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Entertainment News on February 1, 2012

Intensive screening of passengers makes air travel vulnerable to attacks
Extensive screening of all passengers actually makes the system less secure by overtaxing security resources, according to a new study. ANI

Are you feeling stiff and seize? Try toilet yoga
Office workers tend to sit at their desks for long hours, without any movements, which makes them prone to back aches. ANI

Smokier malts set to become 'norm' again
Smoked beers are making a comeback in the form of more creative interpretations by America's best craft brewers. ANI

Doubts cast on Winehouse inquest over coroner's qualifications
Amy Winehouse's inquest may be deemed illegal, as the qualifications of the coroner who conducted it have come under a cloud. ANI

Kate Winslet says family always comes first
Kate Winslet may have won a Golden Globe this month, but the actress' most cherished role is her real life one as a mother. ANI

Isabella Cruise sparks rumours of engagement
Tom Cruise and his former wife Nicole Kidman's 19-year-old daughter Isabella is reportedly getting engaged to her boyfriend Eddie Frencher. ANI

UK box office earned over 1bn pounds in 2011
UK cinema box office takings reportedly passed the 1 billion-pound mark for the first time last year, according to the British Film Institute (BFI). ANI

New York top cop bans police force from sporting NYPD merchandise
New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has passed an order banning policemen from wearing unauthorised NYPD merchandise. ANI

Ashley Greene reveals struggle to find roles post-Twilight
Ashley Greene has opened up about her struggle to land a leading lady role since she was "dropped back down to reality" after wrapping the Twilight films. ANI

Lovelace biopic producer shocked by Moore's exit
The producer of the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic were in for a shock when Demi Moore dropped out of the project due to her recent health crisis, calling the news a "shock and a concern". ANI

Keira Knightely poses for her sexiest photo shoot ever
Keira Knightely, who is known for starring mostly in period drama, has posed provocatively in a series of outfits that leave little to the imagination. ANI

Madonna breaks silence on Guy Ritchie split
Madonna has finally opened up about her failed marriage to Guy Ritchie, saying that the romance died, leaving her wondering if true love even existed. ANI

ScarJo goes public with hunky new man
Scarlett Johansson, who has dated high-profile actors in the past, has found new love in a new guy named Nate, who is an advertising executive in New York City. ANI

Chris Noth wants 'p*rn scene' with Sarah Jessica Parker
Chris Noth is hoping that he may get an onscreen moment with Sarah Jessica Parker, after the 'Sex and the City' star replaced Demi Moore in the movie 'Lovelace'. ANI

Katherine Heigl found nude shower scene 'uncomfortable'
Katherine Heigl has revealed that she felt 'so uncomfortable' filming the hot shower scene from her upcoming movie 'One For The Money'. ANI

Fusion band 'Josh' reincarnated Delhi in Lahore for latest album
South Asian-Canadian fusion band Josh shot the second music video from their newly released album 'Beyond Kismat' in Lahore. ANI

Seal's divorce boosts his album sales
British singer Seal's split from wife Heidi Klum has provided a massive boost for his record sales, industry experts say. ANI

Rachel Weisz's 'exaggerated' L'Oreal ad banned
Rachel Weisz's campaign for L'Oreal's age-defying beauty products has been banned for using digitally enhanced or airbrushed image to even out complexion. ANI

J.Lo admits it gets difficult working with ex hubby Marc on reality show
Jennifer Lopez admits she sometimes clashes with estranged husband Marc Anthony on their reality show. ANI

Demi Moore on the mend from 'exhaustion'
Demi Moore is reportedly "improving well" after her collapse and hospitalization for "exhaustion." ANI

Brits obviously like spanking, says Keira Knightley
British actress Keira Knightley has said that only British people have taken a keen interest in the sadomasochistic scenes in her new film 'A Dangerous Method'. ANI

TV shows treat elderly women as 'figures of fun' and 'subject of jokes'
BBC shows like 'Strictly Come Dancing' exploit older women as "figures of fun" and the "butt of jokes", a new survey of viewers has revealed. ANI

Cannibal gets engaged to blood drinking woman in Sweden
A flesh eating man and a blood-drinking murderess got engaged in a psychiatric unit in Sweden where they were both detained. ANI

5 things that make you attractive enough to have sex
Those of you who haven't got laid ever or for quite some time, need not fret. Turns out there is a lot that that can be done to increase their chances out there. ANI

