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Brits don't have time for three meals a day

April 4, 2012 - London

More than half of Britain skips breakfast and a third of them regularly go without lunch, a new study has revealed.

One in four will pick at snacks at work and only sit down for a meal in the evening.

On an average people in UK only eat 11 full meals a week, many of them microwaved because they are too busy or too lazy to cook.

A quarter of them manage just two properly cooked meals a week.

"The days of eating three square meals appear to be behind us," the Daily Express quoted Jane Cooper of Benenden Healthcare Society as saying.

"But the hectic modern lifestyle does the average person absolutely no favours. Proper cooking is on the decrease and the quality of our diet suffers enormously.

"This can lead to a range of underlying health issues," Cooper added.


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