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Depardieu calls Strauss-Kahn 'arrogant like all French people'

March 16, 2012 - London

French actor Gerard Depardieu has launched a verbal attack on his fellow countrymen, describing them as "arrogant" and "smug" like Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Depardieu gave his assessment of the French character while confirming he would play the disgraced former IMF chief in an upcoming film, saying that he accepted the role because "I don't like him".

American director Abel Ferrara announced last month that the 63-year-old actor would star in a film about last May's sex scandal in New York that shattered the political career of the 62-year old Socialist - at the time heavily tipped to become France's next president.

In an interview with Swiss Television RTS on Wednesday, an apparently inebriated Depardieu was asked whether he had accepted the part.

"Yes, because I don't like him, so I'll do it... He's not lovable," the Telegraph quoted the 'Green Card' star as saying.

"I think he is a bit like all French people, a bit arrogant. I don't like the French too much by the way.

"He is very French: arrogant, smug, He's playable. I will do it, because I don't like him," he said.

Depardieu was questioned about Strauss-Kahn's alleged "sexual urges" after his arrest on charges of trying to rape York hotel chambermaid Nafissato Diallo.

"It's not those that disgust me, but his general attitude," he said.

"It's the way he walks, with one hand in his pocket. We can all have filthy thoughts, and it's well known that these guys with huge power, money, the IMF or top judicial officials can be like that.

"But I will not try to inhabit the role of Strauss-Kahn too deeply, as I have never been moved very much by people who have no dignity," he added.


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