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13-year-old Brit girl has baby with mum's ex

July 1, 2012 - London

A woman living in the US has revealed her torment after her former boyfriend got her 13-year-old daughter pregnant. he housewife, who became a gran at 34, opened her heart as her vile ex faced jail for having sex with the schoolgirl.

"I wanted to kill him when I found out what he'd done," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"I hate him. I don't think he's fit to walk the streets. My ex has betrayed my trust - everyone's trust.

The mum now cares for her daughter and her baby grandson at their home in Fife.

In court last week the fiend, 41, originally charged with rape, admitted a reduced charge of having sex with an underage girl.

The pregnant teen stayed with her grandparents in England and gave birth in August last year. But the devastating truth emerged when the mum borrowed her daughter's mobile and saw a text from her ex.

She said: "It was like 'Your mum's a cow. We've something special holding us together. We have wee ********'."

She challenged her daughter - and the youngster confessed.

The furious mum stormed to her ex's home. She said: He knew from the look on my face why I was there. He said I'm sorry, and I smacked him. I kept hitting him until my friend pulled me back.

The beast was later arrested and DNA proved he was the baby's biological father. In court he admitted having sex with an underage girl and will be sentenced next month.


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