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Entertainment News on April 3, 2012

Madonna 'spent 54k pounds on special facials'
Madonna has reportedly bought six Intraceuticals facials - which need to be administered by a special machine - costing 9,000 pounds each. ANI

Ashton Kutcher now proud owner of multi million dollar house
Ashton Kutcher has bought the multi-million dollar home in Hollywood Hills that he had been renting. ANI

Rihanna's greatest prank was convincing friend's sis she was pregnant
Rihanna has revealed that her best ever April Fool's Day prank was when she and her best friend convinced her buddy's sister that she was pregnant. ANI

Demi Lovato slams TV and film industry over unhealthy body pressures
Demi Lovato has hit out at the TV and movie industry for "glorifying an unhealthy body image" and putting "a lot of pressure" on young female viewers to be thin. ANI

Longoria and Cruz spotted on dinner date 'after splitting just weeks ago'
Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz, who had reportedly split just a few weeks ago after dating for a year, were seen dining out in West Hollywood on Sunday night. ANI

Tara Reid enjoying getting older
Tara Reid has admitted to being happier than ever and insists that she is enjoying ageing as it has made her much more relaxed. ANI

Whitney Houston and Charlie Chaplin memorabilia auctioned off
Whitney Houston's gowns and jewellery were sold off at an auction which also saw Charlie Chaplin's trademark hat and cane fetch 100,000 dollars. ANI

Jennifer Lawrence 'laughs off ' weight criticism
Jennifer Lawrence has laughed off suggestions that she looks "chubby" in the movie 'The Hunger Games'. ANI

Adele's 'mystery ex boyfriend' who inspired her album '21' revealed
A celebrity magazine claims to have found the identity of Adele's mystery ex-boyfriend who has been the subject of her famous heartbreaking songs. ANI

J.Lo and Casper Smart blindfold each other in raunchy new video
Jennifer Lopez fawns over her shirtless toyboy Casper Smart as she reveals her taut tummy in her new video for her song 'Dance Again'. ANI

Rihanna credits 'buns and bad ass-ness' for landing role in new flick
Rihanna has said that she was cast in her new film 'Battleship' because of her "bad ass-ness and her buns." ANI

I never do anything for controversy, says Rihanna
Rihanna says that she does not set out to be controversial or to get anything banned but admits that she does overstep the mark sometimes. ANI

Colin Farrell feared sobriety would wreck acting ability
Colin Farrell has revealed that he was scared of being sober as he feared that it would take away his acting ability. ANI

Zac Efron bans 'smelly food' before kissing scene
Zac Efron has revealed that he refuses to eat tuna or onions before filming kissing scenes, after once being caught out by a love interest earlier in his career. ANI

Empathy 'doesn't extend to people with different political views'
When we make an effort to put ourselves in someone else's shoes, we generally go all the way, thinking that they feel the same way as we do. ANI

LiLo swears off dating to focus on career
Lindsay Lohan has decided to concentrate on her role as Dame Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming flick and has sworn off dating for sometime to avoid distraction. ANI

Whitney Houston's final film trailer premieres on US TV show
The trailer of Whitney Houston's 'Sparkle', which was to be the singer's comeback movie, made its debut on NBC's 'Today' show. ANI

Charlie Sheen to act with dad in 'Anger Management'
Charlie Sheen has revealed that his actor father, Martin, will be playing his on screen dad in his new comedy show 'Anger Management'. ANI

Hollywood director Cameron endorses 'Luv U Mate' author's views on Mariana Trench

Forget shopping, women get more of a boost from warm weather
Far from needing the stereotypical shopping trip, something as ordinary as a sunny day can lift a woman's mood, according to a new survey. ANI

Soon, tights that help beat cellulite
Cellulite busting tights that would melt away body fat with bio crystals are to hit the shelves this week. ANI

Mel B 'photoshopped' in latest 'Dancing With the Stars' publicity pics
A new publicity photo of 'Dancing with the Stars' hostess Mel 'Scary Spice' Brown has sparked allegations that the image has been photoshopped. ANI

Kiwi man mistakenly names restaurant 'Go Away and Don't Come Back'
A restaurant owner has apologised after finding that the Thai language name he had given his eatery actually meant 'go away and don't come back'. ANI

Alec Baldwin engaged to yoga instructor 25 years younger than him
Alec Baldwin has decided to give marriage a second chance and proposed to his 28-year-old yoga instructor girlfriend, Hilaria Thomas, over the weekend. ANI

Jennifer Aniston's secret 'scruffy' half-brother revealed
Jennifer Aniston's secret half-brother Alex John Aniston is reportedly a 'scruffy punk' who leads a nomadic life. ANI

Taylor Swift 'terrified' of meeting Michelle Obama
Taylor Swift has confessed to being 'terrified' about meeting Michelle Obama at the Kid's Choice Music Awards because she is such a fan of the First Lady. ANI

Rihanna says she'd love to play Whitney Houston on screen
Rihanna, whose new movie 'Battleship' is to be released soon, has said that she would love to play Whitney Houston in a film about the late singer's life. ANI

Robin Gibb says cancer 'gone'
Robin Gibb, who had been suffering from liver and colon cancer for months, has told his family that he has beaten the ailment and it is now in remission. ANI

Bruce Willis becomes father for fourth time
Bruce Willis became a dad again after his wife of three years, Emma Heming, gave birth to their first child on Sunday. ANI

Adele to release new song by end of 2012
Adele has revealed that she will release a new track by the end of this year, sparking rumours that her song is for the new Bond film. ANI

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