Zooey Deschanel beats Middleton sisters as Britain's most desirable
Zooey Deschanel has been voted by British men as their most admired celebrity, in the 99 Most Desirable Women survey by AskMen UK. ANI

'Everybody Hurts' named most depressing song of all time
'Everybody Hurts' by American band REM was voted as the saddest song ever, beating Elton John's 'Candle in the Wind', in a poll. ANI

Octomom says her kids are like 'eight pieces of poop'
Octomom Nadya Suleman has shockingly described life with her eight toddlers as being like 'eight pieces of poop'. ANI

Tragic love story made me cry in Brad's arms, says Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie, who has a reputation of being the ice maiden of Hollywood, has revealed that her directorial debut made her cry in her partner, Brad Pitt's arms. ANI

1 in 10 Brit men has hacked into partner's accounts to spy on them
Be careful when you swap secrets and gossip about your partners with your online friends, it may land you in trouble. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe wants kids while he is young
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he is keen to start a family with his girlfriend Rosanne Coker. ANI

Claudia Schiffer says motherhood changed her
Claudia Schiffer insists that her priorities changed when she became a mother and work is no longer the most important thing in her life. ANI

Zach Braff wants to spend his life trying to make people laugh
Zach Braff has revealed that he "can't imagine" doing anything with his life apart from making people laugh. ANI

Ryan Seacrest gets $300m from Clear channel
Ryan Seacrest has strengthened his business partnership with Clear Channel Communications, the company with whom he is radio partners with. ANI

Demi Moore refusing to go to rehab
Demi Moore has reportedly refused to go to rehab to seek professional help for her alleged anorexia and substance abuse issues. ANI

Madonna admits 'unfair' cutting of daughter Lourdes' 'WE' cameo
Madonna has admitted that she thinks it was "quite unfair" of her to ask 15-year-old daughter Lourdes to take part in 'W.E.', only to be cut from the final edit. ANI

Brad Pitt gives his kids coca-cola for breakfast
Brad Pitt has revealed that he gives Coca Cola to his kids for breakfast some days to get them up in the morning. ANI

Adele to make comeback at Grammys
Adele, who had to undergo a throat microsurgery last November, is set to make her live comeback at next month's Grammy Awards. ANI

Gaga wants baby via Italian sperm donor
Lady Gaga has revealed that she wants to have a baby, provided the father of the child is an Italian and conception would be through artificial insemination. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe says girlfriend Rosie Coker is 'far too good' for him
Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that his production assistant girlfriend, Rosie Coker, is "far too good" for him, as she is "incredibly tolerant" of his busy personality. ANI

Grint and I have not fallen out, says Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe has clarified his recent comments that he and former Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint aren't close, insisting that the media have gone too far with comments he made about texting, ANI

Heidi Klum thanks fans for support post Seal split
Heidi Klum took to Twitter, to thank her fans for their support following her split with Seal. ANI

Kim Kardashian flaunts newly colored hair in cleavage-revealing twitter pic
Kim Kardashian took to social network website, Twitter to reveal her freshly-colored hair, which she says she is already "loving." ANI

Gossip Girl's identity finally revealed in show's 100th episode
The mysterious blogger at the centre of the hit TV show 'Gossip Girl' has been revealed to be Georgina Sparks. ANI

Demi Moore 'embarassed' by public breakdown
Demi Moore has seen a series of things go wrong in her life over the past few months, and the private star is said to be "embarrassed" by it. ANI

Kareena 'cool' about Saif getting intimate with other actresses on screen
Kareena Kapoor has revealed that she has no qualms about beau, Saif doing intimate scenes with other hot actresses of Bollywood. ANI

Sofia Vergara named 'most desirable woman'
Sofia Vergara has been named the most desirable woman of 2012, in a poll conducted by men's online magazine ANI

Selena Gomez says she 'completely wasted' one year of her life on ex
Selena Gomez has revealed that she "completely wasted" a year of her life on one of her ex boyfriends. ANI

Ashley Greene says kissing Olivia Wilde onscreen was 'really fun'
Ashley Greene has revealed that kissing her co-star Olivia Wilde in their movie 'Butter' was "really fun". ANI

Bipasha Basu to be seen with Emraan Hashmi in 'Raaz 3'
Bipasha Basu will be paired opposite Emraan Hashmi in 'Raaz 3', according to reports. ANI

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