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Entertainment News on April 15, 2012

Avril Lavigne cooks to forget pressures of music career
Avril Lavigne is at her happiest when she cooks, as it helps her to relax. ANI

Octomom offered free security after death threats
Nadya Suleman, who is better known as Octomom has been offered free protection services for her and her family by a few security companies, after receiving death threats when news broke out of her going on welfare. ANI

Mel C says loneliness plagued her Spice Girl days
Former Spice Girls Mel C has revealed that she suffered from loneliness and isolation during her time with the group, amid rumours of her weight gain, eating disorder and sexuality. ANI

Mickey Rourke says Joe Eszterhas has personal beef with Mel Gibson
Mickey Rourke has shown his support to Mel Gibson in the Joe Eszterhas feud, saying that the screenwriter is just upset that the actor didn't want to work with him. ANI

Marc Anthony 'wanted reconciliation with J.Lo but she chose Casper'
Marc Anthony reportedly wanted to reconcile with ex wife Jennifer Lopez, but decided to file for divorce when she told him that she's madly in love with her new boyfriend Casper Smart. ANI

'Generous' Britney Spears gives 100 dollar tip to waiter
Britney Spears left a 100-dollar tip to a waiter after he helped calm down her five-year-old son Jayden when the youngster started crying in a restaurant. ANI

Taylor Kitsch wants an 'active' girl
Taylor Kitsch is in search of an "active and outdoorsy" type of girl who would love to join him on his many adventures. ANI

Brangelina receive blessing from gay marriage group
A gay rights group in California whole-heartedly supports Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's decision to tie the knot, even though the couple had vowed to not get hitched until everyone had the right to marry. ANI

UK schools to put witchcraft and druids on religious education syllabus
Schools in Britain are set to include paganism in their official religious education syllabus for the first time. ANI

Jessie J 'being monitored by doctors' amid health fears
Jessie J has revealed that doctors are monitoring her after she suffering a stroke when she was 18. ANI

Bruce Willis and I were almost intimate, says Cybill Shepherd
Cybill Shepherd has sensationally revealed that her friendship with Bruce Willis almost became intimate one night at her home while they were co-stars on cult TV show 'Moonlighting'. ANI

Anne Hathaway hates watching herself onscreen
Anne Hathaway is terrified about the prospect of sitting through the premiere of the upcoming 'Batman' movie 'The Dark' night Rises' as she cannot bare to watch herself on screen. ANI

Jennifer Garner 'too busy to worry about baby weight'
Jennifer Garner, who gave birth to her third son this February, is in no hurry to lose her baby weight. ANI

Strangers not the greatest danger in child sexual abuse
A vast majority of children who are sexually abused are done so by someone they know - most often a family member, an adult the family trusts or, in some instances, another child, a new study has revealed. ANI

Oz teenage 'God Squad' claims to have cured ailing people
A group of Australian children, known as the Pentecostal group Culture Shifters, claim they have instantly healed hundreds of people using the miracle powers of Jesus on Queensland streets. ANI

Russell Brand prefers splitting to romantic getaway
Russell Brand has reportedly dumped his new girlfriend, Nikolett Barabas, after she suggested they go away on holiday together. ANI

Emma Watson turns rebel for upcoming flick
Former 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson has shed her squeaky-clean image by parading the streets in a bra and hot pants for her role in Sofia Coppola's latest movie. ANI

Katy Perry 'stocking up wigs'
Katy Perry has started wearing blue wigs, as her own hair had started getting damaged due to constant colouring. ANI

Playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy's 9-year-old son likes chicks
Playboy playmate, Jenny McCarthy has revealed that her son Evan, who is not even a teenager yet, has already become a little Casanova. ANI

Bike company's 'irrelevant' boob ad banned
A commercial for a bicycle frame that features a n*ked woman with a hand over her b**bs has been banned for bearing "no relevance" to the product. ANI

Veena Malik 'to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party'
Since Veena Malik announced her decision to enter politics, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has started planning for her formal appearances at its upcoming rallies to attract the youths, sources inside the PTI have revealed. ANI

Simon Cowell reveals he had a secret affair with Dannii Minogue
Simon Cowell has sensationally confessed to having a secret affair with former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue. ANI

Adele set to dethrone Prince as longest reign at top on US charts
Adele is poised to be crowned queen of the American music scene, with her album 21 topping the charts for the 24th week. ANI

Unseen pics of Marilyn Monroe show her sitting in pink garb
Marilyn Monroe, who convinced the world that Gentlemen prefer blondes, has shown that she could tickle them pink too in some previously unreleased photographs. ANI

5 must-knows about Angelina's engagement ring designer Robert Procop
Since the confirmation of the news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will tie the knot, the Internet has been buzzing about Robert Procop, the man behind the actress' engagement ring. ANI

Scarlett Johansson admits she dated 'remarkable' Sean Penn
Scarlett Johansson has opened up about her relationship with Sean Penn for the first time, admitting they were seeing each other. ANI

Basic Instinct leg crossing scene 'gripping piece of hokum' for censors
British film censors actually relished some of cinema's most explicit scenes, archive documents have revealed. ANI

Brangelina kids may end up with Surrey twangs after their 2 year UK stay
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's six kids could end up having Surrey twangs as they are set to move to England for two years. ANI

Half of Brits want to run away from their country
Almost half of the people in Britain are "seriously considering" moving overseas, a survey has found. ANI

Hugh Grant says script for new Bridget Jones film `needs to be polished`
Roping in Hugh Grant for the planned second sequel to 'Bridget Jones' Diary' appears to have become a challenge for the makers of the movie. ANI

Jennifer Aniston `happy for Brangelina, might even attend their wedding`
Jennifer Aniston is reportedly delighted for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, after hearing news of her ex-husband's engagement. ANI

Courtney Love apologises to daughter Frances Bean Cobain on Twitter
Courtney Love has apologised to her daughter Frances Bean Cobain for her recent twitter rant. ANI

Madonna debuts new fragrance 'Truth or Dare' inspired by mum in NY
Madonna, who was at Macy's in New York for the launch of her fragrance "Truth Or Dare", has revealed that she was inspired by her mother. ANI

Brangelina to marry in their 35m pound French retreat
Newly engaged couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are set to marry at a private chapel on their 35-million-pound estate in the south of France this summer. ANI

US woodworker offering 'build your own casket' classes
A woodworker in the US is offering classes to the public to make their own coffins before they finally rest in peace. ANI

Mel Gibson denies celebrating John Lennon's death
Mel Gibson has profusely denied claims he said John Lennon deserved to die, insisting that he is a huge Beatles fan and plays their music all the time. ANI

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