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Danielle Lloyd reveals how she battles for life after breast explosion

March 7, 2012 - London

Glamour model Danielle Lloyd has spoken out about the ordeal that she faced after a breast operation aimed at giving her "nicer b**bs" for her wedding led to a terrifying ordeal and two further operations in the space of a few traumatic weeks.

The model revealed how distraught she was to discover that her br**ts had exploded following what was supposed to be a straightforward boob job back in January.

And after the horrifying experience, Lloyd has been left with AA cup br**ts and no confidence.

"I only had the breast operation because I wanted nicer b**bs for my wedding. But now I have none. My wedding dress is on hold because I don't know whether doctors will allow me to get implants in time," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Reveal magazine.

The 28 year old had her first boob job at 21 and decided to get new implants after she breastfed boys Archie and Harry.

Although the operation was successful, but days later she started to notice that the b**bs were swelling.

"I waited for two weeks until it got to the point where my right breast was literally the side of my head. It was huge," she said.

A week later, Lloyd woke up to discover that her breast had burst.

"I woke up and thought I had the fly. I felt really weak and when I finally picked myself out of bed, I suddenly realised it wasn't sweat - I'd woken up in a pool of blood," she revealed.

"It was like a bloody, watery gunk pouring out of the side of my left breast. It had broken through the skin. I was terrified," she said.

After being rushed to hospital, Lloyd was told that she needed to have her implants removed.

But during the operation, the surgeon found a potentially lethal blood clot in her chest and it turned into a more complex procedure.

"I lost over a litre of blood. Afterwards I needed an emergency blood transfusion because I had half the haemoglobin level of a normal person. I was in hospital for five days," she said.

"Thank God they found it, though - if they hadn't, I might not be here today," she said.

But after she left hospital, it wasn't long before Lloyd's breast exploded for a second time after they continued to grow without having any implants.

"Within two days, they had grown back to massive size. I looked like I had giant implants. I was baffled," she explained.

"I felt as though my breast exploded and this time it happened a lot faster than before. My left breast went down to literally nothing. It was just an empty sack while the right one was huge," she said.

Lloyd ended up in the operating theatre yet again and it was this time that the surgeon discovered what the problem was.

Her br**ts were filling with milk, even thought she hadn't breastfed for six months.

"When the doctor cut me open, he took a litre of milk out of my right breast. That's what had been causing the problems," she explained.

Lloyd was kept in hospital for another week, with tablets to stop the milk - while doctors admit that they still don't know what caused it.

The mum of two now says she is left a stone lighter, stressed, upset with her "12 year old" figure and to weak to carry her babies.

However, Lloyd insists her wedding to fiance and baby daddy Jamie O'Hara will go ahead as planned in May.

"The wedding is happening - with or without b**bs," she added.


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