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Entertainment News on February 19, 2012

Naomie Harris' 'Skyfall' character sees herself as 'female Bond'
Naomie Harris says that her character, Eve, in the forthcoming 007 movie is a match for James Bond himself. ANI

Freida Pinto says Dev Patel 'is always the person I go to first'
Freida Pinto, who has been dating her 'Slumdog Millionaire' co-star Dev Patel for three years, says that he knows exactly how to lift her moods when she is down. ANI

Monica Bellucci creates lipstick line for Dolce and Gabbana
Monica Bellucci, the stunning screen siren and model, has joined the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Felicity Jones as the face of Dolce and Gabbana's cosmetics line. ANI

Witherspoon overjoyed at being courted by 2 men in 'This Means War'
Reese Witherspoon, who has dated Hollywood's most handsome leading men but is happily married now, has revealed her joy at being courted by two men in her new role. ANI

How 'loud' kids become silent readers as they grow
Over the next four years, scientists may be able to reveal when and how children develop accurate oral reading and advance from oral to fluent silent reading. ANI

Bond fans pick top 50 favourite movie memories
James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from 'Goldfinger' and 'Thunderball' came top in the list of all time 50 favourite memories from the hit movies. ANI

Hugh Grant blames his obsession for cars on "midlife crisis"
Hugh Grant has taken a liking towards cars, and he blames this newfound obsession on "midlife crisis". ANI

Kate Moss left with paralyzed arm after night out at Ritz
Kate Moss has been diagnosed with a nerve disorder that has rendered her "temporarily paralysed", according to friends. ANI

Britney willing to pay beauty company to settle $10m perfume lawsuit
Britney Spears has agreed to pay a beauty company to end the 10 million-dollar lawsuit over a perfume deal. ANI

Couples vying on whose office day was worse 'may end up in divorce'
Couples who compete with each other over who has had the worse day or bombard the family with their workplace problems may be on the road to divorce, experts have warned. ANI

Whitney Houston secretly purchased cocaine few days before death
Whitney Houston had allegedly bought three-and-a-half grams of cocaine two days before she died, by pretending her drug supplier was an autograph hunter. ANI

Mel Gibson had tried to help Whitney Houston recover from drugs
Mel Gibson had reportedly tried to come to the rescue of Whitney Houston while she battled an addiction to cocaine, marijuana and other drugs in the early 2000s. ANI

Zero tolerance policies can't stop 'sexting'
A University of New Hampshire professor has argued that rigid, zero-tolerance policies to prevent sexting that do not allow for discretion and the ability to address sexting in the context of the situation are ineffective strategies for dealing with this troubling trend. ANI

Rihanna to possibly reunite with ex Chris Brown for new single
Rihanna has reportedly invited her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to make a guest appearance on the remix of her new single. ANI

Robert Pattinson worries getting 'too old' for any new twilight sequels
Robert Pattinson has admitted that he fears he will be "too old" to star in another 'Twilight' movie if author Stephenie Meyer ever decides to add a new installment to the hit series. ANI

Adele 'to play at Olympics and get engaged this year'
Adele, who bagged six Grammy awards, is awaiting yet another glittering prize - an engagement ring. ANI

Hewitt set for hooker role in 'The Client List'
Jennifer Love Hewitt has landed the lead role in the new US drama 'The Client List'. ANI

Bobby Brown left Whitney's funeral because he 'refused to create a scene'
Whitney Houston's ex husband Bobby Brown stormed out of her funeral on Saturday, angry at how he and his family were treated. ANI

Brand's new flame revealed as Mexican painter who sells nude art online
Russell Brand's new girl has been unveiled as Mexican painter Oriela Medellin Amieiro, whom he met in a yoga class. ANI

Kevin Costner believes he should have 'saved' Whitney Houston
Kevin Costner, who delivered a moving address at Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday, said earlier that he "let her down" and should have saved her. ANI

Kate Moss smashed all my belongings when we split, says Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty has opened up about his rowdy three-year relationship with Kate Moss and has revealed that his break-up was vicious. ANI

Whitney Houston promised Clive Davis 'I'll be ready by August'
Whitney Houston, whose substance abuse problems had also reportedly affected her career, had told her music mentor Clive Davis that she was working on getting her voice back. ANI

Whitney Houston was an eternally loyal friend, says Clive Davis
Clive Davis said that despite Whitney Houston's own troubles she was always there for him whenever he needed her. ANI

