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Entertainment News on February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston's death comes marks tragic fall of once-regal career
Whitney Houston reigned as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behaviour and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown. ANI

Whitney Houston's death 'dims light in music industry'
Whitney Houston's death drew a condolence message from The Recording Academy, which presents the annual Grammy Awards - often touted as 'music's biggest night'. ANI

George Clooney to babysit Jolie-Pitt kids if Pitt wins Oscar
George Clooney has offered to babysit Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's six children for a night if Pitt wins the Oscar for Best Actor. ANI

Vanessa Hudgens wants Ryan Gosling to win Oscar
Vanessa Hudgens picked Ryan Gosling as her favourite to win the Oscars this year, even though the star hasn't even been nominated for the award. ANI

Hayley Atwell slams 'sexist' Bafta awards
Hayley Atwell has accused the Baftas of sexism for failing to include any women on the shortlist for the Rising Star award. ANI

Jennifer Aniston celebrates 43rd birthday eve with boyfriend and wine
Jennifer Aniston started her 43rd birthday celebrations a day early on Friday night. ANI

Katherine Heigl says she's talked with hubby about having biological child
Katherine Heigl, whose name has become synonymous with the archetype of a highly-strung woman first finding her leading man highly objectionable only to fall in love eventually, has revealed what she feels about love and babies. ANI

Package holiday to Caribbean offers unhappy couples 'quickie divorce'
A package tour company has offered unhappy couples the chance to divorce in just ten minutes during their Caribbean break. ANI

UK village to judge rats on appearance and colour in bizarre contest
A club is holding a Crufts-style contest for rats at a Derbyshire village. ANI

Ralph Lauren first to roll out kits for London 2012 Fashion Olympics
Team USA has unveiled its Ralph Lauren-designed Olympic Village kit, just as the starter's gun sounds at New York Fashion Week. ANI

BBC plans music marathon for Schubert's birth anniversary
The 215th birth anniversary of Schubert will be marked by BBC's station in March with 200 hours of continuous broadcasting devoted to the composer. ANI

I didn't want to be poster boy, says Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp, who went from relative obscurity in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' to being the object of extreme hysteria among teenage girls, has said that he was "uncomfortable being a product, being somebody else's product" in '21 Jump Street'. ANI

Gifting electronics can help you win your lady's heart this Valentine's Day
Woman would be more pleased to receive electronics rather than traditional gifts, like roses and chocolates, on Valentine's Day, according to a new study. ANI

Madonna's nanny left job because she couldn't speak French
A nanny, who took care of Madonna's son, David, for two years, has said that she left her job because the singer wanted someone who could speak French. ANI

Whitney Houston's ex-husband 'beside himself with grief'
Whitney Houston's former husband, Bobby Brown, is said to be "shattered and beyond devastated" by the news of her death. ANI

Whitney Houston displayed 'erratic behaviour' days before death
Whitney Houston, who was found dead on Saturday in her Beverly Hilton hotel room, had reportedly displayed erratic behaviour in the week before her death. ANI

Whitney Houston's death has 'no obvious evidence of foul play'
Whitney Houston's death is being investigated by the police and they say that while the exact cause of death is not clear, there is nothing yet to suggest foul play. ANI

Katy, Russell don't regret not signing pre-nup
Katy Perry and Russell Brand who got divorced lately, had never thought of signing a pre-nuptial agreement, but neither of them have any regrets about it. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe feels "guilty" if he doesn't work
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he struggles when he doesn't work, as he feels "guilty" and "agitated". ANI

Katie and Leandro Penna to team up on Strictly Come Dancing?
Katie Price and her ex Leandro Penna are tipped to appear as contestants on Argentina's Strictly Come Dancing. ANI

Sinead O'Connor hates to be called 'crazy'
Sinead O'Connor wants sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be treated with kindness, as she thinks referring to them as "crazy" is "a term of abuse". ANI

Beyonce really wanted to debut baby's pics this way, says her pal
Beyonce and Jay-Z, who surprised everyone by revealing five heart-melting photos of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter on a new tumblr site, "really wanted to do it this way", her pal has revealed. ANI

Rare single-malt whisky bottle sold for œ44k
A rare bottle of 1955 Glenfiddich single-malt whisky fetched 44,000 pounds at a recent auction. ANI

McCartney honoured at music event with Beatles-themed performances
Several music stars paid a tribute to Paul McCartney by performing songs from his 50 year long musical career at a ceremony on Friday night to honour the former Beatle. ANI

Celebs and fellow singers shocked by Whitney Houston's death
Whitney Houston's sudden demise has left Hollywood's pop stars in a state of sadness and disbelief. ANI

Anupam Kher loses father to illness
Anupam Kher's father, Pushkarnath Kher, died in Mumbai on Saturday, after a brief illness. He was 84. ANI

Women more attracted to men with healthy 'golden' skin
Men with a healthier skin colour are more attractive to women than those with a masculine face, a new study has claimed. ANI

'Mysterious' girl in 'Jism 2' poster 'may be Sunny Leone'
Bollywood fans are supposing that the 'mysterious' girl beneath the wet white sheet in the first poster of Pooja Bhatt's directorial venture 'Jism 2' may be Sunny Leone. ANI

Vidya Balan goes unnoticed in Kolkata
New Delhi, Feb 12 : Vidya Balan reportedly went unnoticed when director Sujoy Ghosh made the actress walk on the streets of Kolkata in a pregnant get-up before beginning the shoot for his upcoming film 'Kahaani'. ANI

Bollywood stars mourn Whitney Houston's death
Whitney Houston's death elicited reactions from celebrities all over the world, including those from Bollywood. ANI

Whitney Houston dies at age 48
Singer and actress Whitney Houston was found dead on February 11 on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton hotel. She was 48. ANI

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