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Daniel Radcliffe doesn't believe in ghosts

January 26, 2012 - Washington

Daniel Radcliffe has said that he has never seen a ghost and doesn't believe in them.

'The Woman in Black' actor who stars in new supernatural thriller 'Woman in Black' - doesn't believe he will ever share the experiences depicted in the movie because he doubts the existence of supernatural beings.

"I'm not a believer in ghosts so I find it very unlikely that I'll ever see one," Contactmusic quoted him as telling BANG Showbiz.

While Daniel found shooting his new movie to be a relaxing appearance, he admitted he was occasionally "frightened" when he caught a glimpse of co-star Liz White, who plays the titular ghost.

"Other than being occasionally scared by Liz White who would just sort of sit around in the Woman in Black outfit - I'd just sort of catch a glimpse of her sort of half made up, that was kind of a bit frightening - it was quite a relaxed shoot, actually," he added.


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