Exploiting yourself sexually for men not a good look, says Adele
Adele, who is now a woman oozing sex appeal with subtle blonde highlights and impeccable make-up, has said that she won't change herself for any man. ANI

There is nothing wrong with flirting but context matters
A philosophy professor from Pennsylvania has offered some ethical and practical advice on flirting to those of the faint of heart. ANI

Clive Davis says 'you wait a lifetime for a voice like Whitney Houston'
Whitney Houston's long-time mentor and music producer Clive Davis remembered the singer at her funeral on Saturday. ANI

Meet the honey-trapper who gets paid 1k pounds a night to see if your woman cheats
Jack Knowles, a honey-trapper, is a master seducer who is paid to prove that someone's other half is two-timing. ANI

Rupert Grint urges Brits to holiday at home with new surfing ad
Rupert Grint is seen showing off his surfing skills for a new tourism ad in the U.K, in a bid to persuade British people to holiday at home. ANI

MJ's estate suing former manager for conning popstar of millions
Michael Jackson's estate is suing the popstar's former manager for ripping the singer off millions of dollars. ANI

Adele vows to spit on her dad's face
Adele, who has no intention to ever reconcile with her estranged father, says that she would "spit in his face" if she ever saw him again. ANI

Costner had hard time convincing people to cast Whitney in debut film role
Whitney Houston's co-star in her 1992 movie debut 'The Bodyguard', Kevin Costner, talked about the troubles he had to face for her to be cast in the movie. ANI

Whitney Houston's daughter may be asked by family enter rehab
Whitney Houston's family reportedly wants the late singer's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown to enter rehab soon. ANI

Sunidhi Chauhan to perform in Muscat next month
Bollywood melody star Sunidhi Chauhan is set to perform for Indian music aficionados in Muscat, the capital city of Oman, next month. ANI

Love her? Then you better love her dog too
For men who are dating a girl who has a dog, scientists have advised them to better be prepared to like that dog, too, or fake it, if they want to maintain a happy relationship. ANI

JLo and Casper Smart cuddle up on swing on Valentine's Day
Jennifer Lopez, who has certainly had her ups and downs when it comes to romance, seemed more than happy to be in the swing of her new relationship as she enjoyed a hand-in-hand stroll with toy boy Casper Smart along a beach in Santa Barbara, California. ANI

Celeb nude photo scandals 'may be contributing to young women sexting'
Embarrassing and cautionary tales of celebrities caught in sexting and nude photo scandals are not dissuading the general public from such irrational behaviour, a new report has revealed. ANI

Former gang member reveals how 'women willingly get raped for status'
A female former gang member has exposed the growing levels of sexual violence against young women who join them, saying that many of them are willing to risk being raped in return for the status of membership. ANI

Jennifer Aniston compares filming new flick 'Wanderlust' to 'Friends'
Jennifer Aniston has revealed that filming her new movie 'Wanderlust' was as much fun as her long-running US sitcom 'Friends'. ANI

Hefner says LiLo will "quite possibly" do another Playboy photoshoot
Hugh Hefner has hinted that Lindsay Lohan might be called for another Playboy photoshoot. ANI

Whitney Houston thought she wasn't good enough, says Kevin Costner
Whitney Houston's 'The Bodyguard' co-star Kevin Costner revealed that the singer was racked with self doubt about starring in the hit movie. ANI

Whitney Houston remembered by Kevin Costner on funeral
Whitney Houston's funeral saw her 'The Bodyguard' co-star Kevin Costner give a heartfelt tribute to her, describing her as a 'sweet miracle'. ANI

Deepika Padukone back on track for 'Race 2'
Deepika Padukone has reportedly made peace with filmmaker Ramesh Taurani, who called her "unprofessional" after she backed out from his film, 'Race 2', midway, citing dates issues. ANI

Vivek Oberoi, Leander Paes support fashion show dedicated to sex workers
Vivek Oberoi and tennis ace Leander Paes came out to support a special show to create awareness against human trafficking, at the ongoing Fashion Week in New Delhi. ANI

Ameesha Patel says Sanjay Dutt 'protective and caring'
Ameesha Patel has denied rumours that her relationship with Sanjay Dutt and his wife Manyata has turned sour over her revealing outfit at Rohit Dhawan's wedding in Goa. ANI

Whitney Houston's life remembered at funeral
Whitney Houston's friends and family spoke about her life and their love for her at the star's funeral on Saturday at the red brick church where she first sang in public, at the age of 11, in the gospel choir alongside her mother Cissy Houston. ANI

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