggesting that he is on his "last legs", assuring his fans that he is recovering well and is winning the cancer battle. ANI

Andrew Garfield becomes new ambassador of charity for orphans
Andrew Garfield recently travelled to Ethiopia after being appointed as the new ambassador of a global charity for orphans. ANI

Gwen Stefani says her braces were fashion choice
Gwen Stefani has revealed that the braces she wore on her teeth at the end of the 1990s were to make a fashion statement and she didn't need them to fix her teeth. ANI

John Travolta to donate jet in son's memory
John Travolta is donating an airplane to a museum in Georgia in honour of his late son, Jett. ANI

I looked like frog boy, says Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe thinks that he resembled half-boy, half-frog in the initial 'Harry Potter' movies. ANI

Now, website that pairs couples interested in parenthood not sex
A new website offers an opportunity to its members to find like-minded people, who are interested in 'co-parenting' a child but not sex or romance. ANI

Gwyneth Paltrow says 'compromise key to successful marriage'
Gwyneth Paltrow has sparked outrage by saying that the secret behind a successful marriage is for a wife to pamper her man. ANI

Crime novels take over from romance in UK's library lending
Book readers in Britain have lost their affection for love stories in favour of action packed thrillers and gritty crime novels, library lending figures have shown. ANI

Helena Christensen finds contentment in reading and quality family time
Helena Christensen, whose new Reebok campaign centres around what women find most satisfying in life, has revealed what keeps her content. ANI

Indian-origin actor says UK soaps stereotype Asian characters more than Aussie counterparts
An Indian-origin-Australian actor has claimed that Australia is more forward-thinking than the UK when it comes to portraying ethnic minorities in soaps. ANI

Always hit on the wingman to win over your dream mate!
The trick to get the man you want is to flirt with his friend, as it right away puts you at ease and arouses the other man's competitive edge, according to a new book. ANI

Kim Kardashian puts up 'ugly' photos for world to see
Kim Kardashian has posted a series of her crying photographs to show people just how 'ugly' she can look. ANI

Kids with low IQ grow up to be racist and anti-gay
Right-wingers tend to be less intelligent than left-wingers and people with low childhood intelligence tend to grow up having racist and anti-gay views, a controversial new study has claimed. ANI

'Too provocative' posters of Oscar hopeful's French film removed in Paris
Risque billboard posters for a new French adultery film 'Les Infideles' starring Oscar hopeful Jean Dujardin has been removed in Paris for being "too provocative". ANI

Bruce Willis advised ex wife Demi Moore to seek treatment
Bruce Willis had reportedly gone to his ex wife Demi Moore's house shortly before she split with Ashton Kutcher, to ask her to get help for her worsening health. ANI

Woman's sex drive declines over time but man's stays as strong as ever
A researcher has suggested that it is "crucial" to put effort into keeping things "fun and interesting" in the bedroom as women's sex drives gradually ebb over time. ANI

32 pc of women have returned distasteful gifts from loved ones
Many men may struggle to find a fitting gift for their ladylove, but their choices often fail to impress her. ANI

Marriage changed Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks has confessed that marrying Geoffrey Arend has made her more nurturing. ANI

Blake Lively hoping for transvestite kids
Blake Lively has jokingly said that she hopes her future children are either girls or transvestites, as she wants to share her amazing wardrobe with them. ANI

Demi Moore 'despondent' over career
Demi Moore has reportedly become despondent over the path her acting career has taken in the last 18 months. ANI

I got bangs to cover my forehead scar, says Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon has revealed that her recent hair makeover has little to do with being in vogue, rather it is to ensure that it neatly hides a scar that she got in an accident. ANI

James Cameron 'planning to move to New Zealand'
Hollywood director, James Cameron is said to be planning to move onto a New Zealand farm. ANI

Entire Spanish village wins lottery except one who didn't buy ticket
A filmmaker living on the outskirts of Spain has become the unluckiest man in the village after he was the only one who didn't buy a ticket in the Christmas draw. ANI

Halle Berry, Cruise and J.Lo to present at Oscars
Halle Berry has been announced as one of the presenters of this year's Academy Awards ceremony. ANI

Nepal man claims to be world's shortest at 1 foot 10 inches
A 72-year-old man in Nepal says he is just 1 foot, 10 inches tall, which would make him as the shortest adult human in Guinness World Records' history. ANI

Reema Sen to marry Delhi-based hotelier
Reema Sen is set to tie the knot with beau Shiv Karan Singh, who she has been dating for two years. ANI

Saifeena may finally 'ring' it in on 10th February
Even though Kareena Kapoor has been denying her impending marriage to long-time lover Saif Ali Khan, rumours are that the Bollywood A-list couple will be getting engaged on 10th February. ANI

Prateik Babbar in live-in relationship with Amy Jackson
Actor Prateik Babbar and Liverpool lass Amy Jackson, who star in the upcoming, film 'Ek Deewana Tha' have apparently decided to take their relationship to the next level. ANI

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